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  1. False, they were used but usually as moral boost or to strike fear into the enemy, because they are not native to Europe and because they could not feed them much during the invasion of foreing lands. But in a game like this you sometimes need to take into the consideration fun game mechanic vs. historical fact. And let be honest, war elephants would fun as heck 🙂 mby limit them to 1-2 per army and make the army that use them kinda slow and they should consume a lot of food to balance them in a game..
  2. They were used in North Africa as well. Even in Roman times.
  3. I have sevral questions: 1) Like many have already asked, how can we prevent our royal court being bribed? Will we need one of our spies to stay at home court like in KoH in order to counter enemies spies or will there be some other way of defending them? 2) Will it be still possible for you to become a king of other kingdom like in KoH ( place a spy as General and then kill off every heir)? 3) In order to find out where captured enemy spy comes from, do we need to tortue him? If yes, do we lose our crown power? ... Or can we extract that information some pther way
  4. Yes they did. But I hope they add it in later updates or maybe as an DLC (for a reasnoble price).
  5. Like I said, there is no drawback in using only DEF tactic (at least the way you presented). And again, as a casual player I don't want to spend 10-15min on a single battle because of the ATK/DEF tactic. And setting default orders and then not changing them does not make sense, since every battle is diffrent agains diffrent units and Marshals with different perks/skills, so I my opinion letting algorithm do it job is the best choice (you will have your hands full with choosing the right units to make the best synergy as it is). Well now you are just going into the extreme and don
  6. I mean lot's of you guys are arguing about the stuff we don't have enough information of yet. I do agree on some things like: - armies having time to train (Marshal in trainig for 1 min, basic spear man 5-10 sec, heavy cavilary 40 sec... for example) - reinforcement should stay (it is both historicaly correct and fun to have your 2nd army come in last second and give you another chance to win) - 2 Marshals is a good choice (again, historicaly there usually weren't more than 2 Marshals/Generals at the same place at the same time, since more than 2 of them would be logistica
  7. Agree. I mean we don't even know how the game will be played, yet they want "hardcore". I mean there is nothing wrong with that, everyone has they one playstyle. I am just worried that later people will complain "the game is unplayable, AI is to smart/cheating, etc..". Like stated by Yavor before, make it as you intended it. 🙂
  8. I love that you listened to the community and add such feature to the Princessess, which I believe will be married off more often than before. Great job 🤩. Can we expect any other featured by Queens or Princesses? (Like suggestions on this thread Any additional thought being put into Princesses?) Would love to know if you got inspired by the community or was there always a plan to do something with Princessess? if you can answer this question on the stream 🙂
  9. I agree with you. Making them dismountable makes them OP, since nobody would take basic footman, because with cavalry they have 2 units in 1.
  10. 1. I am not really a fan of scaling since I liked "All or nothing" approach in KoH with Kingdom Advantages, since it's more strategic. You need to make some compromises like "Do I want to start a war to get that one province I need or do I keep peace and get nothing" ... That's just my opinion tho 😅 2. That's acctually a great thought and I like it 😃 3. Yeah I totally forgot about negative side. That should totally be included since bigger and stronger kingdoms don't need that much bonuses or it will break a game. Yeah I don't thing that could work, since the whole idea to ke
  11. While playing old KoH was fun, I found that KA (Kingdom Advantages) were either too broken or just useless and the fact that resources were random made it sometimes too hard, since you had to go all over the map to get them or you got lucky and had them all in you kingdom. I know there is the new mechanic "Traditions" but I don't believe they will replace KA. So I hope they will balance out Ka, replace them (with Territory bonuses) or they could have them both. My idea for the replacement would be Territory Bonuses. Basically it's what it sounds like. You own certain territor
  12. Don't want to be disrespectful, but by US you only mean you? Cuz I haven't seen anyone else complain about this exept you. And again, no i don't think these are IMPORTANT. Balance between simple and complicated is the key. And I don't think that ranks (or whatever you want to be added) tick the box ✅ in that regard. They just complicate things without any benefit, since we already have skills and stars to differentiate between rookie and veteran generals, clerics, etc.... Again, no disrespect ment ...
  13. I mean, in KoH1 you had an increase in relationship for a brief moment (which isn't much). Maybe onece she is married, that kingdom automatically comes into some sort of defense pact with you?🤷‍♂️ For example; France let their Princess marry Spain's Prince. Now Spain is obligated to help France if it's attacked by England, but France is not obligated to help Spain if they are attacked by England. Basically, whoever married their Princess get some sort of help by the kingdom that took her. 🤔 This would bring some advantages into giving up on your Princess, since the Princ
  14. Can't have kids?? Replace her haha😂🤷‍♂️ I mean that could be an intresting mechanic ... Maybe muslim Kings could have multiple wifes/harem 🤔
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