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  1. I assume you are talking about RT battles. It is an interesting idea, but I don't think it is a necessity. Let me at least try some constructive criticism - What will happen when the knights dismount: When the knights dismount what happens to the horses are they still on the battlfield incontrolable? Can the opponent interact witht he dismounted horses? Is there a possibility that you enter the battle with 5 cavalary units and leave the battle with 2 cavalary and 2 knight units (presumably 2 units got their nights stolen or killedand the 5th unit died in the battle)? And of cours will it be possible to enter the batle with out cavalary units, then steal some from the opponents cavalary and leave the batle with cavalary units? How do you see the mouning/dismounitng units under arrow attack? I think that this addition will cause more development time than it will benefit the diversity of options. Sounds like a good RT Battles update though, if the devs get time to make the battles as realistic as possible.
  2. I don't think there is such a topic, yet. I also don't think it is very pragmatic - Suppose there are 6 players in the Multiplayer game. When a batle starts you will be left with 2 options: the game is paused and the 2 armies duke it out on the batle filed in RT - what are the other 4 players doing? Just watching a battle that may not concern them at all? the game is not paused so the other 4 players can continue with their game - then the players that participate in the batle cannot run their kingdoms - spies and rebels run rampant, opinions fall due to inactivity, or the AI takes control of your empire and forces you into decisions you may not have intended? I think RTS battles in MultiPlayer were fine as in the original game or maybe just add them for a 2 player games.
  3. I know I am a bit late to this topic, but I hope someone is still monitoring this discussion. I am asking this question, as in the original game there were 23 skills for marshalls, and except 2 or 3 situational skills, I mainly sticked to a standard build of decreasing enemy moral, speeding up my movement and boosting the army recovery as the others seemed pretty useless. So - I have caught up with the Dev Strams and I still haven't heard how leveling-up marshalls will work. There have been mentions of certain skills like increasing army caps and so on but is there going to be a skill tree (so you need to get some basic skill, before you get to the really good ones) or they will all be available as soon as you level-up (just like the original game) or something else entierly?
  4. Ok, this sounds interesting, I wll try add some things to it, hope it will only add to your idea and not break it (I am just spitting numbers and this will surely need a lot of balancing) The bonuses can be scaled - e.g. Controlling the whole Iberian peninsula grants you 10% bonus dmg vs Muslim armies, controlling 70% of it could grant you 5% bonus dmg, and controlling 30% - 2% - this way you have some bonuses to start the Reconquista. These regional bonuses could be complimented by the Marshalls' skills - e.g. if you control the Russian Steppes your army can get movement speed bonus, so your general don't have to use skillpoints for movement and can focus on other skills. I think there should be some downside for controlling many regions, cause stacking those bonuses will get extreamly punishing for the opponents and this may cause someone who controls two reagions close by to become unstopable early on in the game - e.g. Contrilling the whole Russian Steppe grants you 20% MS and controlling whole Scandinavia grants you 20% durability/unit HP - but controlling both you will get: option 1 - both bonuses at 50% to balance it out - 10% MS & 10% durability option 2 - Home Region(Capital City region) gets the full bonus and minor bonus for the other region(s) - Continuing the example for Moscow (20%MS & 5% durability), for Oslo (20% durability & 5% MS)
  5. I would like to give the DEV team the benefit of the doubt on this. I think the team has an idea of what is the minimum balanced product that they want to present to us, and after that they can proceed to monitor the forum and select ideas that they like or the community insists on and hopefully don't totaly brake the existing game experience and add the to the game either as DLCs or preferable as Free Updates. As for princesses - I think there should be a way for royal children without Y chromosome to become rulers or at least be a part of the Royal court. There can be added something like the "Pragmatic Sanction" issued by Holly Roman Emperor Charles VI that allowed his daughter Maria Teresa to inherit the throne after him. We can go even further into the diplomatics of building a state with something like a legislation tree, but I think we may move too far away from what most of us play the game - to conquer the entire map despite the domastic situation, not because of it.
  6. That is a very good point actualy. TBH I have very rarely used Siege - 2 or 3 times in total and in very specific circumstances: we have comparable armies & enemy moral is high & I have no other army close enough to be able to assault the castle safely. I think an increase in Deffensive ("Fortification") bonus when assaulting the castle should be fine(10% is just too low), as in KoH1 it just feels like an open field battle. On the other hand - if the defenders decide to Break the Siege, this should be an open field battle and the "Fortification" bonus from the defenders should be stripped. I think adding the option to Retreat back to the castle after atempting to Break the Siege will be also interesting interaction.
  7. Hello there, @Sultan Mubashar I see you are very passionate about those fortifications and I am quite curious now why is that, I'd like to hear the story, because by how far this topic has gone, I don't think it is only about GamePlay. Here are my concerns about these fortifications: 1. What will happen to the outpost when the province falls, but the outpost is not taken? 2. Can outpost attack enemy Castles or outposts? 3. In the vanilla version every marshall and castle had food limit which determins to the large part the moral of the troops (and even their existence) - how will these garrisons be fed? 4. What is your idea about the range of the outposts and how far it can be upgraded? - I think there actualy is no way to balance this, as it will be either super easy to go around or super annoyingly overpowered 5. Placement - What is deterring people to just place their 2 outposts other site of the castle and towering themselves every time? (I took a look at the original KoH map, and there seem to be not that many choke points - it seems to me only the mountain ranges in Southern Europe and maybe the map ends) 6. Vision ? a) When a marshall enters an enemy province, he sees everything in it (castle, rebels, armies and so on) - do you plan something like a stelth mode for outposts not in range? Because that is a new mechanic! b) Your marshalls army cannot be attacked from outside the province he is in - what happens if he is in range of an enemy outpost.? If he is to be attacked by the outpost, that is a new mechanic! c) You talked about a new skill "Eagle Eye" - do you mean that a marshal can see outside the province he is in and into enemy provinces? Because this has the possibility to be a new mechanic! d) Will the outopst be allowed to attack ships? - in the vanilla version nothing can shoot at the ships in the sea and this will be a new mechanic! Just to add an outpost mechanic we are adding a bunch of other machanics that just complicate the game in a manner, which is adding a smaller tactical element to conquering a province. You have an interesting idea, but without building a bunch of roads to the whole map and saying "hey guys, you can only go on these roads", I don't see outposts or any strategic fortifications on the map having any real effect. Furthermore, I really like what the DEV teams is going for - that it is not that hard to conquer a province, but governing it and maintaining its population happy and obedient is the tricky part. I think this has the potential to deter wormongerers more, than just another small castle(outpost) to destroy along the way.
  8. The rest of the game is fine, but Spying just brings a whole new dimention to the game that I find fascinating. I think one of the main reasons why developing is taking so much is the Spying part - the team is trying to make figuring out that there is a spy in your court difficult to tell in Multiplayer and make it so that every event, that a spy can do, could occur naturaly (without spy action). As for the waiting process, there is a x10 button in the game, so this speeds up the process a bit. And there is always a prince that you try marry in order to inherit some land, and then deal with vassal insurections when they decline your claims, and a whole lot of BS if for some reason you try to inherit land from the Papal State. It is not as boring as you describe it.
  9. I think just being able to have 4 or 6 players start amultiplayer game in Europe will be fine for me at the release date. After that we can talk about win objectives, or what not, to be added to try and balance it.
  10. Sorry, Bagatur, I am trying to understand what is your idea, so here are my thoughts: 1. In KoH - you win 1 castle fight, pay some Books, and you have a safe province 2. The idea in KoH 2 is (as I understand it form the dev diaries) - you win 1 castle fight, then you have to make this province adopt your culture and deal with the oppinion of the folks in the province, just to make it safe - This makes the game more complex and ads another demention to the whole conquest of a province 3. Your idea (as I understand it) - get rid of this culture thingy, I want more castle fights - you are increasing the province number with 50% (e.g. from 200 provinces to 300), now quadruple the castle fights so we can get above 1000 castle fights. I don;t think anyone has ever said "Hey, I got this marshall here with just 2 sets of ordinary Archers, lets see if I can take some provinces". Every time you, or someone else, attacked, we have more then enough armies to take this province 2 or 3 times, just to be sure. Having to fight 4 times just looks tidious. In short - Let us see the product that they want to produce, before judging them that it won't work. As the team have said numerous times, they are going to continue supporting the game after development, so if it as you sai it and doesn't bring anything new to the game and is just "more of the same", I am sure they will rework it.
  11. Hi All, As I understand - some of you want to play as Rampaging Warmongers and this Oppinions change kind of makes you deal with internal issues rather than just continuing your domination across the map. I actualy think it makes sence that such work mechanic is introduced. This actualy slows the game down signifcantly for Warmongers and makes it much more interesting and balanced for everyone else. I think the Army class actualy provides opportunity to balance the game more, than having less classes. As a suggestion to the Army class, I think the size of your army could additionaly have a sway at the effect any event will have in the overal scheme. Also adding "Cassus Belli" to the War Declarations could provide a not so damaging way to wage wars when someone have wronged you or your ally in the past. Have a nice day 🙂
  12. WestAnt

    Random game

    Hi Mattie, I personaly do not think 1 province Kingdom is that challenging. You can easily increase your Kingdom Power at a cheap price and roll over everyone. What I would like to challenge you (and everyone else) with a Larger Vassal State (e.g. Italy(High) or Muscovy(High/Late)). You are large enough so the AI will all want a piece of you, Poor enough so you cannot buy armies, and population will be rebelious as you are not able to increase your Kingdom Power (Bonus points if non of your marshalls have Moral boosting or reducing abilities 🙂) Best regards, WestAnt
  13. Name/Handle: Antoniy/WestAnt Country: Bulgaria Games I like to play: So many and so few in the same time. Played some shooters, racers, RTS. Currently prefer Board Games. In the last 2 years I rediscovered my passion for History and I have played some history related games like Civilization V and VI, Company of Heroes and I have returned to the Original KoH to try once again some of the exploits that I found so very interesting back in the day - I can tell you that they are just as satisfying today also. Though my favourite game is still DotA 2, I have never been more excited about a game release than I am for Soverign. Can't wait to play it!
  14. Hi All, I've known for a little while that the Second installment in the Knights of Honor franchise was in the works, but just recently found out about the Dev Strams and this Community hub. I haven't quite caught on with everything, but I wanted to ask some questions, that might have already be answered. I'll try to make my story short (I am not good at this so please bear with me) - I've been playing the Original Kngihts of Honor for so many years, that I started to chalange myself with conquering as many provinces and never declaring a war: 1. When someone demands to break relations or attack someone - only/always accept when they offer a province in exchange; 2. Inherit territory; 3. Winning wars (never declaring one): - When someone declares war on me - only using my armies defensively (never entering enemy territory - bad for relations with them); - When I capture enemy marshall - immediately return it to the owner (improving relations with them); - When we are in such good term - offer them to be my Vassal (they just cannot resist peace offer from such a good friend); 4. Spy activities - Spy merchents were able to annex Vassal territories; - Spy clerics were able to proclaim their province independant, becoming the ruler of that province - Your spy becomes a king and you can annex that province in a short while (just hope he doen't kill himself on the rebbel army that had just popped up); - Any Spy (mainly one that becomes another spy) were able to become a ruler of a nation when the previous king had died without an heir - most tidious one but still gets the job done; Additionaly: Hope that there is an option in the new game that daughters can also inherit the throne (there are so many examples in history). It was a real Pain in the A** when you get the third notification "A princess is born!". So many times I wished that one of the daughters could take the throne and not my Lvl 18 marshall who is leading my army from the start of the game. I was wondering in KoH Soverign do you plan on keeping or reworking any of those concepts? Best regards and Happy New year! WestAnt
  15. This sounds interesting. I really wouldn't mind something like movement slow in unfriendly territory. As for marshall's skills - I have 2 ideas: 1. The opponent marshall cannot flee the battlfield (so the opponent either gets captured, killed or manages to fight his way to victory on the battle field) - so many times I ambush some enemy general on the edge of the sea, and if I leave them - they just try to plunder, but when I engage, they just retreat, and it goes to infinity. 2. "Scorched Earth Tactics" - if you are in your teritory, enemy marshalls move slower - this could delay the opponent so more reinforcements arive to deffend a province I am not sure if any of these are implementable though.
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