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  1. You shouldn't be able to do that. Spies should tell you. Rumours generally aren't helpful. But that is the nature of the beast. Spies should give much more valuable information than they are currently.
  2. I'd like to see spies give more interesting information. For example, we should not know how much a kingdom has in its treasury, since that is valuable information. A spy could tell us, however. Also, spies should tell us what a king is thinking. Such as who he is planning to attack, where, with what force. Spies should tell us if that kingdom sent a spy into our court. All in all, spies should be much more useful with the information they get us than what they are doing now. Lords of the Realm I had a really interesting method. A trader would come to your kingdom sometimes and he had very valuable rumours to give you. Much like a lot of traveling salesmen did. Not suggesting that method, but that the info you can get should be better than what is offered currently.
  3. I think that is part of what rebellions are for. And I don't mind giving up a bit of realism for more interesting game play.
  4. Plus it would make the download size inconceivably large. Could always make a mod pack though......
  5. Not to drag M2:TW into this, but they do it and it is really effective.
  6. Okay, this is going to be asking for a lot. But why not? Can we have regional accents depending on where your kingdom is? British for British, French for French, German for German, etc? I know it is insurmountable, given the number of countries. But if we could at least have five or six different ones, that would be a nice touch. Voice actors are pretty cheap if you know where to look. And your fans are willing to provide a voice or two just to be in the game.
  7. This would only work if you knew the composition of the opposing army, which oftentimes you do not. Also, formations change due to the fluidity of battle. What works for one moment may not work for the next, for any smart commander will react to what is happening on the battlefield. All in all, I don't think this is workable.
  8. Archers and crossbowmen should not run out of ammo when they are in Cities. Cities (castles) always stock up for sieges. There isn't any reason why they should be running out of ammo when defending against a siege.
  9. Yes, they are different, but sea battles really aren't a focus of this type of game. You really don't build up fleets or do anything on the sea other than move your troops. I think an Admiral class will be a generally unused class.
  10. Those are called alliances. lol But yeah, the AI really doesn't use them to advantage. And it would certainly add a layer to diplomacy. Your ally certainly wouldn't join the opposing side (unless he were bribed).
  11. So how about the AI recognizing an emerging threat? Currently, I am roll stomping kingdom after kingdom. You'd think the other countries would realize that I have half the world and am eventually coming for them. Maybe they might want to think about banding together for their own protection?
  12. To shore bombard what? The docks? The good stuff is too far inland for any canon to reach. I guess blockading could be used. Not sure how though. Stops trade in that province? Wouldn't stop it from generating funds since money can travel over land.
  13. I honestly can't remember the last time I had a sea battle.
  14. Definitely not looking to micromanage. We're not talking Civ III or Lords of the Realm I. (Though LotR I was a cracking good game!) In its original form, maybe it was too simple. This is why I greatly look forward to KoH2. First-offs are always "Let's see what we can do" while first sequels are always "Now let's do what we always wanted to do." So I think KoH2 is going to be the game they always wanted to do the first time but couldn't. And it will also benefit from all the lessons they learned from the first one. I just wanted to bring up the diplomacy thing again because its something we haven't heard much about. Maybe in the next Developer Diary maybe, huh? *hint hint*
  15. So been playing KoH again after a break. What I have found, and I think others have noted this as well, is that there is precious little need to make any kind of agreements. Every request for a trade agreement, break relations, attack a country, or even go on a crusade is automatically denied by me with little consequence. Sure, maybe the other guy may think a little less of me, or maybe even the Pope excommunicates me. But I don't care. It really doesn't seem to affect anything. I just go merrily on my way. It's come to the point where I even start ignoring the messages they send me. Just right click on them and gone. Just take my two armies and roll stomp every other country. Of course, if I want to make things interesting, I attack the Papacy. That tends to get on everyone's bad side. Then I have armies coming from everywhere like ants. Other than that, though... Definitely looking forward to KoH2. It will fill a hole that Total War has left since they abandoned the medieval period. But decidedly want more depth in KoH2.
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