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  3. Thanks for the idea. This will save a lot of time for image editing. Also cool images I like that you used game art for the buildings.
  4. 1-5 completed 6- yes but simple version 7- Canceled will do 8 instead I wouldn't expect anything else from Kjartan.....
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  6. You can use images (and other files) from Economy Expansion Mod, there is a bunch of new buildings. Maybe some of them can be of use to You.
  7. I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred and ... I am starting a small(ish) project to make an addon for the Britain mod from @GrafLaudan What you can expect from this project? 1. If you have played any of Laudan's mods you probably know that it's much harder to play and survive and there is much more fighting than usual. Especially if you start with a bigger kingdom is not much fun. I will keep the most of the difficulty tweaks from the mod with only one exception - you will be able to ally people if they like you - this is important for the setup. 2. I will update some of the names on
  8. Well, true, I'm not a target audience for KoH, this is why you have "practically worthless sieges". What was your question again?
  9. I think you may be looking for a game that is more complex than KoH is or wants to be.
  10. Potentially, you could make a huge difference with adjusting mechanics of food/supply/logistics. But it probably won't happen because it would look as too complex for a target audience.
  11. I don't recall if they said anything about revamping the benefits of sieges. In KoH1, sieges were practically worthless for an attacking army. All they did was give the defenders time to call in reinforcements. There was no benefit to maintaining a siege. Any word of a re-work?
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  13. Thank you for your work, sorry 😄
  14. Hello, I'm creating this topic knowing that there are much more important aspects of the game than the one I'm going to talk, but we're here to help improving the game, if possible. I'm from Milan, and seeing in some screens that there is a mountain nearby my city (East side) kills me :-D. I've never noticed it. I know there could be a difference between real geography and the game map, but this thing really stands out, to me. It's just the mountain at the right side of Milan, on the imaginary route that connects Milan to Venice. There are only flat and rural lands in that area. A s
  15. is a medieval dating simulator from hell. No game should ever go that way.
  16. That's why we have Crusader Kings 3 for and KOH 1 or 2 is just for fun
  17. This is a cool thing you did - you conquered everything but one province and at the end you became ireland just before you finished the game. Other than that this mod could use an update to Turn THIS into something like THIS Where you can have some sort of feudal order and coalitions (Saxons vs. Danes and the Others) to a certain level within the limits of KOH 1 There is always the question , of course, Would the end result and the UX would worth the time spend on doin that...
  18. This is how they ask for a trade agreement xD
  19. Your game is running in windowed mode, to run it in full screen go to: C:\Users\******\AppData\Roaming\Black Sea Studios\Knights Of Honor Open Koh.in2 file with notepad and change: fullscreen = 0 into fullscreen = 1 and save. (*****this is your pc name folder. If you can't find AppData there, paste or write the rest of above given address into the address bar)
  20. all marshall's turn into rebel army's and it's not even due too many spy's xD
  21. So far I've been seeing a lot of changes. KoH2 is definitely going to be worth looking at. Diplomacy has changed. Princesses have changed. Those were my two biggest pet peeves about the original. Combat was never my specialty. I just go in and whack things. But there are a lot of changes coming to that. What specific "big improvements" are you looking for?
  22. binkw32.dll This file should make it full screen but the top bar still remanins
  23. Agree with you... Still played KoH 1 for huge amount of hours with these mediocre systems. So, there's a chance, still going to love KoH2. Though would love some big improvements....
  24. The top bar presses the game down so I'm missing out on some of the game mini map(can't see france)
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