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    Welcome to the new home for the Knights of Honor community! We've been hard at working setting up this community hub where we can come together and chat about all things Knights of Honor. This is where we'll be posting regular DevDiaries about the game, giving you insights into the development process and exclusive first looks into the specifics of Knights of Honor II: Sovereign. We also want this to be YOUR community, a place where you can discuss everything from games to history. We know that KoH fans are a passionate group of people and we're eager to join in on the conversation. So settle in and get to know each other. Be good to one another, engage in enlightening conversation, and help us create the best game we possibly can. Gaming communities are special, and we can't wait to see how this one comes together!
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    Hello friends, and welcome to the first “Knights of Honor II: Sovereign” DevDiary! The DevDiary is a place where we can discuss specifics about our game, share some insights about the development process, and offer perspective on what game-shaping decisions we make and why. We’ll do our best to talk about cool, interesting topics, of which we’d love to hear your suggestions! Hearing your feedback will help us make the best game we can, and also understand what our fans care about. It was really hard for us to keep silent for so long, since there’s so much we want to share about the game. We’ve also noticed the fan questions pouring in too, and while we can’t answer everything right now, we’re anxious to answer the ones we can! It may go without saying, but thank you for all the love and patience, we really appreciate it! “Knights of Honor II: Sovereign” is a real-time grand strategy game set in the medieval times. Players will lead a royal court of honorable knights, build prosperous cities, assemble mighty armies, and find trustworthy allies to crush their enemies, striving to become the ultimate emperor of Europe. The first game was released nearly 15 years ago and in order to make a sequel for today’s gamers, we needed a clear and up-to-date vision first. Questions like “what makes the Knights of Honor franchise unique” and “what do grand strategy players want today” were big conversation topics for us. It’s critical for us to keep the spirit of the game intact – an easy to get into and immersive experience, instead of a numbers-heavy simulation that takes dozens of hours to begin understanding how things work. We also want it filled to the brim with interesting decisions for players that require strategic thinking and planning. Another key vision statement that was important for us to clarify, even though it may seem obvious, is to put the fun of the gameplay before historical accuracy. Now, this doesn’t mean we’re creating a fantasy version of the world – “Knights of Honor” is grounded in historical facts and we’re huge history buffs ourselves! But we do not hesitate to represent complex activities in a simple manner in order to make it fun, even if this means using a little creative license here and there. Finally, we had to decide whether most of our players would enjoy single player or would they rather play with friends online. We couldn’t rule out either of the groups as minority, so we decided both modes are equally important and we shouldn’t save any effort on their development. Thus, when designing a feature, we try to pay attention to the implications it brings and handle it differently in each scenarios so the fun and excitement is maximized however you choose to enjoy the game. To summarize, we’ve set those three rules as pillars in the development process and from then on, we refer back to them regularly as guideposts: We are making an immersive, easy to learn and hard to master game Fun gameplay is our top priority, even above historical accuracy Both single and multiplayer modes should be well addressed for every feature We are very interested in what you think! We’ll be hosting a DevStream this Thursday, Dec. 12th, 2019 @ 3:00 PM GMT / 10:00 AM EST where we’ll talk about the vision of KoH2:S in more detail and discuss your comments to this DevDiary. The Twitch stream will be hosted on the THQ Nordic channel: http://twitch.tv/thqnordic Heck, we’re going to host DevStreams after each DevDiary from here on out, so get excited! It would be great to hear what your thoughts are on KoH back in the days, and what you liked and disliked about it, or even what you like and dislike about other grand strategy games you’ve played recently. Do you prefer single player or multiplayer? What are some classic mechanics that are important to you and what new features would you like to see in the game? Who knows, your replies and questions may be directly mentioned during the DevStream! Next time we will shed more light on the world setting – what time periods can you play in and what makes them so interesting and challenging. Until then, we can’t wait to see all the exciting things everyone talks about in the forums and hope everyone can join us for the upcoming DevStream on Thursday. You can also join us on Facebook and Discord as well! We bid thee farewell. Go forth and conquer!
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    KOH also had an amazing sound track. I think game designers really underestimate the importance of a good soundtrack. Too often the sound tracks are just plainly bad.. Then there are soundtracks that are good but too short, so they end up being annoying after hours of gameplay. Then there are soundtracks which are long enough and good, and those are the ones I always love and get nostalgic when I hear them again by accident. ( I never encountered a too long soundtrack that I didnt like). I have also experienced games which connect the soundtrack to game actions, this I find very engaging, but can be done poorly where the sound track is just cut off and the next song is played. Anyways, graphically KOH was also beautiful for the time it came out. I was playing it recently and the graphics are still very nice to look at. I think here the importance is to have graphics which are roughly speaking, flushed out with the whole game and other graphics in the game. So there is no mismatch between graphical features of the game. This makes it so the player gets sucked in to the games graphical world. When there is mismatch it kinda breaks the acceptance of those graphics. KOH was nearly perfect with this. The combat and grand strategy mix was indeed probably the best game play selling point. So I agree with Zyddie on that. There could be more polishing with sub units within each, but as a collective the battles and grand strategy worked together really well in general. Finally the voice acting of KOH must be mentioned as it was amazing. Some of the most memorable comments and just great sounding voices. Can always use more voice statements. Could be interesting to use a voice generator with scripted lines. That way you could get the voice you want and have a shit ton of statements..
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    The short answer is yes! ... and that was mentioned in live streams from GamesCom this year. The long answer - we are planning to have a number of Dev. Diaries dedicated to modding if there is enough interest. So, stay with us and let's see what future brings 🙂
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    In this I'm hoping there will be a supported switch to a rebel region. For example I always liked to have Flanders (as I live there) created by rebels by annoying the people as much as I could to create rebels who would have to create Flanders for me and then switch with a cheat afterwards and then fight Germany as that was usually the big opponent then 😉 So, I'm really hoping in KOH 2 it'll be possible to play it without having to use any cheats.
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    I still remember the first day I played KoH. I was fascinated by the music and the graphs, the voices and even the little birds. It was a love with the first sight. And then the castles and their look depending on what you build... this was amazing. The unique battles in the big map, the way you could reinforce.... Damn... Great ideas.... I could write every litttle thing but... The game was great. Oh, even the intro music, you know, the hard rocks quitars with the cyclop before the "black sea studios"??? Looks like an eternity ago...
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    One mechanic from KOH1 that I think was well designed and seemed to be at the core of the game was the city population resource. In KOH1 it was relatively simple, building army units would consume it, and having low pops would lead to a lower economic output of that city creating an interesting balance between spamming units and having a strong economy. In KOH2 I have noticed there seems to be new pop types. Could you comment on the function of the new pops and what strategic mechanic you hope to achieve with pop types? P.S Really excited
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    I love to play the nations that have some sort of unification quest, mostly Bulgaria (home), Ireland, Italy, Byzantium, etc. Generally you start in a bad position and have to build some economy and army and then conquer around. Also loved western Europe for their special units, but disliked the fact that Slavs are very weak in general. Loved the special soundtrack on Muslim nations 😄 I hope they make slavs stronk !! 😄
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    Campaign focuses in the holy land war between crusaders and muslims and Byzantium of course large map with more citys and castles. if possible legendary Heroes like Richard the Lionheart and salahuddin will be a bonus. And the diplomacy was so good in KOH leave it as it is or add to it if you have some good ideas of course you have 🙂 i would add if you have a perfect Alliance you can ask them to join War and the chances are very big they will with you especially if you give them the gold for the campaign. everything that is in KOH bring it to KOH2 with the added ideas, loved the flags colours and how shiny they looked in the world map the sound of the eagle made the map look alive. i would add more Marshalls but not too much and the difficulty it was easy for me even in hard mode give us more challenge please. I think the best idea is more campaigns that focuses in certain areas like the 100 years war, The Moors and Spain the Mongols.
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    Egypt : but you made the Mamluks very weak while they was one of the strongest and very heavy armoured defeated the crusaders and the mongols The Moors : who will control Spain love the war and map hope the map is bigger and many citys and castles. Byzantium : i love the different army units they have and the position in the map
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    Hey there, I just wanted to ask if you (the developers) could reveal if you are planning to support modding? If so, it would also be very interesting if modding will be possible right from the release and what parts can be modded? I'm interested in the answers because I'm planning to create a mod for the game and would like to know if we can, for example, use custom 3d models. Thanks, Zerg
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    I love defending 1 city against a whole world. Plunder, build a city with ballistas, cauldrons, towers and watch all my battles. There were many issues with the game that made the method way less satysfying like weird AI movement, not attacking with 2 armies and the wars were just too easy. I have few questions regarding the game: Is the AI smarter ? When enemies have war only with you do they focus their whole resources ? Does relationship with countries affects frequency of attacks ? Does the countries attack with bigger armies ? The AI with lots of land and a lot of resources just seemed too easy to beat and take their major cities. There weren't any huge defenses or anything. Have you tried or implemented something like this ? And the last questions, will there be an ability to play as a rebel army, or nationalists after the last province was taken, or just start as them and create your own country ?
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    I was very proud and happy to see Kurdistan as a country even if you can only play it by random
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    My favourite nation to play... Of course Epirus. Coz of the flag colour(Todays Greek colours) and the orthodox relegion. I conquered all map in mod hard invasion economic, with over 1000 battles. Converted all map in indepented orthodox and with all those victories in my areas i gained happiness. It took me some time for sure... But it was like a huge puzzle!! I played as Cyprus and Scotland as well, once or two and as Byzantines. I wanted to start as a Rebel. This was my dream. Or to have Pagan priests to convert all Europe to Paganism!! xD xD
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    Name/Handle? Mattie44, Mattieke666 or Belg Which Country are you from? Belgium What kinds of games do you like to play? I'll try to put most games I've played in a somewhat chronological order... Age of Empires, World of Warcraft, The Sims, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Knights of Honor (ofcourse) Football Manager, Pro Cycling Manager and currently playing World of Warcraft Classic 🙂 Must say love all the games I've named here, but KOH remains something very special to me 🙂 Bonus Question: Do you have any pets? Always used to have a dog, but she passed away 😞 Only have some fish in the pond left now...
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    Name/Handle: Maresuke Country: Serbia Games: Age of Empires 1, Medieval 2: Total War, Oblivion/Skyrim, Mount and Blade, Witcher III Pets: Cat
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    The living world... The crusades, jihads, changing territories, it felt alive. I hope there are more events like those in the new game.
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    Mix between combat and the grand map choices. Generally I can't cope with so many choices of other grand map strategy games. KoH had enough choices but not very complex, which helped me a lot. Also I liked the environment a lot. I loved the design of city, village ,sea etc. Battle was pretty basic, which is the only complain I could have of KoH. But again, I liked that I didn't have to fight always. I hope to see a little bit more complex choices, but not too much like Europa series, a better battle system, where troop combination mean something. Cause you could have pretty much rekt anybody with all steppe cavalry in KoH. And a more rewarding religious system would be like a prize to me. Cause playing with almost all nation, It felt to me, only christian religion was rewarding, others felt like a hindrance. Finger crossed. I played this game too much.
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    Name: Yazan Country: Yemen But leave in the UK for the moment Games i play: RPG games strategy games Pets: Cat.
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    The strategy site of the game i love the most. But if the hardcore mode was harder i would be happy. And policy + diplomacy
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    @Ivory Knight Would be interested to learn more about your Twitch streams. Can you maybe start a separate thread about them? 🙂 Sure others would enjoy watching some of the content too!
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