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  2. Over the weekend I listened soundtrack from first game and wanted to check is there a post about music and sounds in new one. Great post. Thanks devs.
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  4. THANK YOU DEV TEAM !! hey guys , I’ve been following your development for about a year now and recently saved enough money to buy my first gaming lap top. looking forward to your gam is a huge reason why I decided to buy that instead of one of the new consoles . I appreciate the team keeping us updated . I play for a sports team in Vegas and am a sponsored natural bodybuilder as well. Not at all hyping myself , there’s many people doing much bigger things , but sports and gaming helped me get away from a lot of unhealthy habits and I look forward to spending potentially
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  6. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign - Judicates Dev Diary #3 : Teambuilding Hello there, and welcome to the third development diary of Judicates. We hope you are fine during these first days of Autumn, or Fall, as the 'mericans say. In the previous diary, I was expecting to write a topic on a new region of the map, but instead, the mod made a nice progression, and its map, though necessary, is not the only thing that matters. Today, we're going to dive into a sort of subreality, on which rest great hopes. Without further delay, let's talk ab
  7. In the original game the battle maps were very pretty, and I'd like to propose two upgrades: denser terrain and seasonal terrain. The first one is necessary because most battles were not fought in a featureless field. They were fought in dense agricultural terrain: pastures, orchards, crop fields, etc. Most of the flat land in the middle ages was cultivated, so the empty battlefields seen in movies were few and far between. Agricultural terrain (both fields and villages) offers a lot of terrain masking benefits, and can provide cover for ambushes. Seasonal terrain is al
  8. Historically, armies on the marched in a column, and deployed into lines only when battle was imminent. In the first game, armies march as a jumbled mob and their deployment at the start of battle is highly random. I'd like to suggest an intuitive fix. When an army is in camp (not in town), the player would be given the ability to select it and decide the order of march. This is a simple "1st, 2nd, 3rd" choice, but when the battle screen begins the troops will be arrayed in that order, one behind the other, allowing players some control over where their units are at the start of ba
  9. Nope. Heavy armor for infantry is necessary even with shields (only at the end of the middle ages do we see armor allowing men to fight without shields). Arrows, glancing attacks, and a hundred other things can injure a guy in battle. The point is to escape with no injuries.
  10. Yes. I think KoH1 had that option if your general was crusader. The other option was to create a vassal. This was the closest thing to creating a loyal state by yourself or liberating kingdom. I remember once Hungary was conquered by Bulgaria and pope called for a crusade. It was successful and it restored Hungary back on the map.
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  12. I would like the team to consider more openly the chance of razing a settlement to the ground leaving it in ruins. It would be a good option to weaken the enemy's Kingdom without putting all of your efforts in taking a city, re-building over it, converting people and all the "chain-steps" you are forced to follow
  13. There is no Far Oer I guess. Iceland and Greenland are off the map... maybe a modder in the future could add some provinces.
  14. Also too add something about Greenland, the south western coast is habitable. This will make most of the game map Atlantic ocean and will make western edges of the map very close to Newfoundland. But I think even without Iceland Faroe Islands should definitely be a province. In KoH1 it was big enough for a castle. This will also make Norway not so isolated by only having relations with Denmark and Sweden.
  15. Oh I hope they didn't take it personally! The reason is understandable, no sane person wants to march over a wast desolate areas. But I feel that cutting off Scandinavia and Iceland is a bit too much of a sacrifice. Maybe not even all of Scandinavia can be included but also they can shrink it too, but not too much. Although this will open up north Russia... Maybe shrink it too along with northen Scandinavia? But all in all the map seems exciting! Especially now that there is Malta and Rhodes.
  16. The devs explained they didn't want too much sort of empty land (or very large provinces which weren't that much populated). So yes, map expansion would be great, but only if essential I think. By the way, the map link does not work for me, it seems the picture has been removed... I hope I didn't provoke any feeling of shame or blame to the team, because of my post. It wasn't the purpose. It just amused me to see how tiny Arabia was! I hope the devs laughed with us... To be frank, they probably did. 🤗
  17. That's exactly the point (or the punchline) of my joke. >; )
  18. Big battles should be more like a deck-building experience (same as the royal court). If my good soldiers are limited in numbers, then I won't use them as aggressively. In the original game, I could easily mobilize bigger armies than Napoleon in Russia and could replace them without disrupting my economy. I'd be ok with preventing knights from re-mounting once they're on foot. Plenty of historical battles where they did, and stayed on foot until the pursuit.
  19. I wonder will there be Gothic culture on Crimea. It would be really cool to see a successful revolt there and Gothic Kingdom appears on the map or create it as someone else.
  20. Yes it really is a bit too much. I would honestly shrink it a bit but also expand the map too. On the topic of maps I wonder how will culture map look like. This is definitely the best thing about KoHII map, besides more provinces. I also hope that in KoHII we will be able to restore Rome as Byzantium. It would be cool to play as Nicea and then Byzantium and then Roman Empire.
  21. Wow! I never noticed how much developpers meant they distorded Arabia's peninsula...
  22. They didn't. Once a knight was off his horse, that was it.
  23. I think that the real problem is not cavalry dismounting, but them mounting up again. >; )
  24. Thanks! Glad it pleases you! Map progress is still on work, and there aren't many regions that have been explored, apart from Sardinia and Sicily. Though I could say which will be maps' edges (it has been uncertain for several months), I'll keep it secret for now, because we're still on early stage of mod development. Yet, it is possible that this region may appear in the future...
  25. This is excellent! I am really looking forward to it! May I ask, do you plan to make a map for Adriatic sea? I would love to see it!
  26. Understandable. Well I hope there will be map editor so one can just add them as provinces. I totally agree that devs should take that into consideration. It should be very damaging to cities and maybe a martial can specialise in destruction. Lets say that the city may even lose some buildings and have population drop. The surviving buildings should be damaged and would need money to repair. Along with making puppet states or vassals out of conquered lands or maybe even restoring lands that were conquered by the enemy. For example Lithuania conquers Poland and I as Germa
  27. Let's say that more than Iceland I would miss the half of Scandinavia, being "cut" like we see in the map is weired but in the end it wouldn't fit that much in the game logic. I don't think we will see the Isle of Man or the Far Oer at this point. By the way, the idea of sacking and raze a settlement leaving it abandoned should be taken in consideration by the Devs.
  28. Interesting idea but I doubt they will be in the game
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