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  1. Hello there, I can see the viewpoint of Ivory Knight, but I do believe that Army Opinion should be a separate, completely fleshed out bar and mechanic. It is one thing to be a peasant, working the land of the senior, earning his living that way, and it is completely another, to be a militia or a soldier, under the command of a lord in the army. I can think of one thing in modern days that makes the difference - namely the Oath that every soldier takes, when he enters the army. That works similarly in every army in every time period. In the army you fight to get food, and if you live long enough, you fight to get money. That is a distinct difference between the fighting common folk and the working ones. Besides, as the devs said in the devdiary - The Army Tab is an important mechanic gameplaywise. And personally I, as I believe everyone here, would choose good Gameplay and Good game, instead of a mildly more realistic or historically accurate one. That is all! However I respect other people's opinions on the matter and I can see that army and peasantry are interconnected. However I do believe that they should be different and separate! The Army tab is important for the morale of the army and as a tactical player in KoH I can imagine how important that feature is for the gameplay. I even think that we are entitled to see a devdiary on the battles and battle mechanics, even though the devs said that it is a secondary feature, and KoH 2 is mainly grand strategy. Have a great day everyone! These are my opinions :)
  2. Happy New Year, Dear Devs! I wish you a better and brighter 2021! I hope you've had wonderful Holidays! I have no questions for you today. You have answered everything I needed, and I thank you for that! Godspeed and Have a great start of the year! P.S. I really love what I saw in this post! Keep up the good work!
  3. Dear Devs, I have no questions for you today. I just want to wish for you and your families good health and happiness! Thank you for all your answers, your care and your efforts! Keep up the good work! 🙂 We love you all! Kind Regards!
  4. Hello there, As the title says, I was wondering whether we will get a devdiary this week and a devstream this Thursday. If anyone knows, please write. 🙂 I don't mind if they are delayed, but currently there is a lot of confusion among the community, and I was hoping that a devstream, Q&A, and a devdiary will help the situation. Thank You!
  5. Just a small issue, which I see there. Please do not refer to us as your warriors, as we are your knights. A warrior can be anyone of low blood, a mercenary, bandit or rebel. A knight is still a warrior, but of noble blood, and there is a big difference. A warrior fights for the things he loves - his country, his family, his money. A knight fights for the things he believes in – his principles, his faith, and most importantly, his name. A small, but distinctive note. 🙂 (And yes, of course that I am joking! 🙂 🙂 🙂 You can call us filthy peasants, if you like, just make sure that we are Kings in your wonderful game!)
  6. I rather like the new style of alliances and war, it certainly has its inspirstions and it shows. I am not sure about the backstabbing approach to Game of Thrones scenarios - they certainly should not be excluded, however I believe that the game should focus on the "Honor" part of it. Personally I am a relaxed, slow player, so I enjoy peace time a lot. When I feel confident enough I declare war on the least likeable neighbour and the game of thrones starts. That playstyle of mine, though, might be changed in the new KoH2:S, as my skills in the game grow. Personally, I would be thrilled if same cultures have the tendency to unite against a common enemy of different culture, as it was in history. For instance a slavic alliance against the invading "alliance" of horse nations would sound great. Or unified Balkans, or perhaps unified Italy, as Niccolo Machiavelli always dreamed it to be. All in all this is shaping up to be a great game and I can't wait to try it out! Please don't keep us on our toes for too long! 😉
  7. Hello there Dear Devs, I hope that you and your families are healthy and fine! I have a question about the autoresolving of the battles on the campaign map. Namely, has it been remade so as to reflect the casualities realistically? Let me explain - in the original game, while autoresolving, players were losing whole units, instead of gradually dwindling the numbers of the soldiers in the units. Which meant that if you win you were losing a unit or two, while the rest of your units were all at full health, full numbers. This is a feat, which is impossible to achieve in actual tactical combat, where all of your units will get their hands dirty and will lose a number of soldiers. I would expect that even if you win a balanced battle, all of your units will be in a rather red health bar. Why am I addressing this - Because this autoresolve mechanic has made tactical combat (i.e. actually leading the battle yourself) the harder and rather undesireable option, while making autoresolving too easy and light. To put my question in simple words - Does autoresolving the battle on the campaign map now actually gives realistic casuallties to the army? This was my main issue with the original KoH as I am a very tactical player, this autoresolve mechanic breaks my style of play - why lose soldiers and health of units, when you can simply autoresolve and have your army (almost) at full health. This is all for now! Thank you for all of your efforts! They are greatly appreciated! Kind Regards!
  8. Hello there, I would like to answer the call for skill suggestions. My idea for this skill came from history, namely the battle of Varbishki Prohod. This is a battle in a mountain pass, where the army of Khan Krum built fortifications to hinder the escape of the Byzantine army. So I was thinking - the highlight of the Knights of Honor game is the maneuvering of armies on the strategic map, so I thought that it would be fit to have skills that impact that movement, to bring flavor and intrigue to this mechaninc. I don't know how to name this skill, maybe "Trapper" or some sort like that. The idea is that when your marshal has this skill, opportunities may pop up (just like the ones we saw about the merchant opportunities) where the trapper marshal will have the option to hinder or just slow down the movement of the enemy marshal on the strategic map. This would be extremely useful, when you are chasing an enemy army. There might be some restrictions, of course, perhaps making this skill work only on your own territory, where the population supports your cause. Anyway I am interested to know what you all think about it. Can we make skills for the actual movement of armies, since this is a big part of the game? Stay safe and healthy, everyone! Kind Regards!
  9. I would also like to know whether there will be any delays. However, for now we can just guess. I think that there will be a playable beta released till the end of December, but I say this out of hope, rather that on evidence. All I know is that Black Sea Games are a very professional company and will make the best out of this game, whenever it launches. I will support the game throughout the beta, through delays, and with every DLC. That is all that I can say for now. If there are delays, perhaps we will know about them in the December devblog. However I would really like to get an earlier heads up about this. (on whether we will have to wait till somewhere 2021) Right now we can only hope!
  10. I would agree to that too! Hell yes!
  11. Since the rts battles will take a long time to make and complete, might I suggest to lauch the game without the battles actually being playable, and just autoresolvable. The battles may be added in a future update. Don't get me wrong, I love the rts battles of KoH, but if that is the thing that might cause delays, then I suppose it may be handled differently. I think that we will still get a good feel of the game with only playing on the strategic map. We all want to play the game and personally I don't care if it would be an early access and it would take longer for it to be complete. Why am I suggesting this - well, as far as I have seen, most of the YouTubers play the game by autoresolving the battles, so I thought that it wouldn't hurt for tactical players like me to wait a little bit and not just add on to the delaying of the launch. This is just a suggestion from my point of view. (And yes it is obvious that I am eagar to play KoH 2 🙂 ) Thank you for reading this! Stay safe and healthy! Kind Regards!
  12. Dear Devs, I would like to express my support for the game, even if the game is delayed for 2021. I just want to say you should have the time to make the perfect game that You want, for that would also be the perfect game We want. As I said, good things take time, and this game is a very, very good thing. If you decide to delay the launch for later next year, that is perfectly fine with me! Furthermore, I do believe that there are many of us, who think the same way. We love you, keep pushing forward, keep up the good work, just don't give up on the game, and take the precious time you need! In conclusion I would like to quote a French saying: Patience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet! Keep us informed and good luck! Kind Regards!
  13. Hello there Dear Devs, I have a quick question – Would you please make a DevStream where Brad would talk to Veso once again? I have a great deal of respect towards Veselin Handjiev (Frujin) and I would really love to see him speak about our future favorite game! Kind Regards!
  14. Favorite nation was Bulgaria, however my best playthrough was with Lithuania. I have a soft spot for all of the pagan nations. Cumans were also great.
  15. Indeed! Thank You Brad Logston, and thank You THQ Nordic, for everything! Also, congratulations THQ, for so many new games coming out this year! Hopefully KoH2:Sovereign will also be one of them, but if it isn't, no sweat! We will wait for as long as you need! Once again, a big Thank You to all of the staff of THQ Nordic, and especially to Brad, for all of the trust in our favorite game! Stay safe and healthy, everyone!
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