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  1. Hello there Dear Devs, I have a quick question – Would you please make a DevStream where Brad would talk to Veso once again? I have a great deal of respect towards Veselin Handjiev (Frujin) and I would really love to see him speak about our future favorite game! Kind Regards!
  2. Favorite nation was Bulgaria, however my best playthrough was with Lithuania. I have a soft spot for all of the pagan nations. Cumans were also great.
  3. Indeed! Thank You Brad Logston, and thank You THQ Nordic, for everything! Also, congratulations THQ, for so many new games coming out this year! Hopefully KoH2:Sovereign will also be one of them, but if it isn't, no sweat! We will wait for as long as you need! Once again, a big Thank You to all of the staff of THQ Nordic, and especially to Brad, for all of the trust in our favorite game! Stay safe and healthy, everyone!
  4. As much as this would be convenient for us players, for the Devs it would be a nightmare to implement all of our suggestions. However, I agree that stances/army formations, and all the details, could be clicked and chosen straight on the strategic map, before any battles. (I thought that I expressed that in my original post). I also think that an alert for your marhal to retreat if he is losing is quite appropriate, so you wouldn't have to do it manually. I just hope that the Devs are having a good time, making this game and it is not such an unbearable workload, as thoght it was for them. Besides, I made this autoresolve suggestion, as I believe that If the beta launches before Christmas, then the only option would be to autoresolve everything, as the Devs mentioned that they are not ready with the actual tactical battles, and these will need a lot more work. I believe that the manual battles will be disabled at lauch and will come at a later update. I wish them luck and good tidings in that! I'm also ok with delays. As usual, good to hear from you, Sir Ivory Knight! (fistbump between two Sirs 😉 ) By the way, Ivory, you and Shoppo made a great stream! It was a pleasure watching it, and I also gained some insights, as well. Thank you!
  5. But you do know the composition of the enemy army - you can see their units following their marshal on the strategic map. Sieges may be an exception to that, and they may bring extra challenge, as you will be charging blindly, without knowing what cards the enemy holds. Besides, this suggestions is aimed towards increasing the fun of autoresolving battles. It does not aim to affect the actual battles, so if you would like to affect the fluidity of the battles, you should play them yourself, not autoresolve! This is just a simple suggestion to make the gameplay more fun and immersive, instead of just waiting to see whether you should retreat or not. That's all! :) Thank you for responding, though! I appreciate and respect your opinion! And every other for that matter.
  6. Hello there, Dear Devs, As far as I can figure, the autoresolving of the battles, on the strategic map will be a big part of the game. Some players like me, will still want to fight the battles by themselves, however this may not be the case with most of the players, who will rely on their knights' skills and army composition to win the battles. So my suggestion is to bring more flavor and spice to the autoresolving of the battles, as follows: What if we would be able to put the marshalled army in a stance to increase or, if the enemy outsmarts us, to decrease our chances of success. I was thinking of something like this - Aggresive, Balanced, or Defensive army formation, similar to the wedge, square or line formation. As far as I can remember, and as far as I have tested there was a distinct rock-paper-scissors effect of these three combat formations, namely wedge-cuts-line, square-blocks-wedge, line-overwhelms the front of-square. This brought a much needed, action packed, dynamic of the tactical battles, where you were supposed to outmanoeuvre the enemy with the right formation, in order to destroy a group of similar or stronger units. Now I was thinking that the phase before the armies crush into each other, or straight on the strategic map, before the armies even have met, would be the time for you to select an aggressive, balanced or defensive formation of your whole army, in orded to counter the enemy's army formation. For instance if you have more archers, or spear units, you might choose defensive formation of your army, or if you have more cavalry, or heavy charge units as vikings, highlanders or axemen, you may choose aggresive stance, to increase your chances of success, and if you have more heavy infantry units, you may choose balanced. This would bring more action and intrigue in the game's autocombat system, which would bring many new flavors in the wars to come. As I have said, this could be an entirely autoresolve focused mechanic, and would not need to affect the actual tactical RTS battles. (Which I am ever more eager to fight :) ) The aim of this suggestion is to bring more fun into the game, without spoiling the gameplay. You may choose the formation you will need, straight when you see the units, following the enemy's marhsal and thus try to outmanoeuvre his whole army, or they may choose the rock to your scissors, and gain the upper hand, by planning, cunning and strategic thought. I hope that you will like this suggestion and give it a thought, Dear Devs, and Dear Community, as always, I am eager to see what do you think about it! :) Kind Regards! Sir Yavor
  7. I absolutely agree! Will work on my profile pic from my part! Thank you, btw, I promise I to be a good spy and I won't doublecross your kingdom! (crosses fingers) 🙂
  8. Thank you so much, Dear Devs! You are amazing!!! Congrats, Sir Ivory Knight! I've already written in the DevDiary thread, but I had to write here too!
  9. Oh My God! Thank You so much, dear Devs! You’ve gone out of your way to make portraits for me and Ivory Knight and for that we are forever grateful! Sir Yavor looks amazing, and Sir Ivory Knight, congratulations as well, you beautiful, beautiful Knight! Looking forward for having you in my court! Of course I am with you in every Twitch stream, I’m just not a registered Twitch user, so I can’t chat, but by the Crown and the Ring, I am watching you! (I have moral issues with Twitch) Once again, Thank You so much, dear Devs, for caring for Your fans! Have a great Autumn and as always, stay safe! Regards! Sir Yavor
  10. Dear Devs, The Kingdom Traditions indeed sound like a cool mechanic with many ingame implementations! I would only wish to see these buffs, skills and tactics in use in an actual tactical battle. Do you think that we would soon have a devdiary about battles? If so I would be thrilled to learn all about it, as battles were my favorite part of KoH 1! Thank you, as always, and stay healthy and safe! Regards!
  11. Well, Ivory, I agree that players should have the freedom to do whatever they want, balancewize, with their own deck of knights. However I also think that some kingdoms should have not the penalty, but increased tradition buffs for some of them, for instance the calvalry tradition should go smoother for the mongols and arabs, giving them an extra edge. For instance if a viking faction decides to go the cavalry way, they could totally do that, but if a mongol kingdom tries that, it should go much further, with greater buffs, or perhaps different sort of additional buffs. What I have in mind is that there should be a greater depth for traditions, with regards of culture. Slavic and norse nations should be have infantry buffs by default, arabs and mongols - cavalry, and these should stack with the traditions, chosen by the player. Just for the sake of historical realism. Also I just got back from work, I'm tired, and I confess, I haven't read all of the devblog. I think that the game is far from ready for lauch, and I think that I should get off the hype train for a while. It's not doing me any good... I hope you all had a wonderful Summer, and I hope the Autumn days will bring us all good news! Regards!
  12. Hello there, dear Devs, I don’t have any questions. I just wanted to wish you best of luck on your project at hand! I sure hope that we will get to experience the game until the end of 2020! Stay healthy, stay safe! And congrats, Ivory Knight! 🙂 Best Regards!
  13. I think you see everyone as merchants. 🙂 I don't mind to drink my realm's wealth, as long as I'm having fun! 🙂
  14. I hope you get Turkish language in KoH2! We value you as a community. Btw Bannerlord is popular all over the world, inclding here in Bulgaria. 🙂
  15. I know, I know... You should hear my evil laughter 😄
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