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  1. Oh, yes. It was the * button. Once I got to know the game I never played at normal speed again. It could be a bit boring to watch an army Marching 1 min to a castle .
  2. I remember that there was a way to speed up the game... some kind of cheat. And I remember that I used this every time I started a game. I think that it would be good if we can do this in the KoH 2 !
  3. I dont think that could work verry well, knowing how KoH was set to work. Like what happens if the leader rebel dies without having captured a castle? You might lose the game within 5 min of playing. Maybe @frujin will "open the doors" about the new KoH features, but for now we could only guess, based on what we know about the old KoH. But what I think can be done and could work pretty well is this - I will call this the Work in progress states/kingdoms. When just before the start of the game a rebel has captured a castle but is still not a legitimate ruler. In this case you would start as a
  4. Hahaa, Im so glad I "see" you again guys, I remember all of you 😄 It's like some kind of reunion 😄 It is sooo strange that I feel such a joy from something like that, man I feel like a teenager again. I never knew Soko was bulgarian, I remember his mods. There was a guy named Deux if Im not mistaken, he was into modding too?
  5. Laudan, I remember you! 😃 By the way How old are you mate?
  6. There used to be BSS forum back in the days. I used to post in the old forum, Im not sure of my nickname ... might have been GogoT or something like that. I remember that I made a tutorial back then on how to take a animated 3d model from M2:TW and render it into 2d KoH file to import it into the game. I remember a user NikeBG from Bulgaria and a user from Czech Republic called elvain, they were very active. Dont know if they read this new forum... Are there any other "old school" users 😄 ?? @frujin for sure 😄
  7. Yes. It was done the same way in the old KoH.
  8. Guys, I wanted to share an idea with you... This idea is like 15 years old 😄 Ever since I started playing KoH back in my teenage years, I wanted to be able to stimulate rebels with gold... So if Im playing with Bulgaria and I see that there is a byzantine rebel plundering the province of Solun, which is part of the Latin empire, I would love to be able to give him X amount of gold, so that the rebel army would get stronger and might capture Solun, restoring the Byzantine empire, which would weaken the latin emperor. Now, there are many ways for this to work: I imagine it this way - I should h
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