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    Hello friends, and welcome to our second “Knights of Honor II: Sovereign” DevDiary! Today we’re going to take a look at the world of KoH2:S. One of the very first steps for us was to choose the time period our game takes place in. Setting the rough boundaries was rather easy, considering this was something we definitely wanted to preserve from the first game. We could hardly pick a more appropriate period than High and Late Middle Ages for a game with that title, right? These were the glorious days of knights, central to the KoH series, and everything that goes with them – epic battles and sieges, crusades, intricate diplomacy, court intrigues, and clashes between kingdoms, cultures and religions all over Europe and the Old World! Within that period, allowing players to choose from several starting points in time seemed like a good feature. After all, we had this 15 years ago and variety in game settings and modes has only become more important for gamers since then. This allows us to add more interesting setups for conflicts and give the players more options to take control of a wider variety of kingdoms. One of many examples is the choice between Byzantium or the Latin empire we would have to make if we had just one starting setup, since the second one emerged from the ashes of the first – and we wouldn’t like to exclude either of them from the game. So, after making a thorough research pass, we chose three starting points in which the historical maps looked most interesting to us – the beginning of the 12th century, the 20s of the 13th century and the middle of the 14th. Only the first of those differs significantly from the starting points in the first game, but it seemed extremely appealing to make the change, what with the tension between Christians and the Baltic and Finnish pagans, the Crusader states in the Holy Lands, the fragile balance of power on the Iberian Peninsula, the massive strength of Byzantium and the Holy Roman Empire, and many others. Since we realized there can never be a definitive answer to the question “which is the most interesting moment in the Middle Ages”, and since there are players who like to get creative and set up their own starting conditions, we are doing our best to provide some options to customize their experience, especially through mods. Modders will be able to change the political scenery and define which kingdoms participate, what provinces they control, what religions they follow, who are their rulers and so on. Whether the players like to recreate a specific historical time period or devise a fantasy Europe with House Lannister or Mordor in it, it will be up to them. Elaborate modding possibilities proved to be quite fun for many in the first game, so we plan to give even more control for your ideas and imagination in KoH2:S. Choosing how big the map will be and what territories to include was an entirely different and more significant challenge, since the map size impacts not only the overall feel of the game, but the gameplay as well. One of the things we felt we might improve from the first game was including Arabia, in order to provide a more complete picture of the Old World and make it fun to play with Islamic kingdoms. Thus, we stretched the map to the east and a bit to the south so that Arabian cities with great significance, like Mecca, Medina and Baghdad, are included in our game world. At some places we “cheated” the geography a bit for the sake of gameplay, which is the number one priority for us. For example, we enlarged Rhodes so we had enough space to place the city and some settlements, since it was a historically important landmark and we wanted it to be part of the game. Another example is the decision to slightly shrink the Arabian Peninsula, so that the map does not stretch too far east or south, opening vast empty spaces. After all, Africa was called the “Dark Continent” at that time because too little was known about the area and it wouldn’t make too much sense to have a lot of playable provinces there, nor would it be fun to conquer the barely inhabited, but immense, Sahara Desert. Almost the same goes for the north-eastern parts of the North European Plains. Since it is hard to estimate which world size and province count would provide the best experience prior to testing the game in its entirety, we initially left the question open. We really wanted to fine tune and iterate on the map several times. We even asked for our community’s opinion on the topic through a somewhat hidden way, by asking a general question in a Facebook post early last year. To remain agile and alter the map throughout development, we invested a lot of time in making a proper map-creation kit. One cool example is an automation tool that generating borders between provinces automatically, based on settlements and terrain features like mountains and rivers. We were very pleased to see how well it worked on most places. Here is one example – Trebizond, entirely auto-generated: The actual territory of the Kingdom: (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org) In our social media channels, many people ask what the size of provinces are. To be honest, there really isn’t an exact answer to this question. In densely populated regions they are smaller, and vice versa – there are some pretty large provinces in Sahara and the lands furthest to the north. Larger territories are harder to conquer, since armies will need more time to reach their targets, but due to the same reason, these territories are harder to defend. It is not only the size of a province that matters, though, but also its settlements and the resources that can be found in it. A smaller province can sometimes be richer in all aspects than a larger one. We wanted to share a few words regarding the historical accuracy, as well. We’ve put quite some effort this time around to improve here, as we know there were some mistakes in the first game. For example, there were some cities in the original KoH which did not exist in the corresponding time period. While our game is more a fun sandbox than a history lesson, we know it can be an immersive experience to rewrite history from a more accurate starting point. This task is quite hard, since some territories were in very complex states of rulership, and little is known for others. Even historians argue over territorial specifics, but we can say we’ve done our best and surely those who care about that side of the game will be able to see the difference. We hope we’ve managed to answer some of your questions about the game world of KoH2:S. If you want to learn more, join our DevStream on this topic on Thursday, January 9th, @ 3:00 PM GMT / 10:00 AM EST. The Twitch stream will be hosted on the THQ Nordic channel: http://twitch.tv/thqnordic and we’ll be grabbing responses from this post as well as answering questions live during the stream. So, jump right into the discussion and share your thoughts in this thread, or join our Facebook and Discord channels and talk there too. We’d be glad to hear what is your “perfect” moment in the medieval history of Europe, what Kingdoms you want to lead or oppose, and what are your preferences of the game world size and province count. Next time we will dive deeper into the heart of the game and talk about the Royal Court – the King and his trusted knights. Until then, we bid thee farewell. Go forth and conquer!
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    dear developers: I am currently reading the book The Wars of God, where some of the problems caused by the Crusaders on their way to the Holy Land are told, such as: ordering food in the territories where they were transiting, attacking Jewish communities and provoking all kinds of looting.It occurred to me that the following things could be added:1) The crossed armies will ask for food or food when they cross the lands of other Christian territories. Granting these supplies or not will have its causes and consequences.2) Some groups of soldiers can separate themselves from the main bulk of the army and cause disturbances in the busy lands3) If there are Jews in the player's lands, some fan groups may try to attack them.
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    Its a long long time. If i was young. My name was before Laudan. Later i become a little bit wisdom . Elvain was one of the great modder. A pionier.
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    They do. And you can do a lot more with them.
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    Guys, I wanted to share an idea with you... This idea is like 15 years old 😄 Ever since I started playing KoH back in my teenage years, I wanted to be able to stimulate rebels with gold... So if Im playing with Bulgaria and I see that there is a byzantine rebel plundering the province of Solun, which is part of the Latin empire, I would love to be able to give him X amount of gold, so that the rebel army would get stronger and might capture Solun, restoring the Byzantine empire, which would weaken the latin emperor. Now, there are many ways for this to work: I imagine it this way - I should have a spy at the Latin empire working for me and I should ask him to make contact with the rebel for me. Just thoughts, you know best! I cant wait for KoH 2 !
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    I am all for this as well..
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    Welcome to the new home for the Knights of Honor community! We've been hard at working setting up this community hub where we can come together and chat about all things Knights of Honor. This is where we'll be posting regular DevDiaries about the game, giving you insights into the development process and exclusive first looks into the specifics of Knights of Honor II: Sovereign. We also want this to be YOUR community, a place where you can discuss everything from games to history. We know that KoH fans are a passionate group of people and we're eager to join in on the conversation. So settle in and get to know each other. Be good to one another, engage in enlightening conversation, and help us create the best game we possibly can. Gaming communities are special, and we can't wait to see how this one comes together!
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    One of the many things that I liked as knights of honor I was the various battles such as: attacking an enemy camp and letting the enemies slowly leave the tents. Another very important thing was the river crossing battles. Will we see something ais in the second part?
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    Some cool ideas here, love to see the creativity. We're actually going to be iterating on many of the religion features here in the next few months of development, so keep the thoughts flowing. We can't promise any of the ideas will make it in, but you never know what types of thoughts could trigger inspiration for the design team!
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    Hello Zdenek 🙂 I´m Pavel and I´m from CR too 😄 I love KOH like you and played some mods from you i think 🙂
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    I dont think that could work verry well, knowing how KoH was set to work. Like what happens if the leader rebel dies without having captured a castle? You might lose the game within 5 min of playing. Maybe @frujin will "open the doors" about the new KoH features, but for now we could only guess, based on what we know about the old KoH. But what I think can be done and could work pretty well is this - I will call this the Work in progress states/kingdoms. When just before the start of the game a rebel has captured a castle but is still not a legitimate ruler. In this case you would start as a unrecognized kingdom/king and will have to earn your unrecognition by winning a war or by diplomacy. I will give an example with the uprising of Georgi Voyteh . In 1072 you start with the rebel bulgarian state in the province of macedonia (or the town of Skopie) and in war with byzantine empire. Most states still dont recognize you as a ruler. You have two ways of gaining recognition - 1/diplomacy with the Pope /he might offer recognition in return for converting you into catholic/ or 2/ with war - wining the war with Byzantine empire.
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    My name is Zdenek - yea, hard to pronounce for anyone outsice of Central Europe, so call me Elvain I'm from Czechoslovakia, but most of my life I live in Czechia (AKA the Czech republic)... and didn't even have to move from the country. Bad joke, I know. Games? Oh... I loved KoH, the original one. Probably the biggest passion of mine for long time, spent loads of time not only on playing, but more importantly on modding and speculating about KoH2 all those years back. But I also like other games... from board games I love Carcassone and Catan by far the most... and from digital ones, Cities: Skylines, Europa Universalis series, Civilization series, Anno1404, but even more than Knights of Honor I fell in love with Crusader Kings and was bitching so much over there that you can actually see quite some of my work in CK2 now. Pets? well I cultivate Roses. I know most of you don't consider plants as pets, but... well, I kinda do.
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    I remember a lot of things from the old forum. There, I was using the nickname soko. I made the Shogun and Tiger and Dragon mods and started the mod that adds more provinces in Europe. Though, I didn't finish the last one completely. I don't think I'd be able to recreate the Shogun and T&D mods for KOH2 as this would be a huge conversion and will be very time consuming. If I try modding KoH2 that would be probably doing Balkans or Calradia mod 😀. I am originally from Bulgaria, but live in Canada.
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    Russian translation of the second devdiary: https://vk.com/@-188842829-dnevnik-razrabotchikov-knights-of-honor-2-razmer-i-osobenn Перевод на русский язык второго дневника 😙
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    Would be really happy to see early middle ages, say 800 till 1000 AD. But apparently it is not gonna happen. Waiting for mods.
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    For me it's hard to pinpoint a moment as my favorite in the medieval history of Europe; one can say that there were interesting events and timeline during the Mongol invasion of Europe which is exactly at the second starting point you mention. However, an interesting story that took place in the corner of Europe, took place during the last days of the Umayyad Caliphate, when the Abbasid revolution was taking place to establish the new Caliphate. The last Umayyad prince evades capture and death and travels all the way from Damascus to Cordoba where he re-establish the Umayyad Caliphate. I guess you can say that I would like to try playing as the Umayyad Caliphate in Iberia, but it is a little bit before the timeline and the starting points you mention. For the map, I liked the provinces' system in the first KoH, simple and effective. And I would say that a map that is 15~20% bigger than the one in KoH would be very suitable, more than that it might be too big. Now I have a small suggestion for the provinces, but not sure if this is the platform to mention it!
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    Hi @zooid (and others), thank you a lot! You are already supporting us a lot by being such a great community. You can't imagine how people in the office are smiling each time we post something on Facebook (for example), and they see the 'love' of KoH fans ... this is extremely motivating feeling! Of course, at some point we will start involving more and more people from the community in tests, etc,, to help us finish the game and give it the needed "punch" 🙂 ...
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    Suprising that with so many hours you didn't figured out how to change game speed
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    I do have quite some suggestions for this game as a 600+ hours player of Knights of Honour I Gamespeed - Ability to play the game at different speeds, it can be quite boring to play as a state with only one province during peaceful times which develops slowly due to lack of money and/or labour. Resources - Food should play a bigger role in the game. Cities/towns need to have food consumption, which increases with the size. In case the province has not enough farms or seas, it could become a food importer, while others provinces could become food providers. It can then also be an important aspect for war, with all kinds of consequenses for province(s) with a food shortage and making war difficult with other states which provide your provinces with food for gold or special trade wares. This was a grieve mistake made by Germany during WW2 when declaring war to the Sovjet Union. - Ability to lend/loan money from other states, rich nobles/merchants/banks. so economic warfare can be conducted that way as well (beside burning villages and ports and sabotage by your spies) Nobles and knights - Skills and talents of the ruler should be able to change for the better or the worse over time. Its kinda frustating that the lack of skill in martial affairs of the ruler can make armies prone to morale failure or the lack of skill in religion makes it difficult to acquire enough faith for conversions with a single province which has a different religion. - Queen and princesses having skills and/or being able to become rulers when males aren't available or too young? - Ability to rescue/capture nobles or knights from your court or other courts. By attacking an army/town which holds a noble captive, you can free them or capture them for your own purposes by defeating the army/ capturing the wagon / cart holding the noble or destroying the building in the city which holds the noble and bring the noble to safety or another prison. Miscellaneous - Ability to change the special units of a certain state under specific conditions. Some states in the first game never had any special troops or interesting units. - Ability to change what kind of resources the villages, farms or monasteries give to the province or the ability to change the settlements in the province. - Paying money to restore plundered settlements in a province at an improved rate. - Random game start, with religions spread randomly and every state having only 1-3 provinces at the start.
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    Is it possible that we will see a release on GOG.com at launch or sometime in the future?
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    Thanks. Just did russian translation of the first devdiary. Waiting for stream https://vk.com/@-188842829-knights-of-honor-ii-sovereign-dnevnik-razrabotchikov-1-viden
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    Hello friends, and welcome to the first “Knights of Honor II: Sovereign” DevDiary! The DevDiary is a place where we can discuss specifics about our game, share some insights about the development process, and offer perspective on what game-shaping decisions we make and why. We’ll do our best to talk about cool, interesting topics, of which we’d love to hear your suggestions! Hearing your feedback will help us make the best game we can, and also understand what our fans care about. It was really hard for us to keep silent for so long, since there’s so much we want to share about the game. We’ve also noticed the fan questions pouring in too, and while we can’t answer everything right now, we’re anxious to answer the ones we can! It may go without saying, but thank you for all the love and patience, we really appreciate it! “Knights of Honor II: Sovereign” is a real-time grand strategy game set in the medieval times. Players will lead a royal court of honorable knights, build prosperous cities, assemble mighty armies, and find trustworthy allies to crush their enemies, striving to become the ultimate emperor of Europe. The first game was released nearly 15 years ago and in order to make a sequel for today’s gamers, we needed a clear and up-to-date vision first. Questions like “what makes the Knights of Honor franchise unique” and “what do grand strategy players want today” were big conversation topics for us. It’s critical for us to keep the spirit of the game intact – an easy to get into and immersive experience, instead of a numbers-heavy simulation that takes dozens of hours to begin understanding how things work. We also want it filled to the brim with interesting decisions for players that require strategic thinking and planning. Another key vision statement that was important for us to clarify, even though it may seem obvious, is to put the fun of the gameplay before historical accuracy. Now, this doesn’t mean we’re creating a fantasy version of the world – “Knights of Honor” is grounded in historical facts and we’re huge history buffs ourselves! But we do not hesitate to represent complex activities in a simple manner in order to make it fun, even if this means using a little creative license here and there. Finally, we had to decide whether most of our players would enjoy single player or would they rather play with friends online. We couldn’t rule out either of the groups as minority, so we decided both modes are equally important and we shouldn’t save any effort on their development. Thus, when designing a feature, we try to pay attention to the implications it brings and handle it differently in each scenarios so the fun and excitement is maximized however you choose to enjoy the game. To summarize, we’ve set those three rules as pillars in the development process and from then on, we refer back to them regularly as guideposts: We are making an immersive, easy to learn and hard to master game Fun gameplay is our top priority, even above historical accuracy Both single and multiplayer modes should be well addressed for every feature We are very interested in what you think! We’ll be hosting a DevStream this Thursday, Dec. 12th, 2019 @ 3:00 PM GMT / 10:00 AM EST where we’ll talk about the vision of KoH2:S in more detail and discuss your comments to this DevDiary. The Twitch stream will be hosted on the THQ Nordic channel: http://twitch.tv/thqnordic Heck, we’re going to host DevStreams after each DevDiary from here on out, so get excited! It would be great to hear what your thoughts are on KoH back in the days, and what you liked and disliked about it, or even what you like and dislike about other grand strategy games you’ve played recently. Do you prefer single player or multiplayer? What are some classic mechanics that are important to you and what new features would you like to see in the game? Who knows, your replies and questions may be directly mentioned during the DevStream! Next time we will shed more light on the world setting – what time periods can you play in and what makes them so interesting and challenging. Until then, we can’t wait to see all the exciting things everyone talks about in the forums and hope everyone can join us for the upcoming DevStream on Thursday. You can also join us on Facebook and Discord as well! We bid thee farewell. Go forth and conquer!
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    The only suggestion a man could do for this game, is a multiplayer in the big map, with autobattles and score for the winner, after specific time that would be chosen before the game starts, and of course Global ranking so we play everyday to get better results in rankings!! These guys here know how to make a game. I believe they can surprise us again. This is their job, their hobby, their talent! Keep on guys!!
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    In this I'm hoping there will be a supported switch to a rebel region. For example I always liked to have Flanders (as I live there) created by rebels by annoying the people as much as I could to create rebels who would have to create Flanders for me and then switch with a cheat afterwards and then fight Germany as that was usually the big opponent then 😉 So, I'm really hoping in KOH 2 it'll be possible to play it without having to use any cheats.
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    Name/Handle: Alexis Country: Greece Games I like to play: Historical Strategy - building ( i believe i have played everything in Rts, including some turn based). My beloved ones are KoH, that i enjoyed mostly in Laudans' Mod Hard In. Ec./ CoH2 still there on Steam/ ANNOs/ Port Royals/ AoE II/ Rome T. War/ Cilizations.... and more.... Pets: none Nice to meet you guys! :)
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    Name: Yazan Country: Yemen But leave in the UK for the moment Games i play: RPG games strategy games Pets: Cat.
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    Name/Handle: frujin (Game Director and Lead Designer of Knights of Honor(s) - the old one, and the new), my real name is hard to pronounce even by myself, but it's easy to find in the net if you are _that_ curious 🙂🙂 Country: Bulgaria Games: All kinds of strategy and RPGs. What about both in the same box? 🙂 Pets: Lovely dog - golden retriever
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    Name/Handle: GrafLaudan Country: Germany Games I like to play: I loved Knights of Honor. I am creating many Mods: Mod Hard InvasionEconomic, WorldScenario, HolyRomanEmpire, Britannia, Crusader, Reconquista, Armageddon, ArmageddonFantasy and Orient and Occident. All these mods for Knights of Honor you can Downloading for free on my Facebook site. https://www.facebook.com/GrafLaudan/ I am playing many diffrent games on PC , Xbox one x and PS4 Pro. Pets: non
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    KOH also had an amazing sound track. I think game designers really underestimate the importance of a good soundtrack. Too often the sound tracks are just plainly bad.. Then there are soundtracks that are good but too short, so they end up being annoying after hours of gameplay. Then there are soundtracks which are long enough and good, and those are the ones I always love and get nostalgic when I hear them again by accident. ( I never encountered a too long soundtrack that I didnt like). I have also experienced games which connect the soundtrack to game actions, this I find very engaging, but can be done poorly where the sound track is just cut off and the next song is played. Anyways, graphically KOH was also beautiful for the time it came out. I was playing it recently and the graphics are still very nice to look at. I think here the importance is to have graphics which are roughly speaking, flushed out with the whole game and other graphics in the game. So there is no mismatch between graphical features of the game. This makes it so the player gets sucked in to the games graphical world. When there is mismatch it kinda breaks the acceptance of those graphics. KOH was nearly perfect with this. The combat and grand strategy mix was indeed probably the best game play selling point. So I agree with Zyddie on that. There could be more polishing with sub units within each, but as a collective the battles and grand strategy worked together really well in general. Finally the voice acting of KOH must be mentioned as it was amazing. Some of the most memorable comments and just great sounding voices. Can always use more voice statements. Could be interesting to use a voice generator with scripted lines. That way you could get the voice you want and have a shit ton of statements..
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    Name/Handle: THQN Brad (Senior Producer on Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign) Country: United States Games I like to play: Wow, I play so many different types of games. I'm a huge strategy fan, from 4x like the Civilization franchise to RTS games like Homeworld. I play shooters, racers, RPGs, MMOs...honestly, I try to play a bit of everything. Currently I've been back in No Man's Sky, as the latest update has been pretty fun, and dying over and over again in Crying Suns. Next on my list is to dive deeper into Total War: Three Kingdoms, which has been on my list since release but haven't spent much time with it yet. Pets: We have a pet rabbit, she's pretty awesome!
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