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  1. Shield walls have vulnerable flanks which can be attacked by fast-moving units. Phalanxes became more common as the middle ages went on, and the Swiss pike blocks were a major player on the battlefield. Square formations are less useful against infantry, but invaluable against cavalry. They were finally driven off the battlefield by cannons.
  2. I don't like all-or-nothing choices, particularly in a Medieval game. In that time, power and sovereignty were highly decentralized, and centralized control was really more of a post-Medieval/early Renaissance thing. Having a Royal court, which has all sorts of bonuses, feels incomplete without the ability to assign lower nobility to govern an unimportant city and increase its revenues. Remember: the minor governors can't use or learn abilities like the royal court can.
  3. In the original game, there were only formations, although they could be spread out or condensed. I'd like to propose a list of new formations. Not every unit would be able to use them, and this will give some flavor to elite units. Line, Square, Wedge- unchanged Shield Wall- this would be a modified line that has a stronger defense and resistance to arrows, in exchange for a slower speed. Phalanx- This would be a modified box formation with similar enhancements and penalties as the shield wall. Schiltron- This would be a circular formation with men facing out in all directions. Large units only. Only level-3 units can move. Stakes/Mantlets- These would be available to archers and crossbowmen. Stakes protect against melee units, while mantlets protect from ranged attacks. Units are immobile while using them. Skirmish formation- This would be a thin/loose offensive line formation that enhances projectile units' attack and speed, at a cost to their defense stats.
  4. Right now, the ability to assign governors is limited by the size of the royal court. This means, if I have 12 provinces then I can't fill them all. I'd like to propose a minor class that would be weaker than the royal court, but still useful. Minor governors Minor governors are, as the name suggests, designed to be governors of provinces. They are solely meant to increase production, but are not as efficient as royal court members. They would not be able to level up, but would instead rely entirely on the bonuses of the kingdom's traditions. There would also be no marshals available as minor governors, as they will be minor commanders instead. Minor commanders For minor marshal equivalents, we will have minor commanders. They will be available only to units which have a tradition- using the Developers' cavalry example, only nations with "Cavalry Tactics" will spawn minor commanders with their larger cavalry units. These will not be separate units, but will be part of a formation acting as a captain and providing a morale boost to his own unit and others around it. If the minor commander dies, his unit will almost always flee, and adjacent units will lose morale. Minor commanders can also inspire bloodlust in their troops, which will lead to them blindly attacking the enemy without being able to be controlled. Many medieval battles suffered from hot-blooded knights charging ahead of the army, with disastrous consequences. Luckily, if they are out of reach of the enemy long enough then they will eventually cool down and return to player control. If a unit reaches elite status (3 stars), then the minor marshal has a chance to rally the troops if the major marshal falls in battle. But beware! Spies can bribe them into defecting or retreating from the battlefield without fighting.
  5. The battle screen had lots of interesting scenarios, but one thing they lacked was formations. There were 3: line, square, and wedge. No schiltroms (hedgehog), shield walls, skirmisher lines, stakes in front of archers, mantlets in front of crossbowmen, or columns (for speed). It was also maddeningly hard to orient them correctly, as they would become more or less dense on a hair-trigger. I'd prefer something like lords of the realm, where a right-click-and-hold revealed a shape on the ground (i.e., the formation) with an arrow pointing in the direction the unit would face. Make organizing much easier to visualize. Either that, or give a 1 minute timer before battle starts to organize the troops' order of battle.
  6. Count me in, too! I want the sequel to be even more amazing than the first game. 😄
  7. That would be an awesome feature! KoH1 had a very beautiful aesthetic and felt so alive, so a feature like this would be very cool.
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