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  1. Yes dear, my idea is only valid if battle takes place on the global map (not on the battle map) on the fly without the player's intervention. Player doesn't need to command these battles personally. Marshal armies will destroy the outposts the same way they were used to raid the villages in the vanilla game, but with a little difference. If marshal have ranged siege engines in his army, he can attack the outpost from a distance equal to his LOS. He will build a temporary siege camp there and his siege engines will start firing at enemy outposts. This is the process which will takes p
  2. Let's make this idea more simple for anyone to understand and easy for developers to implement. What is this idea? The idea is to allow kingdoms to place "Fortified Outposts" on the map within their own territory. What are these outposts and how these will work? Fortified outposts are defensive structures similar to watch towers/keep/bombard towers in Age of Empires series. Each outpost will consist of few archers and a siege engine and will have a radius of action in which it will launch it's missile attack at the encountered enemy armies. What is the main pur
  3. Yes it will be super cool and add too much fun to the game.
  4. Adding fortifications feature into the game will not make gameplay boring by any means but Challenging and Interesting for both AI and Player as it will add New Strategic Elements into the game which will definitely encourage Longer Gameplay Sessions and will extend the Replay Value of the game. After reading and watching 14 DEV dairies till so far, KoH2 seems only to be the graphically improved version of the vanilla game with few to none new features. Introducing a feature like fortifications as per my suggestion will add great weight to "What's New in KoH2". I hope DEV will read this
  5. My approach here is little different from that. These fortifications will be very expensive to build and to maintain. Only big/rich kingdoms would be able to afford them. This will also do justice to these kingdoms against the argument that smallest kingdom in the game can have same no. of armies as biggest kingdom can.
  6. In medieval times, there were not only towns/cities, but also castles/forts/fortresses built at the strategic locations inside the kingdom territory, like river crossings, passage through hills, mountains and frontiers, which worked as a defensive barriers against enemy march heading towards kingdom's cities and even protected kingdoms from enemy against crossing its borders. This is very core and critical aspect of medieval warfare which KOH:2 should not leave behind. So, I have basic idea in points how devs can incorporate this feature into the game: - Every Kingdom should be allow
  7. Anyhow KOH2 needs the feature of local army commander. What can they do is make it configureable in option settings so that players can enable /disable this feature according to their preferences. I bet Lighthope may be the very first player who will be playing the game with this feature enabled. LoL...
  8. Atleast one army commander per city (if four will cause gameplay balancing issues) should be implemented which will enhance gameplay without any balancing issues. That commander will be responsible to keep the city AREA safe from the wandering and raiding enemies. AREA includes border covered by that city which also includes any mosque, farm and/or coastal village associated with that city. Enemies can be enemy knights and rebels. To answer your issue regarding balancing, my proposal actually enhances the strategic elements of war and deception mechanics of gameplay which relates to actua
  9. No. of armies of a smallest kingdom = No. of armies of a largest kingdom = Unrealistic = LoL = Big PROBLEM
  10. I am proposing a mechanism to solve the issue of marshal counts due to the limited no. of slots in Royal Court. Apart from marshals in royal court, all cities must have up to 4 slots for Army Generals to be hired; One for the defense of City garrison, One for the defending mosque/monastery, One for the defending farm And one for defending coastal village/port in case of raids. Player/AI should recruit separate armies for each generals just like they do for marshals. The difference between marshals and generals is that generals should only be able to defend lands in case of siege/rai
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