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  1. No one is asking for a rushed game. We're just asking for an updated projected release date. We won't hold them to it. Just update it again if necessary. But at least keep us updated.
  2. Yeah, a little strange that the Developer Diaries suddenly became silent.
  3. They didn't. Once a knight was off his horse, that was it.
  4. Nobody is going to want to play a game with small military castes. Big battles is where the fun is.
  5. May be too nitpicky of a detail. Though Medieval 2: Total War used charges like that I think. Honestly, charging for intimidation is a detail I can live without.
  6. I'm not so sure. I like the idea of having some instability. Perhaps if a building can be changed, there should be a very high cost so as to not make it a quick changeover.
  7. No. You may want to try Three Kingdoms, since that seems to be a focus of yours.
  8. I'll have to reserve comments until you get deeper into religion. There is simply not enough information to make any kind of judgment on the system. I personally like to see religion in the game. I'd like to see more of it, in terms of how it can affect things. It can be its own side game, ala Civilization VI. But I can see how you want to keep it relative to how it was in the original KoH.
  9. Yes, it goes to the post that you clicked on. Not to the last unread post. So if there are previous unread posts, you miss those unless you scroll up. At least, that is how I am seeing it work at the moment. I'll keep checking. Will see it better when the next Dev Diary comes out and there are a lot of unread posts to catch up on.
  10. That doesn't seem to jump to unread posts. Just to threads that have unread posts in them. You still have to scroll down (sometimes a long way) to get to the unread post.
  11. Is there a way to jump to the last unread post on this forum? I haven't found it.
  12. Different cultures and rebellions are part of the challenge. If someone doesn't want to deal with that, then don't expand your kingdom so fast. Conquer a province, make sure its rebellion number is low, and then proceed to the next. I do agree that vassalage was not used very well in KoH1. Crusader Kings 3 has a good vassal system. If we want to have a vassal system, there needs to be a goodly penalty for spinning off a part of your kingdom. Not just for convenience sake. I know you can't control a vassal province. So you can't recruit, control income, etc. But that seems only
  13. Yeah, don't do that. If they aren't going to play the game, their opinion really doesn't count. You have enough support here from real players. You don't need to "stuff the ballot box."
  14. I gotta agree. Even typing "Kiev" into Microsoft maps pulls up "Kyiv".
  15. The what? Is that a reference to the old Cracked Magazine?
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