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  1. This was a dream already back in KoH 1 to be able to play the map on multiplayer! I understand it's quite a challenge to create it, certainly because I'm so used to play *10 or *1 all the time and not being able to do that might make it a long dragged game. Also, if you want to play this with more than 2 people, it will be quite hard to find time with all people to play at the same time and this for weeks, since it could take that long until there is someone who conquered the whole map... Still I hope they get something like this done, although I agree that the main focus should rema
  2. Oeh! Epirus has been naughty!
  3. Here's an idea of how busy it was at some point 😄 everyone just waiting until they could attack me lol ^^
  4. Yeah, that would've been a nice one 😄 I couldn't wait and started straight away and ended up with Latins 🙂 I've played the whole weekend and kinda conquered the whole world on saturday before my king died without any heirs... So, had to redo everything, but finished that on sundaynight 🙂 Now I'm just converting some provinces and waiting until my king will die again with no heirs 😄
  5. Wauw! The download and installation went way faster than I remember 😛 I also already made the first rookie mistake to leave my sound on 100% through my headset while opening the game... 😄
  6. For me this is the most important part of KoH, maybe even more important than the gameplay itself. So I'm very relieved you are gonna use the music from KOH as a base. I'm really hoping for the same voice acting as well, though!
  7. Mattie44

    Random game

    Hey, I'm currently installing Knights of Honor, ofcourse the first version and, since I basically conquered the world with as good as every country, I'd like you to pick something! Just tell me a time and a country, please name 1 with only 1 province 😉 I'll will declare war to everyone and see if I can save myself out of this position ^^
  8. I'm more than ready to play a beta, but we need to have some more patience. I've been ready all the dev diaries and they really look amazing!
  9. What was your favourite nation with which you'd love to conquer the world in Knights Of Honor? When I started the game so long ago I started with Bohemia, because that was the nation you could play with in the beta. Afterwards I switched to Germany, because that was an easy start, but they also had many opponents to begin with. Then I started more hardmode and chose Epirus and on a few other saves I switched to Flanders after it was created by rebels 🙂
  10. In this I'm hoping there will be a supported switch to a rebel region. For example I always liked to have Flanders (as I live there) created by rebels by annoying the people as much as I could to create rebels who would have to create Flanders for me and then switch with a cheat afterwards and then fight Germany as that was usually the big opponent then 😉 So, I'm really hoping in KOH 2 it'll be possible to play it without having to use any cheats.
  11. For me the most fun was in conquering the world the easy way without too many struggles (with some help 😛 ). The music and the voices made that expierence very enjoyable over and over again 🙂 I must've conquered the world with about 20 countries now 😄
  12. Name/Handle? Mattie44, Mattieke666 or Belg Which Country are you from? Belgium What kinds of games do you like to play? I'll try to put most games I've played in a somewhat chronological order... Age of Empires, World of Warcraft, The Sims, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Knights of Honor (ofcourse) Football Manager, Pro Cycling Manager and currently playing World of Warcraft Classic 🙂 Must say love all the games I've named here, but KOH remains something very special to me 🙂 Bonus Question: Do you have any pets? Always used to have a dog, but she passed away 😞 Only have some fish in
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