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  1. P.S. I would very much like to hear some of the Pagan tracks! :) :) ... as a fan! Your work so far is amazing, Yannick and Robin! :)
  2. Hello there Dear Devs, I have two simple questions about the music and sound in KoH 2, and here goes: Will you consider adding a Soundtrack DLC to the assets of the game, which will allow us to download and listen to the awesome music of the game? Perhaps in a Supporters' Edition of KoH 2? I would love to listen to the music of KoH 2 while I am at work. Listening to game music always motivates me to play more and more and to give my best in each game. It is a must have for me, as it also is a proven way to combat burnout. My second question is not about the music, but rather to the sound and voice acting: Will there be voice acting in the main menu and in-game, similar to the previous game, where the Narrator says lines like "The medieval world of Kinghts of Honor awaits you" or "You are leaving so soon?", when I press exit game. These lines were very special to me, as the voice actor was really good and indeed made me feel like a virtual Sovereign. For instance lines like "The king is dead, long live the king", or perhaps "Behold, the splendour of our army!" were really good for the immersion in the game. And of course, my favorite one, when I press exit game - "I shall await your return". I kinda really loved that guy! :) Those are my questions. I would really love to hear about the Soundtrack DLS, as I would love to support the musicians and to feel free to listen to their work. My favorite track from Knights of Honor was "Echo in Eternity". Thank you and keep up the good work! And stay healthy! Kind Regards!
  3. Thank you for your answer! I agree, it is a pity. This beautiful map would look awesome in seasonal colours like Autumn or Spring and the seasonal effects would just increase the immersion.
  4. Dear Black Sea Games, I have a simple question, which I am hoping to be cleared in any of the forthcoming Dev Diaries and Streams, namely: Will there be seasonal changes in the game? Personally I will be thrilled if there are seasons changing in the map of KoH2, Spring turning into Summer, Autumn turning into Winter, and so on and so on. The game would look amazing in all the colours of the Wheel of the Year and I do think that this should at least be considered and discussed, both among you and in our community. Even if there are no visual changes in the map, defined by the seasons, I really believe that seasons should pose at least a statistical changes and strategic opportunities in the mechanics of the game. Winter is a hard season to lay a siege, it is a historical fact. Summer is the best season for raiding, as we know from the series Vikings. 🙂 And all of these could develop into a deep and interesting mechanics in the game, if not for anything else, at least for the sake of immersion. I would support a decision in any shape or form, concerning the presence of seasons - I would be perfectly happy if you decide to keep just the visuals of seasonal change, without the presence of stats and deeper mechanics, and vice versa - I would support a decision of stats and conditions changing in the numbers, without the visuals of the seasons happening in the map. However I honestly believe that seasonal changes would be a beautiful and immersive experience in the amazing map, which you have created for us! I would even buy a DLC, containing nothing other than seasonal changes, if you decide to add this feature later on. The Wheel of the Year brings magic in all of its forms and colours and I would love it to be represented in any shape or form in your game! Kind Regards!
  5. I'm all in for a specialized units DLC, because I always love variety. Besides, once they test the game and see the community's reactions, they may have a better idea of how to improve it further and to add new content for variety's sake and all else. I would be perfectly happy if this new balance/variety was incorporated just by FLC updates of the game, however I do believe that an actual DLC brings along with it a lot more quality. I will always support the game, and I am fine with 10+ DLCs, but I doubt that Black Sea Studios will milk their customers like some others. But a game like this deserves at least one or two expansion DLCs in my humble opinion. P.S. (If possible I am willing to pay at least for a Soundtrack DLC, pretty, pretty please! I have a thing about game music and I would love to have the OST of this particular game, having in mind the wonderful OST of the original KoH! Listening to game music helps me when I am burned out and pushes me to play and play, and play. That's why!)
  6. First of all, I wish to say that I have been a core player for all of my life. I love games and I enjoy all sorts of games. I absolutely love challenge too and I believe that the recent trend towards experimenting with the difficulty settings is a very good thing. That’s why I write this piece to you, as I am witnessing another trend that is growing rapidly and gains a lot of, if not all of the attention of the players. Namely I’m talking about the Let’s play walkthroughs and of course Twitch. All of us have been enjoying the content of the many talented folk, who put their work, either on You Tube, or on Twitch. And I certainly don’t make a difference. I usually find myself binge watching let’s plays, when I am burned out after long weeks of playing, and that is exactly when these momens of mine with these let’s plays shine bright. Then I would grab something to drink and enjoy the game, without putting in any effort to it. No challenges, no strains, no efforts, not anything that would spoil my game-movie night. And here’s the thing – I’m not even interested in watching let’s plays, I’m definitely not interested in watching people, other than me, play the game. No, I’m interested in the game and the game alone! Whenever I watch a let’s play I usually mute the sound, as I would not want any commentary. I would like to enjoy the music and the sounds of the game, but that is oftenly not possible, to an extent. I simply want to enjoy the game, hands free and mind free! So my suggestion is simple – a built in game lets play system, controlled by a regular, ordinary Artificial Intelligence. Just this time, I want to witness the gameplay of that said AI, as it unfolds. I believe that the same Artificial Intelligence, which has been programmed for our adversaries, can be set to work for the player too, but this time, while the camera is rolling upon it. This would mean that we would be able to enjoy watching the computer play the game for us, while we are free to enjoy the beauty of the game, to learn and to master the game, by simple, free observation. I don’t even care if the said AI, which I am watching wins the game or loses badly, the same way that I don’t care if the guy, making the let’s play gets his/her butt kicked! To be honest, those are the moments I enjoy most in any let’s play… But to my point! I simply want to observe, learn and behold the glory of the game. Your game! Having a built in “auto play” option will allow players to learn the game easily, while at the same time pushing up that game play timer. More players will play the game simultaneously and that means more score for the game overall. Furthermore, the attention of the player will be exclusively involved in the game. They will learn the game, not by watching other players exploit the weaknesses of the game, but the way, in which you, dear Devs, have intended the game to be played, at first place. I believe, that I am not asking for a groundbreaking changes. And I believe, that what I am asking for is not that hard to achieve. I’m just asking for an in-game movie night – my favorite hobby in the world! I know that what I am suggesting may seem counter-logical and counter-productive, but please, hear me out! While game developers are struggling to make their games more and more appealing to all the players, coming closer to addiction levels even, at the same time Twitch has made millions out of players just like me. Players who want to enjoy the game, but just don’t want to play it each and every second. Call me lazy, call me all things, call me a casual, if you will, but that won’t ever change my approach to gaming, as I am quite content and cozy with it. I will continue to play my favorite games, and I will continue to watch let’s plays, whenever I am burned out. That won’t ever change! That is, perhaps until you, dear Devs, step in and change the game of all the games! Thank You for reading this suggestion and I wish you good health and best of luck in your future projects! Kind Regards! Yavor
  7. To be honest, I rather liked the ambient life in the background of my kingdom in KoH. I hoped that in the sequel it would have been further developed - perhaps with visible trading caravans, with working peasants in the fields, hunters in the forests, priests on their donkeys full of sacremental wine, etc. etc. However, I am sure that you, Black Sea Games, have had an idea behing the whole focusing on the armies only, and I will respect that. And when you say that you had gone a long way, just to bring us immersion, I trust you on that! Kind Regards!
  8. Dear Black Sea Games, I know that this is probably my nostalgia from Tzar talking, but if the song "Мила моя майно льо" can be in the sountrack of the game I will be a very happy camper! 🙂 Stay healthy, stay safe and keep up the good work! Kind Regards!
  9. On the contrary! Every knight you have is a lord of your kingdom! So each of them should have military units at their disposal, if they do need them! I rather enjoy that new innovation and I wish to see it implemented! I've been waiting for it since KoH, and I think 6 units per non marshal knight is a very accurate decision!
  10. Personally I would enjoy a more dynamic strategical decisions, as Frujin said - in the spirit of Knights of Honor, meaning that I would prefer that the troops be disposable and replacable and it is more the knight, which they are bound to, that you have to care about. I am perfectly fine with having all regular troops with no veterans or elites, and quick and flexible army creation thanks to it. However I would suggest an alternative option, namely hiring premade veteran troops, straight from the castle, with no need of actual combat experience, just additional resources, be it money, food, (books?) etc. etc. For example a cost of points of Piety, to make the troops more zealout, or something like that. But yea, I am with Frujin on this one, I would prefer the flexibility of Knights of Honor to be true, rather than dealing with xp of units, sentimentality over your favorite army, etc. etc. Besides, having a stronger army of higher xp troops can allow the player to steamroll the enemy, when the other kingdom can't quite train a new army of the same quality, without defeating the said player army first. This is an issue I would strongly not like. My advise - Just do the thing You would like more, dear Devs! You are the professionals, after all, and you do know your game! Kind Regards!
  11. Congratulations on your new project, Black Sea Games! The news of Knights of Honor 2 are the best ones this year! I have so many stories in KoH, however most of them are hilariously noobish tales, of how I learned the ropes of the game. Can't wait to experience first hand what you have created in the sequel! I love all the art, that I have seen so far, and about the gameplay - I would trust Frujin to put the fun in any game. P.S. I am a long time fan of your work, guys, dating back from Tzar, 20 years ago! You have never disappointed me! Good luck! (and keep up the news!) Kind Regards!
  12. My name is Yavor Harizanov and I am from Ruse, Bulgaria. I love strategy games, and I play them almost exclusively. I have some experience in KoH and I must say, that I absolutely love the game! My appologies to all of the pet lovers, but the only pets I keep are house plants. (because they give me oxygene :) ) Nive to meet you all!
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