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  1. I don't know any specifics, but if you really think about it spear is group fighting weapon. So in formation combined with shields you don’t really need heavy armor ? I wish that we could go away from "spearman" or "swordsman" unit types, and just have something like organized and unorganized combat styles. so in organized style everyone would use spears or similar staby bois. But when formation brakes spear becomes unpractical so poor bois would use axes/knifes and rich bois could use swords. I believe game wants to depict that in such big organized battles mostly light cheap troo
  2. i agree, knigths were expensive to train, maintain and even to deploy on the battlefield. So i like idea of uber strong knigths bois ( like in Field of glory 2: medieval) that can destroy anything that is not armuored ( no that dumb spear beats horse...). For gameplay balance heavy knigths could be rare ( or in small numbers?).
  3. Hey I’m new here, is there already topic about RTS battles in campain multiplayer?
  4. Grand strategy game should have basic mechanics that works same for every faction rigth? But what makes great grand strategy game is little uniqueness in Every faction. So unique units are easy way to implimante that. for example making Teutonic knigths best equipet but rare and expensive would make player focus on economy and big defining battles, but pagan skirmisher ligth and cheap, would make player figth atrition wars.
  5. Hey great topic. I think it is better to spend more developer time on open battles (more fun). And most of sieges should end up defenders starving (not fun). As I understand sieges were used by stronger army to force a defender smaller army into battle (last stand siege relief). As for gameplay it would be cool to see assaults. But for developers time sake it could be added later as i believe manpower cost would be to big for players to actually consider assaults. As of latest dev diary, winning a siege changes the owner instantly, so relieving sieges in time becomes even more
  6. Yea great topic. I also found that when you start to get kingdom advantages in mid to late game (when you don’t really need them). Scalable option sounds great. What about instead of controlling subcontinents you control cultures? (as I understand there will be some king of culture mechanics for rebels) And to make more unique kingdoms you could get bonus only from your main culture (maybe capital province culture?).
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new to Knights of honor 2, i love the first one. Developers if you are still working on units will share some concepts that Lithuanian historians have found about possible equipment. Important thing to understand is that after Kievan rus and Poland converted to Christianity Baltic pagan culture became more isolated. That means some unique stiles emerged. Lithuanians didn’t knew how to fight on horse back ( but nobles would travel on horse back to battles) until 13th century so called military revolution in Baltic warfare. And another big thing is Lituanian
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