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  1. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign - Judicates Dev Diary #1 : Presentation Greetings, and welcome to the presentation and first development diary of Judicates, a module in preparation by Calliope for Knights of Honor II: Sovereign. Judicates was born some years ago as an inspiration of custom maps made for the original Knights of Honor game. It dates back to a time when I drafted highly detailed modern day maps centered on several regions of Western Europe, that I know better than the rest of the world, sin
  2. While playing old KoH was fun, I found that KA (Kingdom Advantages) were either too broken or just useless and the fact that resources were random made it sometimes too hard, since you had to go all over the map to get them or you got lucky and had them all in you kingdom. I know there is the new mechanic "Traditions" but I don't believe they will replace KA. So I hope they will balance out Ka, replace them (with Territory bonuses) or they could have them both. My idea for the replacement would be Territory Bonuses. Basically it's what it sounds like. You own certain territor
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