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  1. While playing old KoH was fun, I found that KA (Kingdom Advantages) were either too broken or just useless and the fact that resources were random made it sometimes too hard, since you had to go all over the map to get them or you got lucky and had them all in you kingdom. I know there is the new mechanic "Traditions" but I don't believe they will replace KA. So I hope they will balance out Ka, replace them (with Territory bonuses) or they could have them both. My idea for the replacement would be Territory Bonuses. Basically it's what it sounds like. You own certain territory and you get bonuses. For example: - Be in possession of British isles and you get bonus movement speed while sailing, - Control all Iberian peninsula and you get bonus while fighting Muslim kindgoms (since they are historically quite intertwined), - Rule over Scandinavia and your troops will be more durable, - Own all of Northern Africa and you'd have a bonus while fighting Christian kingdoms... These are just an example of some bonuses that could be applied (any other idea would be appriciated). I belive that they would make game more competitive (especially multiplayer) and fun. Ofcourse you'd have these bonuses only while owning that specific territory and once you lose one province (out of maybe 10 that would be necessary ) you'd lose that bonus, until you gain them all back. Again if they make something like this happen they need to be balanced and accessiable (I know that British isles aren't as accessiable to Suljuks as it is to the Norway, but you get my point 🙂 ). Same goes to the KA if they will keep it.
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