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  1. Hvala na podršci, druže! Pozdrav 😀
  2. Are pictures of members of royal court gonna look like as those above? If they do, then they are awfull. Can we keep the old ones instead? Just add some new... Damn, that dark behind them is horrific...
  3. It is not a cheat. Just press + button a few times and it will speed up the game from 0,5 to 8.
  4. I agree! Old icons/pictures of female/male nobility were awesome! I m quite atttached to them! Appearance of the Wolrd Map is troublesome also! State name letters should be more stylish!
  5. Camerlengo


    The MOST EPIC MOMENT of KoH1 EVER!!!!!!! ⚔️⚔️⚔️ Besieging my lost town with two of my marshals and my LOYALIST ⚔️⚔️⚔️
  6. Camerlengo


    In late game, when I fill Royal Court with my sons, I never put rulling king in Royal Court as he will eventualy die and leave his slot empty. Instead just marry him and leave him beside. ⬅️ See the picture this way
  7. I suggest one more option - to choose one member of Royal Court (cleric, merchant, marshall, diplomat or spy) as advisor/majordomo (mayor of the palace). Choosing one of these is choosing foreign policy and by choosing him we multiply chances in succes in that field. For other kingdoms it can be chosen randomly. He may have his own slot color different from others. His role can also be inheriting the throne after king dies childless. In that way we can not only choose heir, but preventing several things such as: skilled marshal becoming kings and then aging and eventually dying chaos and anarchy leading to colapse of kingdom.
  8. In my opinion a sovereign of Papacy should be curent Pope (not the Doge, as it used to be because they didn't rule Papacy) which is elected as most educated cleric among the catholic nations as it was before. Papacy could consist of several cities around Rome (5 for example - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donation_of_Pepin). Educated clerics in catholic nations may go through some process of becoming cardinals (when they gain some knowledge, convert province, pay some money to Papacy) and when Pope dies a new could be elected only from cardinals. Blue field when cleric is elected for cardinal can become red. Donation to catholic church that existed in old game should stay and be called - St. Peter's Pence Kingdoms which are donating often should have higher possibilty for their cleric/cardinal of becoming Pope. Elected Pope can stay in Royal court of country where he is from just as it was before , but his picture should appear as a reigning sovereign when clicked on Papacy. When Papacy is completely eliminated, the one state which liberates it should give Pope and + relations to all catholic kingdoms as before. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *It would be great if all knights could advance in their fields not only clerics becoming bishops/cardinals/popes in catholic kingdoms, or mitropolits/patriarch in orthodox, mula or reis-ul-ulema in islam. Marshal could become senechal/admiral/general/tactician through battles, merchants could become trader, marketer, economist, capitalist or specialize in trading for something that was not part of their duties in earlier version of game such as glass or gold (there are no gold mines in KoH1, only silver - just sayin 😀), spies could become masters of espionage/assasination/sabotage/camouflage/intrigue, diplomats could become ministers, ambassador even maybe and be sent to countries in order to achieve some goal. All of these 5 classes could be upgraded through - money, experience, time spent in position, success in perforimg tasks.
  9. It would be nice if creators could add new states such as Hanseatic League (in late period) Dubrovnik (slavic city - state in Adriatic Sea).
  10. Camerlengo

    Austria - Hungary

    Happy austrian subjects 😀😀😀
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