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  1. Ivory, I think imprisoned knights take a slot from the royal court of the kingdom, whose knight is in prison, and Not in the kingdom that imprisoned them. You can have 9 knights and 9 or more prisoners, I believe. So in this case I'm ok with the mechanics of the royal dungeon.
  2. That's why I edited that! I guess that's what the photo finish shows...
  3. Hello there, I just wanted to ask at what stage of development are the tactical battles? Will we soon see gameplay from them? Thank you! Congrats to Ivory Knight 😄
  4. Here's another poem by me. It is in Bulgarian, sorry I have no intention of translating it. If there are Bulgarians in the forums, or perhaps the Devs, I would love to hear what you think! Синът на Тангра Минало величие и стара слава За победни битки в древни дни И до днес не пада във забрава А оставя знак сред вековните ни съдбини Тъй роди се той, Ювиги Тъй израсна с бистър ум Сред шума на гръм небесен И го кръсти Тангра – Крум И създаде в този хаос ред Със закони писани за всеки И изкорени пороците навред
  5. I'll see what I can do.
  6. Great to hear Robin! Take care, I'm glad you're safe! 🙂
  7. I could try, but I am really not that confident in my English. For work, yes, I can manage, but for creative writing - I prefer Bulgarian. 🙂 I hope I'm not disappointing you!
  8. Hello there dear Devs, I just want to wish you a happy and wonderful summer! Find some time to rest and relax, life’s not all work! In this regard here is my question: Will Black Sea Games go to Black Sea this summer? 🙂 Also, dear Brad, please confirm to us that Robin and Yannick are safe and OK, as we heard very concerning news from Germany recently! That’s all! Thank you very much! I am indeed watching the devstreams later, but my workdays are very busy atm. Please keep the gameplays rolling, they are greatly appreciated! Kind Regards!
  9. Yeah, I guess so... 🙂
  10. Just a little poem I just wrote. Tell me if you like it. Stay Safe, dear Knights! And have a great Summer!
  11. Deus Vult It was a time of turmoil It was a time of strife When each who was loyal To the king with his life They were sent to the war In a dark distant land Where the Grave of Christ lie Where the sun heats the sand For this war was Holy Or so the Pope said “Go to war my crusaders Until the devils lie dead” God wills it they cried God wills their blood By these words they died In Jerusalem’s mud Countless Muslims were dead All of this in Christ’s name Like blind me
  12. Hello there, Brad, Alex, Georgi and the rest, I wanted to wish you good luck and pleasant work! You’re doing great! I must say that everything in this devdiary looks awesome and I'm sure that Multiplayer will make this game a trailblazer among the rest. I'm sure that balancing has been indeed a burden that will continue to develop even after launch. After all, multiplayer is what it is and needs its attention to detail. We'll be happy to give you regular feedback and balance suggestions. My question is quick – should we expect delays for 2022? I’m asking this earlier on, to avoi
  13. Now you've got me hooked. What are we going to talk about next time? Perhaps a pre-order, or even an estimate for release? Is it just a joke or is there something in it? Something we've all been waiting for a long time... 🙂 Either way if you want gold, you can just have it. 🙂 P.S. - Will Knights of Honor 2 participate in E3 or Gamescom this year??
  14. Hello there, Dear Devs, Congratulations, Dear THQ Nordic, on the big news! I’m sure that Biomutant will be a success, as it promises! Kind Regards!
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