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  2. Dear Devs, as a Day1 Knights of Honor fan (and inpatiently waiting for KoH2) I'd love be to be a part of the Knights of Honor Legacy, too. So here's my portrait, thank you in advance and keep up the good work! best, 9ers_Sh0ppo
  3. Favorite nation was Bulgaria, however my best playthrough was with Lithuania. I have a soft spot for all of the pagan nations. Cumans were also great.
  4. Ya, where can we get our grubby little hands on them?
  5. Hi guys, is there a way I can get a black t-shirt with your logo, just like these in the DevStreams ? 😁
  6. Fav. nation... ofc. Bulgaria, but I also like to play with the vikings nations. @Presley you can always hire 1-2 merchants (or use the king and his family) to balance the inflation. 🤑🤑
  7. Indeed! Thank You Brad Logston, and thank You THQ Nordic, for everything! Also, congratulations THQ, for so many new games coming out this year! Hopefully KoH2:Sovereign will also be one of them, but if it isn't, no sweat! We will wait for as long as you need! Once again, a big Thank You to all of the staff of THQ Nordic, and especially to Brad, for all of the trust in our favorite game! Stay safe and healthy, everyone!
  8. You shouldn't be able to do that. Spies should tell you. Rumours generally aren't helpful. But that is the nature of the beast. Spies should give much more valuable information than they are currently.
  9. In Koh1, you see this by just clicking on the kingdom, also there it shows rumors about that country so you know if it would be wise to attack it or not
  10. I'd like to see spies give more interesting information. For example, we should not know how much a kingdom has in its treasury, since that is valuable information. A spy could tell us, however. Also, spies should tell us what a king is thinking. Such as who he is planning to attack, where, with what force. Spies should tell us if that kingdom sent a spy into our court. All in all, spies should be much more useful with the information they get us than what they are doing now. Lords of the Realm I had a really interesting method. A trader would come to your kingdom sometimes and he had very valuable rumours to give you. Much like a lot of traveling salesmen did. Not suggesting that method, but that the info you can get should be better than what is offered currently.
  11. I think that is part of what rebellions are for. And I don't mind giving up a bit of realism for more interesting game play.
  12. Plus it would make the download size inconceivably large. Could always make a mod pack though......
  13. This I tots agree with, voice actors for large regions would be awesome. It would likely only be for the english version though, since finding voice actors to do accents for each language is too much.
  14. The thing with coalitions is that they really didnt exist untill 1800s and onwards. Before then kingdoms really just tried to look out for themselves. If someone was getting big, it was more likely to join them then to fight against them,..... aka dont join the losing side. I think a more suitable and realistic solution is to make stability harder to manage as you get larger. Since in reality large kingdoms fell apart by mostly internal affairs with some outside pressure. Unless you can quote me a historically large country that had a coalition fight against it before the 1800s.
  15. Not to drag M2:TW into this, but they do it and it is really effective.
  16. I was playing KoH1 today and was thinking the same thing. I would be all for regional accents in the new game, as it would definitely add to the realism of it.
  17. Okay, this is going to be asking for a lot. But why not? Can we have regional accents depending on where your kingdom is? British for British, French for French, German for German, etc? I know it is insurmountable, given the number of countries. But if we could at least have five or six different ones, that would be a nice touch. Voice actors are pretty cheap if you know where to look. And your fans are willing to provide a voice or two just to be in the game.
  18. Earlier
  19. Bannerlord attempted this a little bit. It would certainly cause you to rethink your offense and defense if you started getting attacked in your weaker areas.
  20. Hi there! When I heard about that KOH 2 is in development I was ver excited. Never thought that would happen, because sadly KOH did never get the attention like a Medieval Total War. And the publisher question is also a thing gamers are worried about, these days, and I have to admit I had no idea what to expect. Because some game publishers are pure business people and no gamers. But watching the dev diaries/streams it became clear, that not only Brad is a gamer himself, but that he actualy played the first KOH! Sothank you @THQN Brad And watching what games THQ Nordic publishes, all together it seems they have a "gutfeeling" for games. Best example is Spellforce 3. Fans of the first 2 Spell Force games waited for a sequel and the Demo looked very promising. Sadly it had a ruff start, so to speak, but the developers turned it arround. It went fron "Oh, it's a bug fest!" to "If you like a good fantasy RTS game, BUY IT!" So also a thank you to whole THQ Nordic to believe in Strategy games and also give Frujin and his team the chance to develope Knights of Honor 2!
  21. Hello everyone! As you might know you can buy the first KOH on Steam (if it's on sale it costs close to nothing) but for reasons I don't know it only has englisch voice and text, and you can't change that. How ever, for of course our german speaking members, there is a solution integrate german voice and text. Side Note: You could wonder why I don'tz write this thread in german, in the first place. And the simple answer is, the forums language is english, so I respect that. Now the instruction : 1. Download the german voice and text files from here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/german-patch-for-steam/downloads/german-patch-for-steam-koh-auf-deutsch 2. Place them in the correct folder, with a default installatiom it would be: steam\steamapps\common\Knights Of Honor\packs 3. Put the files in that folder, it will overwrite those with the same name, however if you feel uncomfortable doing so, just save the original files at a differen location for back up, if needed or wanted. 4. Start the game and enjoy! This works the same with any other language, the game was released with, but you need to have those files for that language.
  22. Sorry if this was already addressed, and I know it's just an artwork: BUT: Viking helmets had no horns! I know back then when the first KOH was developed it was still not common knowledge that those helmets with horns are pure imgination. Now with the that "Viking hype" that shows like Vikings and The Last Kingdom created, should know it better! 😉
  23. I'm a couple of days older, so I sadly can't remember everything back then. But good to know that some of the olf forum find their way to the new one. 🙂 I'm also happy that there even is a forum, because other developers rely more on twitter and facebook and I don't like neither the one or the other.
  24. The limited slots for the court were one of the two things I loved the most with the original KOH. You had to plan where to keep you limited number of marchals etc. The other thing that I loved and has not seen in similar games is the need to consider your logistics. That when you sent your army, you had to consider for how long the "food" would last, plan your way to get more food and get the fighting done before your troops started to starve. sheers/S
  25. Well, I wanted to find a less painfull way to run it on minimum specs. not a huge gamer to spend "hard earned cash" on fully new PC or gaming netbook, because not that much of a time I have and only few games I playing rarely. will see if I can handle it when KoH2 comes out.
  26. I hate to say it, but this is quite old machine. The GPU is even weaker than the onboard Intel UHD 630 GPUs. The game would probably run on it, but it will be "a slideshow" - not big fun to play like that. GTX 550 is slightly better, but I wouldn't recommend you spending hard earned cash on something that old.
  27. I am not being ironic. I am curious about the requisites, after all it's a 2020 game. I can't run Total War: ToB for example, at least not properly. KoH it's not suposed to be as heavy as Total War, but we don't know until someone makes an official announcement.
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