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  1. They were amazing, portraits in KoH2 are step backward. I see shapeless and blurry faces, like in Lords of the Realm, which I played like 20 years ago. I am absolutely attached to portraits of KoH1, and there was no really need to change them completely, just add more icons.
  2. Isto i kod mene, druže. Prvi susret sa igricom 2007. godine na fakultetu. Prvi pick Serbia, odma rat sa Bugarskom, kao juče da je bilo... Posle toga Vizantija, oko 1000te godine - u tom trenutku sam baš spremao ispit Istorija Vizantije i baš sam se primio. Sećam se silnog razočarenja kad sam shvatio da nemaju Patrijarha, pa sam ovde u jednoj temi predložio da se u ovoj verziji to ispravi, rekoše da je to već urađeno. Posle toga sam igrao sa još mnogim državama, bukvalno sam je igrao nekoliko meseci bez prestanka.
  3. I am not quite sure how the World map will work, but here is my suggestion: For example, Trebizond, as shown in map above this post, was a surviving part of Byzantine empire, and it consisted of several surrounding cities. Game would be much more fun if it looked similar to this. Creating a micro-world inside one smal state/province would be awesome. In KOH1 one could conquer for Bdin to Vienna in a relatively short time. My proposal - break the large provinces into little pieces so that world map change slowly and then it would be more realistic. I suggested something similar earlier i
  4. Hvala na podršci, druže! Pozdrav 😀
  5. Are pictures of members of royal court gonna look like as those above? If they do, then they are awfull. Can we keep the old ones instead? Just add some new... Damn, that dark behind them is horrific...
  6. It is not a cheat. Just press + button a few times and it will speed up the game from 0,5 to 8.
  7. I agree! Old icons/pictures of female/male nobility were awesome! I m quite atttached to them! Appearance of the Wolrd Map is troublesome also! State name letters should be more stylish!
  8. Camerlengo


    The MOST EPIC MOMENT of KoH1 EVER!!!!!!! ⚔️⚔️⚔️ Besieging my lost town with two of my marshals and my LOYALIST ⚔️⚔️⚔️
  9. Camerlengo


    In late game, when I fill Royal Court with my sons, I never put rulling king in Royal Court as he will eventualy die and leave his slot empty. Instead just marry him and leave him beside. ⬅️ See the picture this way
  10. I suggest one more option - to choose one member of Royal Court (cleric, merchant, marshall, diplomat or spy) as advisor/majordomo (mayor of the palace). Choosing one of these is choosing foreign policy and by choosing him we multiply chances in succes in that field. For other kingdoms it can be chosen randomly. He may have his own slot color different from others. His role can also be inheriting the throne after king dies childless. In that way we can not only choose heir, but preventing several things such as: skilled marshal becoming kings and then aging and eventually dying
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