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  1. Great stuff, the first game had a fantastic, memorable soundtrack so it's good to see the team is looking at it when developing the music for the sequel. One thing KoH1 didn't get so right was the lack of musical variety for different cultures (there was some, but very limited) so I'm glad this is being improved in KoH2. I have some questions regarding some of the implementation details for the adaptive sound. The post seems to use religion and culture interchangably, so I'm a bit confused about how the different musical styles are going to be split. For example, are Italy, Spain a
  2. Pretty much what it says in the title - I am wondering if KoH2 will have Bulgarian language support. I know KoH1 did not and Bulgarian is not language that is often supported in games, but given the fact that it's a Bulgarian dev studio working on the title, I think it would be nice to have it. I see on the Steam page that it is not listed among the supported languages, so I expect the answer to my question is "no" but I figured it's still worth asking. I've always wanted to introduce my father to KoH since he's a big strategy fan - he really enjoyed Tzar (the in-game rendition of "Откога
  3. Played the first game a lot and loved it when it originally came out and just recently decided to start another playthrough in preparation of the KoH2 release. The biggest things imo in terms of suggestions for KoH2: - Improved AI. The game just gets too easy when you can easily exploit and outmaneuver the enemy AI in terms of army movement and in battles. Enemy AI just does not know how to deal with armies stacking ranged units. On the map, it is often too easy to fortify a camp and wait for an enemy army on its path. Another easy exploit - while in peace with another
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