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  2. As William said, the game implies a lot of work. And as many said, one of the problems usually is the lack of communication. But when we ask questions, sometimes we get answers, and we got them recently, about what was going on. Given the discussions on the Discord server, especially the precisions Veso/Frujin brought us, KoH2 is not abandoned at all. And that's good news! Though I wouldn't be against another devblog. :-) Same as William, from what we know, and from what we see, there are chances the game will be released next summer (mast spring, I expected it to happen in spring 2022
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  4. You know, I always wished the battles from KoH (which are the weakest link of the game, imho) to be more like those magnificent ones from M2TW. Not expecting to be really that good, but definitely much better than what they are. Afterall, half of the point and purpose of playing a medieval game is fighting on the battlefield. Auto-resolve just doesn't cut it, not for me and not for any other passionate of strategy in general, military strategy in particular. Just read the post below, to understand my point of view: https://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?603508-Strategic-
  5. It was getting ridicolous... I lost count but we should have reached Dev Diary n. 24 or something without showing that much. As a natural reaction people would start asking for a Release Date since it was originally planned for 2020... Better to stay silent if they have no clue concerning the release date, as said, i start thinking the project might have been, at least temporally, abandoned.
  6. Ah, I see. Well it would be nice to have some controll over it. Maybe those who have "zealous" should be more likely to go to crusade. And yes Papal elections should definitely be a thing. Papacy itself should have its own mechanics and, as I seen on the map, correct shape of the province. I think border with Naples is a bit weird.
  7. Well, they need content to talk about. They wanted to talk multiplayer last time. If stuff is breaking and falling apart and they are redoing and redesigning bits and pieces over and over again, it is hard for them to decide what version to present. Also, it is a lot of work for very small and declining audience. I personally would not even bother with small dev blogs. Most of the things are more or less clear, but it takes time and effort to make this content.
  8. Yeah, a little strange that the Developer Diaries suddenly became silent.
  9. Last week
  10. I fear the development of the game is currently stuck... Consider also the incoming xmas holidays ahead. They'd be back into business around the 2nd hald of January, otherwise it would mean KOH2 is currently being abandoned.
  11. Will there new devolpers diary? The last one is from end of september
  12. Our generals will have special profile in war like a total war games or we will see again same general profiles in war??? And blood we will see blood in wars.??? YES i know this is not impirtant detail for some players but this can be good for war atmospher
  13. If I had any say in the dev process, I would cut tactical battles out of the game and forget about it. This is not total war, tactical battles are note core gameplay but just an optional eye candy content, which is very time and effort consuming to develop. Tactical battles do not work for multiplayer they say is so important for them In a single player most of the battles will be auto resolve anyway. I would just stop pretending the game has to have everything in it. Instead I would make way more deep and engaging auto resolve battles with more player control. No bu
  14. We are waiting until 2 years and this time is very long ..we saw only about diplomatic and trade scenes and where is war scene?? And when will we see release date?? We will wait again one year and we will see release date on steam 2023??
  15. That is somewhat historically however. It was really up to the lord to go not the king. I wish they had papael elctions like med 2 total war.
  16. I also found it annoying how you were not able to choose which marshal of yours will go to crusade unless you had pope in your court. So many times I would have all of troops have 3 stars and then pope calls for crushade. If I say no sooner or later I will be excommunicated. So I have to accept and then click x to return my marshal but his original troops now have no stars.
  17. I hope they fix the issue as well. I hope the crusader states and playable or at least can be created and play as them.
  18. In the first game crusade states did exist and they were able to be created. Although crusader states created during gameplay were not playable unless one uses cheat "bsswitch" (This also applies to Papacy which is unplayable). However the biggest problem with KoH I new crusader states is if they were founded on a province of different religion than Catholicism they will be that religion. So for example if Crusade conquered some Pagan province the new state will be Pagan both by population AND government. I hope in KOH II they will fix this and make government of the newly created stat
  19. I like the srletup and the approach you have chosen. Will we be able to see more of the map?
  20. Earlier
  21. I too have to agree I would rather see gunpowder than elephants.
  22. I'm not saying we need gunpowder. We should not and it is fine. But if they are adding fancy rare very very location specific things I'd rather have first cannons than an elephant. Mostly because I can see how a cannon is essentially an artillery like a good catapult or a trebuchet, but an elephant is what? Uber slow cavalry? Battering ram? It is not close to any other unit type.
  23. we could say the same thing about gunpowder. it was rarley used after intorduced in mid 14th century had little effect on battle. its not like men had rifles standing shoulder to shoulder mowing each other down in the middle ages.
  24. oh yes, I asked, but in some context. Let me remind it to you: you stated that Elephants were used in North Africa, even in Roman times, and you got an answer that it wasn't in medieval times, which you claimed to be false. So when you are accusing somebody of false statement, I am assuming you have something to prove it. So please feel free to prove your point. Or don't lie. If you don't care about basic realism you may call it nitpicking, but It's not. It's about respecting elementary human values and elementyry respect to basic framework of time and geography. It's obvious that
  25. You wanted some examples of elephants in medieval Europe and I have provided them. Were there any grand battles with hundreds of war elephants? No, but they had other use as stated before. The argument here is "what's a fun game mechanic that's historically inspired" and war elephants would 100% fall in that category. If we are being nitpicky than having an option to have different resources at every start would factually be 1000% false, but it helps to make a game more enjoyable and repayable. So in that case I believe that even with the war elephants not being used in Europe like
  26. Could you provide more info on gunpoder? i was under the understanding it was mid 1300's first used and not a staple or impactfull force. But my ideal is fudlaism from around 950-1250. That would be a great time period to cover.
  27. Hehe, this is ridiculous. Yes, Charlemagne got an elephant as a gift from Abbasid caliph as a ceremonial sign of respect, a living trophy if you want, not as a weapon. Also that elephant originated most probably either from India or East Africa, but most deffinitely not from North Africa, where elephants were extinct. Hence this anecdote is no proof of using elephants in medieval North Africa. That Charlemagne marched his elephant exactly once to surprise his foe is no sign of existence of "War elephants" as a military unit. Rather the opposite: Even the 2 mentions of elephants being used
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