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    I am sure you thought this through already, but just in case, player testing might help with a whole slew of things to see what works and what doesnt. (Even if it's a closed beta)
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    Hello friends, and welcome to 15th DevDiary for “Knights of Honor II: Sovereign”! For this one we have chosen to take quite a different approach and tell you about changes in gameplay features we’ve already presented. The idea behind this is to keep you up to date in regards to the features, but more importantly, to let you in on how we iterate over the game, what kinds of reasons make us add, scrap or rework stuff, and overall give you a better look at the development process. Let’s start with one of the major features that we covered many months ago – the Armies (DevDiary5). When we presented it, the default number of squads a non-marshal knight could lead was 6, marshals could lead 9 and there were additional bonuses on top of that as well – for kings, crusaders, pagans (depending on traditions they follow), etc. The absolute maximum was 18 or 21 in different versions of the game, and we should have in mind that often two knights per each side participate in a battle. However, we decided to reduce the number of squads to 5 non-marshal / 8 marshal and these numbers being the maximal ones. Why? Well, first of all, by playtesting we found out that players usually use 1-2 unit types per army and having too many squads didn’t lead to actual gameplay variety. Also, we found that 12 or more squad was trickier to handle – the UI was busy and it required a lot of micromanagement to check your troops – e.g., how many exactly are healthy, wounded, dead; to merge or abandon some squads, to refill them, to check out their experience and levels. As we want our tactical battles to also be a bit more dynamic, compared to other grand-strategy games, controlling 20 squads in a battle (or even more if you have garrison or other additional troops) felt too burdening. Having less squads makes the choice and handling for each one more significant. Of course, we didn’t want to lose gameplay features, so instead of the “additional squads” bonus, there are now bonuses on “units per squad” and on army morale. The gameplay choices are just as interesting, but everything is neater and tidier and easier for the players to grasp and control. As of now, one squad can vary quite a lot – depending heavily on the province the army leader governs (how many “levies” it has), his skills, kingdom’s traditions and other factors, you can double or even triple your squad size. Moving on to DevDiary7: Rebellions. We iterated a lot over the rebel features over the course of development and when we presented them, we felt that they were quite good. Since then, we’ve made several changes, though. One of the bigger changes was determining Rebellion zone, and allowing rebel armies to cross borders and affecting nearby kingdoms. It felt quite reasonable as an effect, and depending on other gameplay features, sometimes it felt fun too. However, players started complaining about rebels more over time, though, and for mostly two reasons. First, it doesn’t feel fair. You make great efforts to keep your citizens calm, you maintain high Opinions, crown authority, take care of religious and cultural assimilation and in the end – rebels are still coming, because your neighbors are chaotic. Is it realistic? Kind of, it is not unimaginable that some rebels and bandits will date cross in the other kingdom and pillage whatever they can there. “Life isn’t fair”, you might say, but in the end, this is a game and user experience and fun is what leads us (one of our pillars we talked about in DD1, if you can remember). The second reason is that this feature didn’t scale too well. Rebel spawn in neighboring kingdoms, which you cannot control, is still manageable for small or medium sized kingdoms and it creates interesting situations, but do you know what happens if you control 150 provinces and have 50 neighbors? We assure you that the rebel swarm could get very, very ugly. We didn’t totally scrap this behavior, though. We made it more rare, exclusive to “famous rebels” and we might include it to some extent as an element for higher difficulty settings for players, that want more challenging experience. So, saving the big one for last… let’s go back to something we talked about in DevDiary4, Invasions. Here we basically scrapped the “occupation” state, which had a connection to diplomacy, pacing of the game and the way wars are led in general. At first everything about it looked very in-depth and interesting, but (as with number of squads) the numerous stages of overtaking a province seemed confusing for some players and (as in rebels crossing borders) it didn’t scale too well, getting a bit tiresome after you do it 50 times in a single game. The process had three stages – taking political control (in the end of a war or before it), dealing with the disorder state of the locals and then the long process of cultural conversion. Of course, we didn’t want just to dumb it down, so we tried to simplify it, without losing essence. Without having the “occupied” state, we moved some effects to the “disorder” state. Forceful establishing of order by an army now has a political effect and it can be harder to achieve the peaceful establishment of order while the war continues, unless the local population was loyal to you in the first place. In a way, the disorder state behaves as “occupation” while wars last and like the previous disorder state after they are over. The kingdoms that owned these provinces can also demand you to return their lands as a part of a peace treaty or even at some point later in time, and thus we represented that they still have a claim of ownership and the diplomatic part is well preserved. Of course, changes like these three are just the tip of the iceberg – surely, we change smaller stuff every day and make much more drastic changes for features we haven’t yet presented. Naturally, we are trying to make blogs and streams for the “finalized” ones and yes, this is one dirty word in the industry. Our policy is to rework something as much as it needs to be reworked, allowing the time for features to mature and grow to create the best experience we can craft. At Black Sea Games we believe that this is the right path for making really great games. However, we are getting close with KoH2:S and are very satisfied with how most of the things work as they are now. We will talk more about the evolution of the gameplay systems and the dynamics of developing and iterating over them in our DevStream on Thursday, February 11th, @ 4:00 PM GMT / 11:00 AM EST. The Twitch stream will be hosted on the THQ Nordic channel: http://twitch.tv/thqnordic and we’ll be grabbing responses from this post as well as answering questions live during the stream. Next time we will talk about one of the main goals of the game – Prestige – how do you gain and lose it and the effects it has in the course of the game and in its end. Until then, we bid thee farewell. Go forth and conquer!
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    Is the number of troops the actual number of visual troops on the instant action battle fields? Or does it scale down, ex. 100 troops is in truth 1 visual troop on the battlefield? I recall you previous images of instant action battles showed unit groups of 30-50 troops.
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    Did you do focus groups for this playtesting with people who haven't played the game so far, or how did this work? For the different army sizes depending on the hiring province: Could you elaborate this more in the stream? What I am concerned with: What if I move a large host to a poorer province with less food production, can I still maintain the upkeep for it? Or may large armies eat faster than provisions can be supplied, basically? 😄 In KoH 1 you had some provinces with slow food production and small food storage bottlenecking the recovery of armies (hiring new troops and supplywise).
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    Here's a fun challenge; how quickly can you reunite England? Play as Normandy in Early on Hard (no cheats) and go as fast as you can! Hit F11 to show in-game time. I've definitely beaten this faster, but here was my attempt just now to give you something to aim for (49:55 in game was around 15 minutes of real world time). This was a popular challenge on the original black sea studios forum. I think the 'record' was under 20 in-game minutes, but that was over 15 years ago so I could be remembering wrong 🙂
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    I assume you are talking about RT battles. It is an interesting idea, but I don't think it is a necessity. Let me at least try some constructive criticism - What will happen when the knights dismount: When the knights dismount what happens to the horses are they still on the battlfield incontrolable? Can the opponent interact witht he dismounted horses? Is there a possibility that you enter the battle with 5 cavalary units and leave the battle with 2 cavalary and 2 knight units (presumably 2 units got their nights stolen or killedand the 5th unit died in the battle)? And of cours will it be possible to enter the batle with out cavalary units, then steal some from the opponents cavalary and leave the batle with cavalary units? How do you see the mouning/dismounitng units under arrow attack? I think that this addition will cause more development time than it will benefit the diversity of options. Sounds like a good RT Battles update though, if the devs get time to make the battles as realistic as possible.
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    In the first game, there were basic, unarmored spearmen (including local variants like desert spearmen) and armored halberdiers. There was no middle option for heavy spearmen, even though heavy archers were available and two types of heavy spearmen (one by that name and the other was men-at-arms). The new game will need to include heavy spearmen since they certainly did exist.
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    I agree with you. Making them dismountable makes them OP, since nobody would take basic footman, because with cavalry they have 2 units in 1.
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    This is a good idea and I support it.
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    This may have been discussed in an earlier dev diary or forum, but would it be possible for your kingdom to form sort-of “diplomatic relations” with rebels (or at least, famous rebels)? For example, if your spy or diplomat could make contact with a famous rebel and, in exchange for gold, food, espionage activities, or some other support, you could tell that famous rebel: (1) not to attack your own kingdom, or (2) to attack a particular province, army, or kingdom in general. It could result in negative relations with the kingdom where that famous rebel originated, but it could be useful to bribe a rebel army to attack a particular kingdom for you, without having to officially declare war.
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    I don't think there is such a topic, yet. I also don't think it is very pragmatic - Suppose there are 6 players in the Multiplayer game. When a batle starts you will be left with 2 options: the game is paused and the 2 armies duke it out on the batle filed in RT - what are the other 4 players doing? Just watching a battle that may not concern them at all? the game is not paused so the other 4 players can continue with their game - then the players that participate in the batle cannot run their kingdoms - spies and rebels run rampant, opinions fall due to inactivity, or the AI takes control of your empire and forces you into decisions you may not have intended? I think RTS battles in MultiPlayer were fine as in the original game or maybe just add them for a 2 player games.
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    While playing old KoH was fun, I found that KA (Kingdom Advantages) were either too broken or just useless and the fact that resources were random made it sometimes too hard, since you had to go all over the map to get them or you got lucky and had them all in you kingdom. I know there is the new mechanic "Traditions" but I don't believe they will replace KA. So I hope they will balance out Ka, replace them (with Territory bonuses) or they could have them both. My idea for the replacement would be Territory Bonuses. Basically it's what it sounds like. You own certain territory and you get bonuses. For example: - Be in possession of British isles and you get bonus movement speed while sailing, - Control all Iberian peninsula and you get bonus while fighting Muslim kindgoms (since they are historically quite intertwined), - Rule over Scandinavia and your troops will be more durable, - Own all of Northern Africa and you'd have a bonus while fighting Christian kingdoms... These are just an example of some bonuses that could be applied (any other idea would be appriciated). I belive that they would make game more competitive (especially multiplayer) and fun. Ofcourse you'd have these bonuses only while owning that specific territory and once you lose one province (out of maybe 10 that would be necessary ) you'd lose that bonus, until you gain them all back. Again if they make something like this happen they need to be balanced and accessiable (I know that British isles aren't as accessiable to Suljuks as it is to the Norway, but you get my point 🙂 ). Same goes to the KA if they will keep it.
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    You should check out DevDiary 9 here:
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    Ok, this sounds interesting, I wll try add some things to it, hope it will only add to your idea and not break it (I am just spitting numbers and this will surely need a lot of balancing) The bonuses can be scaled - e.g. Controlling the whole Iberian peninsula grants you 10% bonus dmg vs Muslim armies, controlling 70% of it could grant you 5% bonus dmg, and controlling 30% - 2% - this way you have some bonuses to start the Reconquista. These regional bonuses could be complimented by the Marshalls' skills - e.g. if you control the Russian Steppes your army can get movement speed bonus, so your general don't have to use skillpoints for movement and can focus on other skills. I think there should be some downside for controlling many regions, cause stacking those bonuses will get extreamly punishing for the opponents and this may cause someone who controls two reagions close by to become unstopable early on in the game - e.g. Contrilling the whole Russian Steppe grants you 20% MS and controlling whole Scandinavia grants you 20% durability/unit HP - but controlling both you will get: option 1 - both bonuses at 50% to balance it out - 10% MS & 10% durability option 2 - Home Region(Capital City region) gets the full bonus and minor bonus for the other region(s) - Continuing the example for Moscow (20%MS & 5% durability), for Oslo (20% durability & 5% MS)
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    I don't think those are important at all, except maybe a slightly different game when selecting different kingdoms.
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    Hello! The first game had clouds that casted shadows onto the land which gave the game a nice depth effect. Will KoH2 feature clouds or at least cloud shadows? From all the screenshots I've seen, the land always is bright, locked in an eternal perfect cloudless green summer which is too uniform and boring to look at. Will the game feature some weather effects like rain or wind, local storms with all those trees swaying in the wind a little? I think all these would make the game more visually appealing and increase immersion. If anyone else has any other examples of games with the same bird's eye perspective that implemented clouds/weather effects, please do tell.
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    Hello everyone, I'm new to Knights of honor 2, i love the first one. Developers if you are still working on units will share some concepts that Lithuanian historians have found about possible equipment. Important thing to understand is that after Kievan rus and Poland converted to Christianity Baltic pagan culture became more isolated. That means some unique stiles emerged. Lithuanians didn’t knew how to fight on horse back ( but nobles would travel on horse back to battles) until 13th century so called military revolution in Baltic warfare. And another big thing is Lituanian shield ( smaller version of Pavese shield) and very specific metal cone shaped helmet hard to miss. Lithuanian sovereign should be called Grand duke while ruler is pagan and king if he is Christian. And please no Russian names ! Concept art for Lithuania in XII and XIII century: from left to right most armored and with top notch equipment for the time is Grand duke, his court and all other dukes. ( most elite unit) very rare Dude with big axe is sessional professional soldier. (housecarl or personal guard ?)rare Dude with sword and spear is core infantry ( man at arms). medium rare And axe boi is light infantry. (peasantry) common Concept art for Lithuania in XIV century: for game balance: If no type of ambush and attrition harassment is implemented then just give Lithuanians light skirmish cavalry. Teutonic knights army should have Baltic conscripts ( Prussian and Latvian). ( could Lithuanian spy instead of bribing whole army convince Baltic contingent to desert ? like in battle of saule and battle of durpe) Teutonic knights should be more powerful in open battles. idea is Lithuanian light troops are stronger than western European light troops, but western should have more heavy troops. sources: for pavise shields in 13th sentuary http://myarmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.22096.html battle of saule(sun) its a very important battle in Lithuanian history about how balts united to destroy sword brothers of livonia (crusaders) file:///C:/Users/kakav/Downloads/battle%20of%20saule.pdf bettle of durpe ( durpes musis) is another big one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Durbe https://alchetron.com/Battle-of-Durbe p.s. Sorry for man bad english.
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    Just wondering when will we be able to talk about the tactical battles? Will they earn a dev diary or two? Any battle screenshots? Thank you, stay safe!
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    As it stands, there is no way under the sun I would ever marry off a princess as it provides little benefit (better relation and maybe an alliance) and huge drawbacks as it exposes part of your kingdom to being taken from you. Historically accurate, but boring gameplay. Any thoughts on making princesses more useful? In Medieval II: Total War, they acted as diplomats. I would like to see more use from princesses other than as liabilities.
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    With new marshal skills I wonder if it is available to exceed squad limit. Does the system work like in previous game where marshal gains stars and just level certain skills or gains experience through certain battles ? I'd be fun to experiment with armies and gain experience for using certain armies. Like playing with archers gives you more experience with archers, faster training, more squad size and stuff. I'm really curious how the leveling system for units will turn out and what will be the caps for unit sizes. Logically with more marshal experience, ability to manage bigger armies should be a thing. With no game release atm I'm not sure how the system works already but I'd like to know how much focus is put into leveling system. Feature like that is great addition to the game and I just wonder if it's gonna just be a spin to original gameplay or whole new experience that can get you hooked in for hours. Customising army and marshals is really sandboxy thing that could add a lot of depth into KoH2 gamplay.
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