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    We know that in the game you will be able to either lead your own troops in a battle and play an instance of combat with your direct control. Or you can do a battle on auto resolve and never leave the global map view. It is know from the original that no matter how eager you are to play a direct control battles, over time there will be a lot of battles you don't care about and auto resolve these. We also know that a multiplayer mode in KOH2 is a global grand strategy mode and auto resolve battles are the only option. In this light it appears that a good mechanics of auto resolve battles is essential for both single and multiplayer game modes. I would argue that if an auto resolve battle has no control whatsoever and depends only on the initial size of the engaging armies, it becomes very stale and very boring very quickly. If there is a different possible outcome of a same battle under direct control of a player it should be a similar range of outcomes possible in auto resolve battles. What makes a difference in manual controlled battle? Well, you can be very aggressive or very passive. You can fight to a last man or you can retreat. Lets say you could control that in an auto resolve battle with 2 settings - "tactics" (how do you engage) and "commitment" (how much do you prepare to lose). Let's say for now we have the following minimal set: Tactics Rapid Assault (bonus to attack, increased losses, bonus kills on retreating enemy) Steady advance (default) Stand ground (bonus to defense, decreased attack, no kills on retreating enemy) Commitment: Skirmish (retreat once 25% of army is lost) Decisive battle (retreat when 50% of army is lost) No Retreat (do no retreat) Now by settings these differently for the same initial armies you can have victory to one or another side (Steady advance + Skirmish vs Stand ground + No Retreat) and different amount of losses. It also allows additional gameplay each time you need to decide what to do for auto resolve battle based on what you expect to happen. Even just controlling the moment your army should retreat gives a significant amount of new options rather than committing all the army to be slaughtered all the time for auto resolve battle which you can't control. By extending options for tactics you can also potentially expand greatly on play/counter play variants, time battle lasts and so on. But fundamentally my argument stays the same - each auto resolve battle should have an input from a player which would have effect similar to potential effect a player would have in a manual control battle. A right combination of choices should give a player better results of auto resolve, the wrong combination of choices should give significant disadvantage to the same auto resolve results. Cheers
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    Here's an idea of how busy it was at some point 😄 everyone just waiting until they could attack me lol ^^
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    How about Switzerland, late era.
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    if producers need for translation, we will help them..just say it
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    This game popular on Turkey. but does not support Turkish? Why?.
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    Sorun değil...zaten aktif olarak kullaniyorsun burayı..Türkler olarak dayanışmaya devam
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    bu siteyi geç keşfettim desene 🙂
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    Right now, the ability to assign governors is limited by the size of the royal court. This means, if I have 12 provinces then I can't fill them all. I'd like to propose a minor class that would be weaker than the royal court, but still useful. Minor governors Minor governors are, as the name suggests, designed to be governors of provinces. They are solely meant to increase production, but are not as efficient as royal court members. They would not be able to level up, but would instead rely entirely on the bonuses of the kingdom's traditions. There would also be no marshals available as minor governors, as they will be minor commanders instead. Minor commanders For minor marshal equivalents, we will have minor commanders. They will be available only to units which have a tradition- using the Developers' cavalry example, only nations with "Cavalry Tactics" will spawn minor commanders with their larger cavalry units. These will not be separate units, but will be part of a formation acting as a captain and providing a morale boost to his own unit and others around it. If the minor commander dies, his unit will almost always flee, and adjacent units will lose morale. Minor commanders can also inspire bloodlust in their troops, which will lead to them blindly attacking the enemy without being able to be controlled. Many medieval battles suffered from hot-blooded knights charging ahead of the army, with disastrous consequences. Luckily, if they are out of reach of the enemy long enough then they will eventually cool down and return to player control. If a unit reaches elite status (3 stars), then the minor marshal has a chance to rally the troops if the major marshal falls in battle. But beware! Spies can bribe them into defecting or retreating from the battlefield without fighting.
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    Well, remember there has to be sacrifices between absolute reality and compelling gameplay.
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    In the original game, there were only formations, although they could be spread out or condensed. I'd like to propose a list of new formations. Not every unit would be able to use them, and this will give some flavor to elite units. Line, Square, Wedge- unchanged Shield Wall- this would be a modified line that has a stronger defense and resistance to arrows, in exchange for a slower speed. Phalanx- This would be a modified box formation with similar enhancements and penalties as the shield wall. Schiltron- This would be a circular formation with men facing out in all directions. Large units only. Only level-3 units can move. Stakes/Mantlets- These would be available to archers and crossbowmen. Stakes protect against melee units, while mantlets protect from ranged attacks. Units are immobile while using them. Skirmish formation- This would be a thin/loose offensive line formation that enhances projectile units' attack and speed, at a cost to their defense stats.
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    Can we stop spamming forums with the languages threads? can we just get english version for now and let them add languages later on? plzzz 🙂
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    I totally agree with you. Thats what i like about KoH, you need to look in advance and see what will be more benifitial to you (all generals, all spies, etc), you need to be tactical and your errors are your fault. Its what make this game so special and simple, yet intresting if you always try new "builds".
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    No. The whole point of a limited Royal Court is to force you to make strategic decisions, including making sacrifices. Adding this minor class removes a major part of that.
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    definitely corrcet..enought waited..just want be happy..hear us Blacksea
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    Already Corona virus makes so sad all world(..we need morale and good mood ..already i waited 15 years for KOH 2 ..please hear us Blacksea games..
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    Translation: We really need videos Yeah, I would definitely like to see more of those. Tercüme: Evet, kesinlikle daha fazlasını görmek isterim.
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    Gerçekten videolara çok ihtiyacımız var
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    what much time we wait? Just say a release time or give us a beta..and please share more gameplay video
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    Once you see any gameplay videos or a beta availability add at least 6 months.
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    I'm glad you asked ) But it will take a bit of explaining case by case Case 1: money This is pretty easy, you commit money with your offer if AI accepts. Then at the end of the agreed time you check if the goals are complete by AI or not and a player gets a refund. Plain and simple Case 2: trade If you bargain on trade routes or anything like that - it applies at acceptance and gets revoked at the end of the specified time if the goals are not archived. Plain and simple. Case 3: land Now the case of land ownership it gets interesting, always been. In fact it goes beyond just alliances so the system I would do have more complexity but it is quite neat. You add new mechanics - Land Claims. Each kingdom has "an opinion" on who is "rightful owner" of any province. In terms of data structure - each kingdom needs a new map[ProvinceID] = RightfulOwnerID which will hold the opinion of which land should belong to which kingdom. If at any moment any CURRENT owner of any province updates his "opinion" on who is the "rightful owner" of a province and it matches the opinion of that rightful owner the province changes hands "by law". Or in other words "kingdom A sets a claim on province P1, kingdom B is an owner of the P1, once B accepts the claim that A is the rightful owner P1 the province ownership is switched to B". In context of an alliance or any feudal ladder of "lord/vassal" the claims should be checked for all the alliance members and the ladder. Basically for all the allied parties, if no one has a counter claim on the province, the owner gives it to the "rightful owner". Why this system is beautiful: You can have claims as a currency and make a whole lot diplomacy just around "do this and we will accept your claim on that land". Which you can do on lands NONE of you own at the moment It totally solves the problem of alliances when people or AI take wrong provinces at a wrong time and piss everyone else off, if you see the claims you know who wants what It allows war tensions without a war - "kingdom A is now claiming one of our provinces Sire, its a bit troubling" It allows mechanics of hidden tension "yes I can take Normandy from France right now, but England has a claim on it, and if I take it England will push me to accept their claim and turn it over" It is very easy to implement from data structure and logic points, you need a map of int to int by number of kingdoms which is peanuts From UI perspective you need a field on a province view which will give you a list of all kingdoms claiming the province and on a global map you need a switch to view all the provinces claimed currently by a given kingdom So going back to original question "how would a player promise something for an AI alliance" it would be "I accept your claim on Normandy the moment you agree with our alliance goals, I will revoke my acceptance of your claim if the alliance goals are not completed at the end of the term". After that if I take Normandy it will go to the AI because I accepted AI claim on it. If AI takes Normandy it will be rightful owner I have no objection. Also IF ANY OTHER AI from our alliance takes Normandy it will go to the AI which had a claim. Maybe you would only need an expiration time on each claim so you could not "accept/decline" back and forth someone's claim on a land which is not captured yet. Probably you need some kind of limit of open claims per kingdom so you won't just claim whole map all the time, but a few provinces max.
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    I want to see for diplomacy in KoH:S; we make a peace within our two friends or vassals. I had in war one country and decide to peace. but my vassals continues this war and my new frinde (old enemy) crashed my vassals. I do anythink and this very much annoying.
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    I don't think they are going to programme the AI to play its character against its own best interest. I think any personality will be there to make the character a different strategic choice from other characters. Otherwise we could employ the same strategy for each and every single encounter.
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    Will it be possible to invite rebel leaders operating inside the target country as possible allies for the war? And after the war I suppose (depending on their demands) they would require some spoils in return. I do support backstabbing, but I would expect both sides to lose relations with you, as everyone should trust you less, so even if you win, you may find your self with no allies going into the future because you lack HONOR! P.S I think the flags on the event popups should have a little bit of texture to them. They look a bit too clean, as if they were straight from paint. Idunno what you think?
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    Dear Devs, as a Day1 Knights of Honor fan (and inpatiently waiting for KoH2) I'd love be to be a part of the Knights of Honor Legacy, too. So here's my portrait, thank you in advance and keep up the good work! best, 9ers_Sh0ppo
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    Thank you so much, Dear Devs! You are amazing!!! Congrats, Sir Ivory Knight! I've already written in the DevDiary thread, but I had to write here too!
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    You don't look like a knight material. More like a merchant or diplomat. 😁
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    Hello there Dear Devs, I have two simple questions about the music and sound in KoH 2, and here goes: Will you consider adding a Soundtrack DLC to the assets of the game, which will allow us to download and listen to the awesome music of the game? Perhaps in a Supporters' Edition of KoH 2? I would love to listen to the music of KoH 2 while I am at work. Listening to game music always motivates me to play more and more and to give my best in each game. It is a must have for me, as it also is a proven way to combat burnout. My second question is not about the music, but rather to the sound and voice acting: Will there be voice acting in the main menu and in-game, similar to the previous game, where the Narrator says lines like "The medieval world of Kinghts of Honor awaits you" or "You are leaving so soon?", when I press exit game. These lines were very special to me, as the voice actor was really good and indeed made me feel like a virtual Sovereign. For instance lines like "The king is dead, long live the king", or perhaps "Behold, the splendour of our army!" were really good for the immersion in the game. And of course, my favorite one, when I press exit game - "I shall await your return". I kinda really loved that guy! :) Those are my questions. I would really love to hear about the Soundtrack DLS, as I would love to support the musicians and to feel free to listen to their work. My favorite track from Knights of Honor was "Echo in Eternity". Thank you and keep up the good work! And stay healthy! Kind Regards!
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    Name/Handle: Alexis Country: Greece Games I like to play: Historical Strategy - building ( i believe i have played everything in Rts, including some turn based). My beloved ones are KoH, that i enjoyed mostly in Laudans' Mod Hard In. Ec./ CoH2 still there on Steam/ ANNOs/ Port Royals/ AoE II/ Rome T. War/ Cilizations.... and more.... Pets: none Nice to meet you guys! :)
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