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  1. You gave the other guy a compliment, maybe two. Then your only choice was to bribe them.
  2. Since we don't have a Developer's Diary for this yet, and since it is the general consensus that diplomacy in the original KoH was lacking, what would you like to see for diplomacy in KoH2? I don't think the game can handle Civilization-level diplomacy, but I certainly don't want to go the opposite end and see Lords of the Realm-diplomacy either. (How's that for a throwback?!) We can negotiate for land passage and map view. Resources would be nice, but I don't see that happening. What are your thoughts?
  3. There are different difficulty levels. Would be easy enough to disallow certain events in lower difficulties. (Are you seriously liking your own posts???)
  4. That's the risk. Happened in the real world, should happen in game. Would be really fun to see the general I worked so hard to upgrade suddenly turn on me. Ungrateful-----! lol
  5. That already happens. My experienced army with three fully buffed traits will destroy an enemy army with zero traits.
  6. Oh yes, you can do that. If you imput your CD key in, you can play the game on Steam. I have Medieval II: Total War working that way.
  7. I can't imagine seasons adding that much complexity to the game. I'm in favour of including it.
  8. Yeah, diplomacy in KoH1 was nearly non-existent. I hope we get a Developer's Diary on Diplomacy.
  9. For point 1, that would be an interesting mechanic. Not historically accurate, but certainly could add a degree of difficulty. It would make the player pay more attention to assimilation as opposed to just worrying about rebellion. I don't like point 2. Provence don't pay taxes to kingdoms that influence it. They pay taxes to the kingdom that has control of it. I understand what you are trying to accomplish, but a kingdom should not reap a financial benefit if they don't own it. Point 3: I think such a scale would be bordering on micromanagement. None, weak, strong is enough variety. What is the real difference between a 7 and an 8 tax rate other than spreadsheet mathematics? But there is a world of difference between None, Weak, and Strong. ===================== Pour le point 1, ce serait un mécanicien intéressant. Pas historiquement exact, mais pourrait certainement ajouter un certain degré de difficulté. Cela inciterait le joueur à accorder plus d'attention à l'assimilation qu'au lieu de simplement se soucier de la rébellion. Je n'aime pas le point 2. La Provence ne paie pas d'impôts aux royaumes qui l'influencent. Ils paient des impôts au royaume qui en a le contrôle. Je comprends ce que vous essayez d'accomplir, mais un royaume ne devrait pas récolter un avantage financier s'il ne le possède pas. Point 3: Je pense qu'une telle échelle serait à la limite de la microgestion. Aucun, faible, fort est assez varié. Quelle est la vraie différence entre un taux d'imposition de 7 et 8 autre que les feuilles de calcul mathématiques? Mais il y a un monde de différence entre Aucun, Faible et Fort.
  10. I don't think that Knights of Honour will split up vassalage like that. Adds an unnecessary complexity to the game when really it's about taking over kingdoms and slaughtering armies. Historically what you say is true, but I don't see it adding much to gameplay. Traduction française: Je ne pense pas que les Chevaliers d'honneur se sépareront comme ça. Ajoute une complexité inutile au jeu quand il s'agit vraiment de prendre le contrôle de royaumes et d'abattre des armées. Historiquement, ce que vous dites est vrai, mais je ne vois pas que cela ajoute beaucoup au gameplay.
  11. I wonder when they are going to start the Betas.
  12. My immediate assumption is that it is just a renamed Kingdom Power.
  13. Okay, I'm pretty excited about these rebels. A lot more depth than KoH1.
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