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  1. In medieval times, there were not only towns/cities, but also castles/forts/fortresses built at the strategic locations inside the kingdom territory, like river crossings, passage through hills, mountains and frontiers, which worked as a defensive barriers against enemy march heading towards kingdom's cities and even protected kingdoms from enemy against crossing its borders. This is very core and critical aspect of medieval warfare which KOH:2 should not leave behind. So, I have basic idea in points how devs can incorporate this feature into the game: - Every Kingdom should be allowed to build castle like fortifications anywhere (at strategic locations) on the map within its border. - Every kingdom can only have a limited no. of fortifications built at a time determined by kingdom size. - Fortifications can be demolished and rebuilt by owners. - Fortifications should have garrison just like cities. Marshal armies can also be stationed inside. - Fortifications should not add any kind of economic benefits to the kingdom. - Fortifications should have upgradeable levels. Leveling up would increase garrison size and siege defense through stronger walls/towers, siege engines, moats etc.... . - Fortifications should have some maintenance costs determined by its level. - Fortifications can store extra food from towns (Max Amount determined by its level) and can supply it back during hard times on king's demand. - Fortifications could have dungeons where captured enemy marshals can be kept imprisoned. It does not make any sense for captured enemy marshals to take slots in royal court. They have nothing to do with this. - Fortification should block specific passage for the enemy army and should be destroyed first by enemy army before marching further into kingdom territory.
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