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  1. I agree with you. Making them dismountable makes them OP, since nobody would take basic footman, because with cavalry they have 2 units in 1.
  2. 1. I am not really a fan of scaling since I liked "All or nothing" approach in KoH with Kingdom Advantages, since it's more strategic. You need to make some compromises like "Do I want to start a war to get that one province I need or do I keep peace and get nothing" ... That's just my opinion tho 😅 2. That's acctually a great thought and I like it 😃 3. Yeah I totally forgot about negative side. That should totally be included since bigger and stronger kingdoms don't need that much bonuses or it will break a game. Yeah I don't thing that could work, since the whole idea to keep people happy is to have similar cullture and to convert them to your religion to keep the tension down and have as little rebels as possible.
  3. While playing old KoH was fun, I found that KA (Kingdom Advantages) were either too broken or just useless and the fact that resources were random made it sometimes too hard, since you had to go all over the map to get them or you got lucky and had them all in you kingdom. I know there is the new mechanic "Traditions" but I don't believe they will replace KA. So I hope they will balance out Ka, replace them (with Territory bonuses) or they could have them both. My idea for the replacement would be Territory Bonuses. Basically it's what it sounds like. You own certain territory and you get bonuses. For example: - Be in possession of British isles and you get bonus movement speed while sailing, - Control all Iberian peninsula and you get bonus while fighting Muslim kindgoms (since they are historically quite intertwined), - Rule over Scandinavia and your troops will be more durable, - Own all of Northern Africa and you'd have a bonus while fighting Christian kingdoms... These are just an example of some bonuses that could be applied (any other idea would be appriciated). I belive that they would make game more competitive (especially multiplayer) and fun. Ofcourse you'd have these bonuses only while owning that specific territory and once you lose one province (out of maybe 10 that would be necessary ) you'd lose that bonus, until you gain them all back. Again if they make something like this happen they need to be balanced and accessiable (I know that British isles aren't as accessiable to Suljuks as it is to the Norway, but you get my point 🙂 ). Same goes to the KA if they will keep it.
  4. Don't want to be disrespectful, but by US you only mean you? Cuz I haven't seen anyone else complain about this exept you. And again, no i don't think these are IMPORTANT. Balance between simple and complicated is the key. And I don't think that ranks (or whatever you want to be added) tick the box ✅ in that regard. They just complicate things without any benefit, since we already have skills and stars to differentiate between rookie and veteran generals, clerics, etc.... Again, no disrespect ment ...
  5. I mean, in KoH1 you had an increase in relationship for a brief moment (which isn't much). Maybe onece she is married, that kingdom automatically comes into some sort of defense pact with you?🤷‍♂️ For example; France let their Princess marry Spain's Prince. Now Spain is obligated to help France if it's attacked by England, but France is not obligated to help Spain if they are attacked by England. Basically, whoever married their Princess get some sort of help by the kingdom that took her. 🤔 This would bring some advantages into giving up on your Princess, since the Prince that took her, can challange your throne and take some land after the king is dead.
  6. Can't have kids?? Replace her haha😂🤷‍♂️ I mean that could be an intresting mechanic ... Maybe muslim Kings could have multiple wifes/harem 🤔
  7. Like I stated in previous thread; "Bigger role for female royalty.... For example: some perks (2-3 perks or maybe just 1-2) from your wife (she can have popularity perk, which makes population more happy since they like her.. or she has arrogant perk, which makes population unhappy since they despise her), if your King dies and has no male heir, Queen/Princess can take control of the kingdom (but just briefly, until she finds sutable spouse, but after that kingdom is really unhappy so you need to fix it)" Would love to see their role more flushed out, maybe use Princessess as a "Good luck charm" (you send her to govern a town and her presence in that town increases happines and population rate). I don't know🤷‍♂️ haha I'm just throwing some ideas out there 😂
  8. Love this idea. 1 team of 2-3 big kingdoms and 1 team of 8-10 small ones, or pegan vs muslim/orthodox/christian etc 😄 Maybe you can experiment with more "imperfect balance" variants
  9. PS: Never attack Russia during the winter?? 🤔
  10. Well yeah, but those are your people/classes. So they would know (especially nobility, since you needed their support to run the kingdom and not have revolts) and be mad or happy if you kill someone in other kingdom. + it is a video game, so even if you think this is not realistic sometimes trade off with what is real and what is fun need to happen 🤷‍♂️
  11. I am intresting if spies actions will also have an effect on any of the classes. For example: killing king/prince would either anger or make nobility happy (depends on relations with that kingdom), your spy getting uncovered in other kingdoms would anger merchants since that kingdom broke trade arrangments with you because of it, etc.
  12. one thing I think would help it that transitions in towns would only be able if your knight is present in that castle. This would somewhat slow your steamrolling of that kingdom and make it possible for them to recall their army from elsewhere and defend/take back that castle before it changes sides.
  13. You need to get more workers to build faster. Either hire a builder in royal court or build buildings that give you workers
  14. I would like to add my thoughts on your list: 1. & 6. For the old game i would like that option to order a knight to build instead of me, but I believe they said that in the KoH2, there will be bigger intergration time after you conquere new province, so it is more likely you won´t be able to steamrole whole map, so that might give you more time to focus on town development 2. & 8. Can´t go together, either you want unlimited army and be OP and conquere whole map in an hour or you get limited ( 8 slots for example) royal court slots... I´m more incline to latter since you need to strategize more and be smart who you take into your court 3. I agree with this one. 4. & 5. You can speed it up (as someone said it already) + there are skills that you can choose for your knight 7. I both agree and disagree on this. Yes there should be a way to make people happy (mabey a building like brewery , brothel, etc... or some kind a festival for people). I don´t like to just give them money, once or twice okay (there need to be cooldown of sorts) but constantly giving them would be bad since it would cause inflation and they would still be unhappy ( haha I lnow it´s a video game but I´d like to see that😆) 9. First game really did not have any depth to it, it was just whoever have better more veteran army wins... With could use some improvment( maybe use a spy to poison enemy army and they all start a battle with 70-80% of their HP, clerick blesses your army before fight which gives them moral boost or something...) 10. You can always auto resolve a battle or option to stop the battle while you fight.... Only solution I see for multiplayer is to auto reslove all battles🤷‍♂️ or maybe they already come to some sort of solution, we will see 😄 11. Yea that intro is annoying after 100x time 😂🤦‍♂️ I would like to add that i would love to see: 12. Some sort of local events (like a drought (effects food production)) and global events (plauge (your population starts dying or they need more time to produce, so you can´t gather army that quick)) something like that... Would love to hear someone´s else ideas for these kind of events, negative ones as well as positive ones, so just comment 🤩 13. Little depth to Kings,Princes,Queens and Princesses personality: 2-3 perks that make them good at something and bad at something else (there needs to be a balance)... So you need to choose your King and theis future spouses wisely 14. Bigger role for female royalty.... For example: some perks (2-3 perks or maybe just 1-2) from your wife (she can have popularity perk, which makes population more happy since they like her.. or she has arrogant perk, which makes population unhappy since they despise her), if your King dies and has no heir she can take control of the kingdom (but just briefly, until she finds sutable spouse, but after that kingdom is really unhappy so you need to fix it) I would appreciate anyones thoughts and ideas on this 😃and if you have anything you´d like to change or add feel free to TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS ONE 🔥
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