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  2. Yes, I was wrong. There is a place for 4 siege units on UI, but it is not consistent or I am probably looking at a different builds. But these slots are missing on actual siege screens:
  3. I see in the post: DevDiary 15 - Evolution of Gameplay one picture with the marshal and four slots for the siege units. Also i see that you can after building the barracks built the siege workshop. My fault. Next time i will reading more. But siege units in action will be see only on the battlefield.
  4. From some early dev stream I recall that siege units are built by a marshal based on his siege skills. But I'm not sure.
  5. I haven't seen any siege units yet. Will there be siege units such as ladder men, ballists, catapults and trebuchets in the finished game? Are these units displayed in the slots of the armies? How many different army units will there be?
  6. No no no, don't go into any philosophical realms. I'm very concrete here and you'd better be too or you will never ship the game ) Although it apparently will take way more tries to express my concrete concerns then I thought. 1) So you now agree that a player "wants" (has all incentives to) to maximize an army at a given time, especially to go abroad because it not only gives better chances, but it is also SAFER investment to have blob army in one place and it is also more PROFITABLE to because it is opening potential targets which cannot be even available for a small army. 2) The
  7. Of course. It always boils down to maxing what you CAN max at a given time. My comment was about what "full army" means. Sometimes army with 5 slots filled can have more manpower than another with all 8 slots filled in. The entire topic can quickly go very "philosophical". Overall, battles are only ONE element of a war. There are many more. Wars are multidimensional. The game is about winning wars, not about battles. Of course, you can't win a war without any army (although there are mercenaries in the equation too), but you can defend quite well even with less armies and make the invader
  8. Well, it appears that we are talking about different things and everything you just said is nice to know but completely irrelevant to the points I'm trying to make ) Let me try again with a more concrete example. We are playing pvp. This is what you have at a 1 hour 20 minutes of game 1x time: You income is +153 gold per minute. You have 2826 gold (saved 18 minutes of gold income). You want to attack another player - me. Your marshal is at least 500 gold worth (3.2 minutes of income). If you have 1 skill it is 200 books (28 minutes! of you kingdom book income). Now your c
  9. I don't see any evidence for that. And I don't see that analytically too, given what you show in-game. With a few marshals you have and a cost of a marshal plus upgrades bigger that cost of a full army. (500 gold per marshal, + books + experience vs full tech 1 army = 8 by 70 gold), it would be stupid to even leave your lands without a full army OK, so the thing is that the man power of an army depends on many things. Yes, there are 8 "slots" for unit types. But these are not simply "units". Think of these as 1/8th of the army composition. So, if you have for example archers i
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  11. In fact, I can pretty much predict how a multiplayer will be based on what we have seen already. Assuming that you are playing pvp, not full coop and people are playing to win. 1) On economy side, due to the current rules of province governing: we can clearly understand that a kingdom reaches practical maximum of income at around 6-8 provinces. Any extra province which you cannot assign someone to govern from the royal court is just 10% of its potential income. Meaning that going from 8 governed provinces to 9 without a governor is just 8 + 0.1 vs 8 province incomes. Yes, new p
  12. I am afraid there will be no open battles, because this part of the development takes the most time. That would be a great pity. A picture of a battle would refute my fear.
  13. This is not what I'm taking about, I'm talking about damage done to a city with a siege over time. As it is right now siege just goes through a progress bar and you win a city. This means that if you don't have army strong enough to take a city, you have no reason to even put any pressure on a city, because you don't make any difference if you don't win. No, it won't work this way. You don't have time or an ability to build up an army based on enemy units types. Building cavalry is questionable idea anyway, because all the real meaningful battles are sieges and cavalry is not go
  14. This is wrong, and everything that follows is wrong too ....
  15. Exactly this was already implemented in the first game and I doubtn it will be missing from the second game. I looked up the footage for a minute and found at least the possibility for the defender to break out of the fortifications. I'm sure it will be possible for the attacker, to start an all-out assault (just like in the first game). I don't like the idea because it is unrealistic. Even thought trebuchets were fear-inducing they still were hard to aim, especially when the attacker doesn't know where the town stores their grain. Also look at my answert to 1) for the 'bre
  16. I’ve watched recent in-game footage multiple times, frame by frame in some cases. I have no idea what is still just a placeholder value or what is close to a final state, but it bothers me to I see current state of military gameplay. Strategic war is very lame or so it seems (I obviously take tactical RTS battles out of the picture because most of single player will be auto battles as well as all of multiplayer) This is what I see right now: Every single mechanics reinforces blobbing. There is zero reason not to have max army and zero reasons to split forces .
  17. Game already has a lot of things you imply with a different names. There are "books", which is global kingdom resource, knowledge power so to speak. There are "believes" which are buffs to population made by religious actions. There are "kingdom advantages" which are buffs to kingdom based on trade goods you can secure. There are "traditions" which are modifiers based on your royal court skills. The information about all of this is scattered through the dev blogs, but it is in fact most of the things you want more or less in the game already.
  18. I n line with the whole research and trade things. Maybe religious orders, could produce decorated religious texts (after skill development/research), that are converted by religious nations, and give ongoing religious benefits to the holders. The items could have bents, i.e. A religious text may encourage the population to be a) more warlike, b) more peaceful. They could give other benefits like higher moral, based upon the selected trait. These items would grant the nations ongoing benefits around what the king requires. A lot of the middle ages was bending religion to suit the desire of na
  19. Thanks for the info. I am not trying to be fussy, but I guess the question has to be asked: What can you actually do with the merchants, diplomats etc. With the Crusader Kings III game, you can build towns etc, but that becomes quite boring after a while. I guess what I am looking for is some (optional) micromanagement of economic development. As an example, maybe researching civil technologies, that can be used to give you benefits, or be used to produce luxury items that can be traded. Am example of a luxury item may be especially converted jewellery, longed for by kings, or clothing of
  20. The only real indication of development progress is in-game footage. However, no matter what the dev progress is, it has little to do with a release date. Scope can extend or shrink and dates can move for pure commercial/market/publisher reasons. If they are not ready to publicly commit to a date - nothing can change that. If you need ANY date - say August 13, 2022 and be done with it. You are not going to hold me to it anyway right? )
  21. No one is asking for a rushed game. We're just asking for an updated projected release date. We won't hold them to it. Just update it again if necessary. But at least keep us updated.
  22. Just to put it in perspective. From dev stream: This is royal court in a middle of a game. 2 red ones are marshals - military commanders. Other 6 are NOT marshals. So from resource allocation point of view, military is only 25% of the kingdom. The rest are - 1 spy, 1 diplomat, 2 merchants and 2 clerics.
  23. There are multiple winning conditions depending on a game mode and options and some of them are pure economy/diplomacy oriented. Although I doubt you can possibly win without any war at all because you can't get any new provinces without a conquest and other religions will be hostile to you at one point or another. But overall you don't have to go into war with everyone on the map. In fact it appears that probably you will be friendly with most other countries and still win.
  24. Tournaments and jousts could be a good feature as well, knights can gain honor, experience, and prestige, during times of peace as well as war.
  25. I have to say I am really interested in this game, it appears to have al the elements of a great game. Not sure how close you are to finalising the game, so my comment may not get any traction. But I have a suggestion. I play Crusader Kings III, and overall it is not a bad game, but there is one weakness, you can not do anything if you seek a peaceful pathway. My play style is often to try to make peace with neighbours, and build up my economy. But I find most games are so geared towards war, that developers forget to make tasks available for those who maybe seeking peace. It wo
  26. This is very interesting, I really like the options! I have to admit when I read the dev diary I actually had a dream I was selecting a kingdom in KOHII last night. However I am not fully sure what does number of provinces does exactly... Does it mean that all players have to play as a kingdom of x number of provinces or does it change the amount of provinces in this case Genoa has? Does it create more provinces? What if I change it to 1? Would it merge all Genoan provinces?
  27. I would think that you are looking at compressed stream which has rescaled video footage as a background, all streamed at 1080p max. Most likely the original image quality is way better. On top of that KoH1 had 2d main view with pixel by pixel created raster images, KoH2 runs 3d zoomable map with every object being 3d object with textures and effects on top, like clouds passing by create a dynamic shadows. At his point it is really hard to say how good your actual visual experience would be in KoH2.
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