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On 4/1/2020 at 7:42 AM, Falkeep said:

15.) Whenever you have a king who dies without heirs, there should be at least two generations of brothers or uncles that are available to become king. If a king dies with several sons, the others just disappear, which would not happen... unless they were specifically killed. Also, this could be used to incorporate politics into the game... do certain brothers, uncles, etc. plot to kill off competitors for the crown? Do other kingdoms try to cause chaos in a kingdom by plotting to support claimants other than the rightful heir? Do wives plot to kill their husbands to elevate their lovers to power?

- When I play the game, in time I try to replace all the Royal Court with my sons (ofcourse it cannot always be done, as this issue is completely random) and in that way eliminate possibility of spies entering my Court.

You said "If a king dies with several sons, the others just disappear" - just put them all in yout Royal Court untill you fill it with your sons.  It seems that marriage with  an ordinary noblewoman is much more fertile, than marrying a foreign princess. Note this - throught history even the most biggest dinasties did eventually vanish in form of succession (no male heir) so can be in KoH1/2.

"Do wives plot to kill their husbands to elevate their lovers to power?" - it would be too much complicated to have this thing.

16.) Speaking of wives, they should have skills, as well, which can come into play in the game, or at least enhance the skills of a king.

Wives should have bigger role but in other way. Maybe in form of culture (marrying a foreign princess brings her culture to the Royal Court - because these things really happened in history). One thing also - there should be higher possiblity of marring neighboring princess with same religion rather than marrying distant princesess (english prince marrying french/spanish/german princess and viceversa. It should be unlikely - but not impossible - following thing to happen german prince marrying princes from Kazan/Ottomans/Georgia as this never happened in Europian history)-

17.) The older a building is, the more maintenance it should cost. Without maintenance, a building will weaken and eventually collapse. I AGREE


18.) PLEASE do NOT incorporate gun powder into the game. It is just a mess when middle ages games add gunpowder. In real life, the middle ages "quickly" end with the advent of gun powder and you end up with an entirely different kind of game. AGREE ON THIS ONE ALSO




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One thing that was annoying was you could not zoom in and out on the main map, only the mini map could you zoom. Always had to scroll way over to where I wanted to go instead of just zooming out moving and zooming in. Same with battles, only one fixed position with no zoom so I couldn't see all troops.

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9 hours ago, Bassilisk said:

One thing that was annoying was you could not zoom in and out on the main map, only the mini map could you zoom. Always had to scroll way over to where I wanted to go instead of just zooming out moving and zooming in. Same with battles, only one fixed position with no zoom so I couldn't see all troops.

Yeah, a zoom out/zoom in would be nice.

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On 5/26/2020 at 6:03 PM, Georgi said:

I remember that there was a way to speed up the game... some kind of cheat. And I remember that I used this every time I started a game. I think that it would be good if we can do this in the KoH 2 !

It is not a cheat. Just press + button a few times and it will speed up the game from 0,5 to 8.

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Hello there, I had an idea recently and decided to share. I thought a really fun feature that the game could possess would be to add heroes.

what I mean is, within any given squad in an army, there is a potential for a single unit in the squad to level up into a hero. Maybe he becomes a historical figure? Ie; William Wallace etc. or even just a randomly generated name. 

he might wear his armor a little differently, he might have a randomly generated quality that affects the squads performance, similar to a skill but not selected by the player. 

i think this addition would give the player something more to hold onto in strategy, instead of just driving endless numbers of drones into a castle siege for example. 

anyway, a fun idea I had that would really add to the game in a simple way, let me know what you think ! 

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4 hours ago, Marxous said:

what I mean is, within any given squad in an army, there is a potential for a single unit in the squad to level up into a hero. Maybe he becomes a historical figure? Ie; William Wallace etc. or even just a randomly generated name. 

he might wear his armor a little differently, he might have a randomly generated quality that affects the squads performance, similar to a skill but not selected by the player.

Hmm...maybe.  To be honest, once you have your squad fully upgraded, they are pretty powerful already.  Adding yet another buff is overkill.

Besides, upgrading your units is already a "hero" trait.

I do like the randomness though.  Makes things more unpredictable.  But if you get a trait you don't like, it's easy enough to disband them and start again.

So I like your idea. It needs more thought.

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Hi Everyone! 

I am a huge fan of KOH and I probably have a couple of thousand hours spent on this game. I don't think there was a year in my life that I played less than 50 hours of KOH and I used to be so obsessed with it back when I was young guy that I did not sleep all night, taking over kingdoms. I have to say, I have a couple of ideas on improvements. 

So, as I came here today to write, I noticed Falkeep has already said all I wanted to say and even more! Respect! 

I am just going to say that I fully agree with Falkeep's opinion - it is obvious he played for many hours. Additionally, I double-agree with his suggestions on Diplomacy, which I also find frustratingly weak. Like seriously, I am Trnovo for example, and I am working hard to make alliance with both Greece and Romania and then Romania announces war to Greece without any consideration of the ALL THE COIN I spent to forge this alliance!!!! Seriously guys, consider making it a lot more detailed - I am the type of player who does not play the battles and am sure I would not play them all the time on the new graphics as well. Honestly, in KOH 1 you can never become huge and powerful by politics - you need to be taking over by brute force. Also, you can never negotiate with rebels - in reality, a king would firstly try to offer some cash, or make some changes to the province so they surrender peacefully, however in KOH you must completely destroy them 😄 I want to have the option to forge unions, have spy networks, make cool cities and create prosperous economies, not simply get rich, get 6 knights and take over Europe 😄 Also, I want to have actual indirect influence over some neighbors, maybe be able to fund a contestant to the monarch in the country near me, etc. This used to be done all the time in history - even khan Tervel was funding Justinian II against Leonitus and Tiberius III and once Justinian II got on the throne, Tervel got himself some sweet, sweet coin, titles and other benefits 😄 

Regards and thank you for all the efforts that go into KOH1 and KOH2! This really became a classic game, it aged beautifully and I hope KOH2 would do justice to the greatness of 1 !

Cheers Falkeep,  


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Played the first game a lot and loved it when it originally came out and just recently decided to start another playthrough in preparation of the KoH2 release.


The biggest things imo in terms of suggestions for KoH2:


- Improved AI. The game just gets too easy when you can easily exploit and outmaneuver the enemy AI in terms of army movement and in battles. Enemy AI just does not know how to deal with armies stacking ranged units. On the map, it is often too easy to fortify a camp and wait for an enemy army on its path. Another easy exploit - while in peace with another kingdom, you can position your troops inside enemy territory with the AI not really reacting, and then just declare war when you've positioned your troops and get an easy win. The list goes on - the main point is: the AI in the original was too easy to exploit which diminishes some of the fun. I hope it's something the devs are going to try and improve on, even though I understand there will still be exploits and AI weaknesses.


- Improved diplomacy and QoL for diplomatic decisions. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to be able to negotiate with the AI when they ask me to go to war with another kingdom, or to be able to have a more detailed peace negotiation etc. However, my only options are either accept or decline. Same goes for when I request the AI to attack, ask for a royal marriage, money etc. - I wish I could pay them or offer them something (e.g. give them money to attack another kingdom, offer for me to attack their enemy if they pay me or let my prince marry their princess etc.). There was also an issue in cases where the diplomacy message blocks you from looking around the screen. As an example, a kingdom that I have an alliance pact with has invoked that pact. This blocks me from checking my relations with the kingdom they're asking me to attack so I can't make an informed decision whether I wish to honor my alliance pact or not. Allow the player to still access the rest of the UI in situations like that.


- Improved Royal Court. The limited royal court slots pretty much guarantee that you will never use some of the roles that don't do much. E.g. I think I've only ever used marshals, spies, traders and sometimes clerics. Either make those other roles more viable, or have limited slots per roles so that players don't feel they're wasting a marshal slot when they hire a builder, for example.


- Improved crusades. Crusades never really worked well in the original game and seemed like a missed opportunity. I think I only ever bothered letting one of my marshals go on a crusade once, saw how pointless it was and have rejected that option every time sice then. There are also issues with AI kingdoms sending marshals on a crusade - too often I see the AI sign peace with the enemy before the crusader army has even managed to attack which just ends the crusade. I realise crusades pretty much failed historically, so I guess in an ironic way this makes sense, but I imagine there are better ways to do represent that 😛


- Music. Less of a suggestion and more just something that I think really made the original memorable - the music was phenomenal. I understand Borislav Slavov - the original composer - is unavailable due to his work on Baldur's Gate 3, but I hope that the music in KoH2 is able to recapture the feeling of the original.


These are some of my main suggestions, I'm really looking forward to Knights of Honor 2 and hope the game will be awesome.

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I'd also like to give some suggestions or at least opinions.

In this case it's about the siege topic. In the first KOH there was something that I did not like and I really hope you don't go for that in KOH 2.

And that was the fact, that if you had brough 0 Siege equipment with you, you could still conquer a town, by breaking their gates with about any close combat unit you have.

As in theory even a dagger can destroy wood, so even a thick city gate, it is nonsense, Because you really think the defenfers would not do everything possible to not let the gate break?

So PLEASE make it a rule that the attackers at least need to have laddersor a small ram, to get inside the city, if they don't have a Katapult, a Trebuchet, or anything like that, in their equipment!

Because unless that Gate is nothing more than a door it feels awkward, if your swordsmen just stand there and smash on it with any siege equipment, what so ever!

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My 2nd suggestions is rather long. So Thank you in advance,t to the devs, if you read it!

First of all, sorry if the suggestion I writ about was already mentioned in some way.
I try to get as much info as possible, but it can happen that something slipped trough.

So this suggestion is about to represent how ruleing an empire actualy worked in the medieval.
Because normaly, regardless how high up the ladder a monarch was, he never ruled over everthying directly.
He had Vasals!

In KOH 1 as in KOH 2 you have your (game name giving) Knights, which represent the council ("Your governments inner circle")
But back then you had people with minor titles who took care of your regions.

So let give me one example what I mean:
Let's say there is a region with (of course a town) and a harbor to it.
So you could leave it as it is, it would generate whatever resources it generates with the numbers you see.
Or you could put in one of your knights and give a boost on something like taxation, production or food prouduction.
And normaly your knight was good at it.
But shouldn't it be possible, as the member of your council, to give him a better position?

So with my idea that could also work like this:
You hire a Bailiff for the town who costs upkeep, but gives you a boost on the things I mentioned earlier.
And with the harbor, you could also hire a "Master of he Harbor" who gives you a boost on they money ou make with the treats, by the harbo, and
the fishing (Food production, generated by it)

Your Knight now could become something like the Governor (Count, Duke, whatever) of that region who boost the Bailiff's and the Master
of Harbor skills.

So now this could be that you do it without specialisation, means you boost everything a little bit, or you specialize.
Like taxiatoiton or the production (build faster)

Don't get me wrong, that Bailiff and thet Master of Harbor are NO Knights! They can't be called back to the Royal Court.
They get hired or fired, and do the Job they got hired for.

But I say this gives the players good way and play arround on how to govern their realms, and ass something to the idea how a kingdom or
empire was really ruled at that time.

If the people you can currently hire (who applies should change, every "cycle") have bad stats, or you don't have the money for the upkeep, you
don't have to do it, but you can undo it, by firing those guys and let your Knight do something else.

I would even take this further by giving those people with a "minor title" traits like: Loyalty and something I would call a hidden agenda.
So what does that do?
Every now and then there should be text based events, that depending on their outcome can change the persons skill level, and it's loyalty.
In the best case everything improves, in the worst case it gets downhill, and it also can be that nothing changes.
In other words: Success, major success, failure, critcal failure, or a neutral result

(If you ask now how text based events can happen in a game that alway runs in real time? Well, those Pradox RTS games also do and it works there
and yes, they also have a multiplayer mode! 😉 )

I would go that far that it can happen that you can promoto such a person to Knight.
And there is where the loyalty and the "hidden agenda" comes into play.
Loyalty is an indicator how much you can trust that guy. BUT as there is a hidden agenda, you don't know how much it is worth.
Let's say this guy has 75% Loyalty (just to give you an idea) But his hidden agenda is that he just cares about himself and thinks
his jobs are better used for a rules of a different country.
That could mean the moment you promote him to Knight, he might offer his service to another leader and become a double agent.
If he might have had a loyalty of 85% he might not have turned against you.
Therefore the "Hidden Agenda" should always stay hidden, so there is always that doubt and you can't just refer to that loyalty nu,bers if that guy turns on you, or not.

That said such a system could also be used on the cleric level. Let's say you have some reagions with churches and even a Kathedral.
So you could use your cleric Knight to boost some of those buildings, or hire some guys and make them priests and bishops, and you can make your Knight Arch Bishop or even
a Cardinal to boost a global "output" (of whatever their produce), IF the skills they bring and the upkeep are worth it!!

It also let me think if promoting your Knight to something like an Arch Bishop or a Cardinal needs the  OK from the Pope.
Here it could matter how much the Pop likes you. Have you build churches and went to crusades, even achived the Cruased goal?
If so, he might more lean to a yes, then if you didn't (maybe a bribe can help then? ;-))
To Adapt this to the other religions, then you need the aporval of thise spiritual leaders, of couse.

If we talk about Espionage and the Marshals, then this idea gets limited, of course.
But long things show: I would appreciate if KOH 2 would show mor realistic how beeing a Kind and ruling a Kingdom, really worked.

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