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  1. Well, remember there has to be sacrifices between absolute reality and compelling gameplay.
  2. Stronger defense in exchange for slower speed. I can see this being the go-to formation. Too OP. Ditto. Okay, now you're thinking. Niche formations used in special circumstances or formations that have a good cost/benefit to them. I could definitely go with more formations. More formations, however, make it harder to balance. We may be asking too much at this point in development.
  3. No. The whole point of a limited Royal Court is to force you to make strategic decisions, including making sacrifices. Adding this minor class removes a major part of that.
  4. Translation: We really need videos Yeah, I would definitely like to see more of those. Tercüme: Evet, kesinlikle daha fazlasını görmek isterim.
  5. Again, that really doesn't matter when the ultimate goal is to conquer the world. I like your idea, but it goes against the goal of the game.
  6. In a game where the goal is conquest of the world, "rightful owner" doesn't have a whole lot of significance. But I get your point. A player (or AI) can put value on a country. If you offer them that country, the AI would be more willing to accept your alliance.
  7. How would they be able to program it so a player could promise an AI something for victory?
  8. I like the idea of making pacts. Diplomacy is something that I think a lot of people clamor for. It's wildly popular in Civ VI. I don't want just a hack and slash game. If I want that, Medieval II: Total War is still downloadable and playable. Heck, Lords of the Realm II is still out there. The problem with KoH 1, which I think we've beaten to death, is that diplomacy was done so poorly. So yes please, invest more in diplomacy. It makes the world a much more living, breathing entity. Different personalities, different means to the end. This ruler prefers alliances. This one is the lone wolf. That one can't be trusted, this other one can. He wants to use spies to take over kingdoms, that one believes in economic warfare. The more varied, the more diplomacy can play a role. Hack and slash should be but one avenue to victory.
  9. I don't think they are going to programme the AI to play its character against its own best interest. I think any personality will be there to make the character a different strategic choice from other characters. Otherwise we could employ the same strategy for each and every single encounter.
  10. As an option? Absolutely. I think that is a great idea.
  11. Ooh, betrayals. Very tempting. But you are right. It has the potential to be very one dimensional. If I was more certain of how well and how deep diplomacy was in the game, I would feel more comfortable with betrayals. The problem I see is that the cost of betrayal will be too little or too easily overcome, making switching sides just a tactical move. Consider KoH1. I didn't care about alliances because not following through had no real consequence. Oh, Kingdom Power dropped? Click click click, problem solved. Other countries were more wary of me now? Who cares? I just wait to roll stomp them. If the diplomacy package in KoH2 had much MUCH more going for it, then maybe betrayals could be something to look into adding.
  12. I don't know how this would work on the strategic map. But I could be on board for this on the battle map.
  13. Given that Beta hasn't even started yet, 2020 isn't going to happen. It may not even be in Alpha.
  14. Yes. But it isn't the best way as far as the game goes. You'll pay a rebellion penalty for it.
  15. I wouldn't mind seeing some Olde English in there, but I understand it is jarring to a lot of people. I'm okay with the modernization of the language. I'm more interested in accents anyway.
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