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  2. I know they can't, they don't want to talk about it, but could they say something like that the game will come out at the end of 2020 or not after May?
  3. Thank you very much, Bart. I also read that the Emperor of Constantinople asked the Pope for help, he summoned the crusade and then the emperor had to provide food and gold in return for the return of the conquered territories. Perhaps something like this can be done in the jeugo when one is the Pope or the emperor of Byzantium. That could be implemented with the ideas I said before.
  4. Hello Slawek, Isn’t raccoon wild animal? Unless you actually live in the wild the animal would suffer... Cats are really great! And pretty wild (for a domestic animal...) Cheers! Edit: I just read about the issue on the net. While a raccoon pet can be an option, I’d still strongly suggest to go for a cat, (if you allow me, if the forum allows) unless there is a raccoon baby who lost its mommy...
  5. Hi everyone! Glad to be a part of this happy community! Name, Countries: Stefan from both Germany and España. / @ps4: stephan4477 / @twitch and omlet: electronicpuppets (I create 2D animations) Games: All kinds of. FGOAT: Monkey Island Jeanne d’Arc (yes on Amiga!!! 🙂 anyone here also played it?) PES (now eFootball) — come and try to beat me I’m “stephan4477” in the ps4! Civilization Action Games like For Honor but also shooters (sadly i’m not good enough for pvp...YET; I loved Generation Zero) Pets: My super cat passed away many years ago and i still miss him much and more :’-) - please enjoy every moment with your beloved, beast or human! Despite being interested in gaming ever since I never played - or even heard of ! - Knights of Honor! Probably it came out during an “off phase”. But I am super excited and can’t wait!!! I wildly and passionately hope that there will be a MAC OS version or at least a PS4 one! Any thoughts on this from the devs would be highly welcome!
  6. The only twitch video of KoH that i could find was this: It’s in German though... Edit: can a moderator please move this to a more adequate thread, once there is one? Thank you!
  7. Al_Wombat


    “Tutorial” Battles: Re-enactments of real historical battles on the game’s maps and with the available units, I would enjoy massively. Pros: 1. Immersion, credibility. 2. Study strategies and tactics to get better at the battles. 3. Learn a bit more about history and its conflicts. 4. Good for marketing. It’s gonna impress reviewers if done decently. Cons: 1. It’s extra work to do that. 2. Some (wannabe) historians will criticize lack of accuracy, partly because... 3. Not all historical units can be included in the game. What do you guys think?
  8. In civilization units are able to cripple food supply by destroying irrigation, but the units themselves cost production only. Food and water supply is crucial for campaigns and will hopefully be accounted for in a game of such scope!
  9. I hope the world map changes as some scripted events occur or dynamic ones. Farmlands would be removed if sacked too many times, mines getting depleated, new churches appear with the faith accumulation or new towns set up as citties reaching a point to no longer sustain. Maybe Mongols will remove the places as they go by and the player have to rebuild them from scratch? I also would like to know about map modes in future diaries too.
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  11. Some cool ideas here, love to see the creativity. We're actually going to be iterating on many of the religion features here in the next few months of development, so keep the thoughts flowing. We can't promise any of the ideas will make it in, but you never know what types of thoughts could trigger inspiration for the design team!
  12. dear developers: I am currently reading the book The Wars of God, where some of the problems caused by the Crusaders on their way to the Holy Land are told, such as: ordering food in the territories where they were transiting, attacking Jewish communities and provoking all kinds of looting.It occurred to me that the following things could be added:1) The crossed armies will ask for food or food when they cross the lands of other Christian territories. Granting these supplies or not will have its causes and consequences.2) Some groups of soldiers can separate themselves from the main bulk of the army and cause disturbances in the busy lands3) If there are Jews in the player's lands, some fan groups may try to attack them.
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    One of the many things that I liked as knights of honor I was the various battles such as: attacking an enemy camp and letting the enemies slowly leave the tents. Another very important thing was the river crossing battles. Will we see something ais in the second part?
  14. Hopefully, you will have some more heat this time (if you choose to)
  15. In my opinion KoH 1 was not playable because is to easy, enemies do not try to conqueror us, at least not successfully enough( political zone as battleground). I used to use mod "Hard Invasion" but was unbalanced anyway. Generally when game is easy it destroys gameplay. What is ur opinion about that? Will KoH 2 make it?
  16. I have a question a bit off topic about battles since I have never played KOH but after watching the trailer and Dev diaries I'm so excited I really enjoyed medieval total war 2 are the battles going to be similar or better than that game. Thank you.
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  18. Hello Zdenek 🙂 I´m Pavel and I´m from CR too 😄 I love KOH like you and played some mods from you i think 🙂
  19. Hey guys, I've been a long time fan to Knights of Honor (BABKI). So (not recently) I had read that Black Sea Studios has become part of Creative assembly and renamed (Creative assembly Sofia). I was a bit disappointed thou KoH was what got me In to Total Wars in General. So I'm wondering is the current developer studio Black Sea Games related to CA or are you guys separate developers?
  20. Name/Handle: Gerasim Which Country are you from: Bulgaria What kinds of games do you like to play: Grand RTS
  21. Thank you Sir!! I didn't expect something less from you all! So, give us a clue now! :P Just kidding!! :)
  22. They do. And you can do a lot more with them.
  23. Very good example and a good idea. Thanks Georgi for responding. Now, about losing the game in 5 mins i believe it would be no problem, coz all you lose is 5 mins from your game. You can start again. I really like to play in hard mode with hard starting, and thats why i used to start with kingdoms of one and weak castle. I have to say that i dont remember how the Famous Rebels were working in the first game. I mean they were made after a succesfull attempt of a spy? Something else.... Once in a game i lost a castle and when i went there to retake it, rebels that were holding my flag(with the rebel white), were pillaging the province. I joined them and after we sucked everything, we sieged the castle together. I could do it alone, it was not a big deal, but this thing gave me feeling at that time. I mean this game made me feel things!! DAMN man! My brothers fought with me! We cant lose this in the new game. I believe that rebels should exist in KOH2 with the same, or more frequency. And of course i wait for something even better...
  24. I dont think that could work verry well, knowing how KoH was set to work. Like what happens if the leader rebel dies without having captured a castle? You might lose the game within 5 min of playing. Maybe @frujin will "open the doors" about the new KoH features, but for now we could only guess, based on what we know about the old KoH. But what I think can be done and could work pretty well is this - I will call this the Work in progress states/kingdoms. When just before the start of the game a rebel has captured a castle but is still not a legitimate ruler. In this case you would start as a unrecognized kingdom/king and will have to earn your unrecognition by winning a war or by diplomacy. I will give an example with the uprising of Georgi Voyteh . In 1072 you start with the rebel bulgarian state in the province of macedonia (or the town of Skopie) and in war with byzantine empire. Most states still dont recognize you as a ruler. You have two ways of gaining recognition - 1/diplomacy with the Pope /he might offer recognition in return for converting you into catholic/ or 2/ with war - wining the war with Byzantine empire.
  25. Hello guys, one of things in KOH that made a big impression to me, was the Famous Rebels that were pillaging around the countries. I always wanted to start the game as a Famous Rebel. You know, start a revolution to make the country better and stuff... I believe this was a part of the history, maybe not many many of them made it through, but i believe that would awesome to exist as an option. Also, i think, since they will excist in the game, that would be a good option, not just to kill them, but try to bribe them somehow, so they can help you in a foreign land, or even pay them so they can join you as marshals, or even promise them a castle that you will conquer with them and they gonna rule as an indipendent ally to the end of his days.... What do you think about the roles of the rebels generally in the game? Dear developers, what would be their part in the history of KOH Sovereign?
  26. My name is Zdenek - yea, hard to pronounce for anyone outsice of Central Europe, so call me Elvain I'm from Czechoslovakia, but most of my life I live in Czechia (AKA the Czech republic)... and didn't even have to move from the country. Bad joke, I know. Games? Oh... I loved KoH, the original one. Probably the biggest passion of mine for long time, spent loads of time not only on playing, but more importantly on modding and speculating about KoH2 all those years back. But I also like other games... from board games I love Carcassone and Catan by far the most... and from digital ones, Cities: Skylines, Europa Universalis series, Civilization series, Anno1404, but even more than Knights of Honor I fell in love with Crusader Kings and was bitching so much over there that you can actually see quite some of my work in CK2 now. Pets? well I cultivate Roses. I know most of you don't consider plants as pets, but... well, I kinda do.
  27. hehe, I wish I was a teenager back then. Anyway, if I recall corectly, Deux was Dutch and yes, he was an active modder (like most of us, who were active and still remember). I actually kinda keep in touch with Nike and Heretic from time to time... maybe they will come back too 😄
  28. Hahaa, Im so glad I "see" you again guys, I remember all of you 😄 It's like some kind of reunion 😄 It is sooo strange that I feel such a joy from something like that, man I feel like a teenager again. I never knew Soko was bulgarian, I remember his mods. There was a guy named Deux if Im not mistaken, he was into modding too?
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