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  1. Would be much appreicated, because I unfortunatly never made it to watch a live stream. So the recorded versions are the best way to keep up and also inform friends of mine who might be interested in the game
  2. That's why people on the internet can't get along. So I hope this is just a silly joke.
  3. I have the same question. As I don't have the time to watch the Dev Diaries live on twitch, it was great to have the recordings on YouTube. I archieved them (the links to the YouTube recordings) on a friends Discord, as he is a fans as well and was also among the group of envited community members to test the first KOH, like myself.
  4. Hi there! When I heard about that KOH 2 is in development I was ver excited. Never thought that would happen, because sadly KOH did never get the attention like a Medieval Total War. And the publisher question is also a thing gamers are worried about, these days, and I have to admit I had no idea what to expect. Because some game publishers are pure business people and no gamers. But watching the dev diaries/streams it became clear, that not only Brad is a gamer himself, but that he actualy played the first KOH! Sothank you @THQN Brad And watching what games THQ Nordi
  5. Hello everyone! As you might know you can buy the first KOH on Steam (if it's on sale it costs close to nothing) but for reasons I don't know it only has englisch voice and text, and you can't change that. How ever, for of course our german speaking members, there is a solution integrate german voice and text. Side Note: You could wonder why I don'tz write this thread in german, in the first place. And the simple answer is, the forums language is english, so I respect that. Now the instruction : 1. Download the german voice and text files from here: https://www.moddb.c
  6. Sorry if this was already addressed, and I know it's just an artwork: BUT: Viking helmets had no horns! I know back then when the first KOH was developed it was still not common knowledge that those helmets with horns are pure imgination. Now with the that "Viking hype" that shows like Vikings and The Last Kingdom created, should know it better! 😉
  7. I'm a couple of days older, so I sadly can't remember everything back then. But good to know that some of the olf forum find their way to the new one. 🙂 I'm also happy that there even is a forum, because other developers rely more on twitter and facebook and I don't like neither the one or the other.
  8. Another suggestion I would like to make: Ina Dev Diary it was said that building will not change if you change a cities/regions culture. I would suggest that at least SOME building would change. Let's say that you play as an oriental "Kingdom" and you change the culture of a oxidental town. And maybe you want to build a mosque there. So that building shpuld be displayed accordingly. So some "flawor" of that change that makes sense. I don't expect that the whole town will change it's look because of a cultural change. IDk if this makes sense to you?
  9. Hello dear developers! Which thread do you read first, or at all this one or that?
  10. My 2nd suggestions is rather long. So Thank you in advance,t to the devs, if you read it! First of all, sorry if the suggestion I writ about was already mentioned in some way. I try to get as much info as possible, but it can happen that something slipped trough. So this suggestion is about to represent how ruleing an empire actualy worked in the medieval. Because normaly, regardless how high up the ladder a monarch was, he never ruled over everthying directly. He had Vasals! In KOH 1 as in KOH 2 you have your (game name giving) Knights, which represent the council ("Your
  11. I'd also like to give some suggestions or at least opinions. In this case it's about the siege topic. In the first KOH there was something that I did not like and I really hope you don't go for that in KOH 2. And that was the fact, that if you had brough 0 Siege equipment with you, you could still conquer a town, by breaking their gates with about any close combat unit you have. As in theory even a dagger can destroy wood, so even a thick city gate, it is nonsense, Because you really think the defenfers would not do everything possible to not let the gate break? So PLEASE m
  12. It's rather simple: Ask the community if they like to have it: If a reasonable number says yes and if it is not to much a pain in the rear or time consuming to develope, do it. BUT make an option to not have that Gunpowder in your tech tree, for those who don't like it. The weapon that made a difference, based on gunpowder, in the late medieval was more the cannon than the early musket, because it teared down more or less any wall in a rather short time. The early musket was still deadly, of course, but compared to later models very inaccurate. So you could say its shock effect
  13. Bora


    As I don't want to use a new questions thread I will use thise for my questions: First of all: As a fan and part of the old KOH community, I war aware of KOH 2 development early, however for reasons I can't explain I was aware very late about the existance of the Developer Diaries. So I beg you pardon, if I ask questions that you (the Devs) have ansered before. #1 As this game is considered to be "Sandbox" like, can you play, if you want to, your game in "eternity" as long as you haven't a victory condition (in the sense of any sandbox-playstile of every other game?) #2 In
  14. My 2 cents on this: Allow it but make an option that this techncology can not be developed, for those who don't want gunpowder weapons in their "late game".
  15. I'm not the publisher, but in the end they will sell it on the platform that will give them the best deal, because even if they love what they do, they don't do it for just they joy. They like to earn money and have to pay bills. As a customer I am ok with GOG and/or Steam. I would not like to see this game as scome fort of exclusive title for Epic. I really don't like Epic and I have my reasons for that.
  16. I was on the old KOH forum, too. Could be that I had a different Nickname, but I guess it was this.
  17. Germany/Holy Roman Empire, for immersion reasons. But I also tried others Nations. The Starting Locations always gives you different challenges
  18. Not a suggestion, but I wanted to give Credits say that the Dev Diaries are a good way to reach out to the community or possible new fans. I am glad that more and more companies in the video game industry open more up in the way how they communicate with their communities (I would guess that started with Games financed by Kickstarter) So keep it up, please! +thumbsup+
  19. I normaly do not preorder games anymore, but I make exceptions, if a game has earned my trust. And Knights of Honor II would be such. I was with the first KOH community, I had the luck to be invited for a "Closed Beta". Nor the version I tested of the final product disappointed, so it would be weird if KOH 2 would disappoint ! So beside testing, I would support the development with a preorder 🙂
  20. If the price seems fair I don't mind that! 😄 I also play Paradox games, but sometimes these guys ask for quite a lot just for some assets, but in the meantime they forget to maintain the game. So I hope this is NOT how THQ Nordic would handle it! 😉
  21. I am a fan of that idea, but I learned that such features are not easy to implement, especially if they also should affect the gameplay. But if Mods will be as well supported as announced, maybe a modder can add such a feature?
  22. Hello there! I'm "Bora"a KOH fan from Germany. I was with a group of invited Community members of the first KOH, that could "Beta Test" it (back then with Sunflowers as the games Publisher). So of course I am on board with Knights of Honor 2 Regarding games and other interests: I like different games (RPGs also JRPGs, Economy Simulations, "build up" games Flight Sims, sometimes also Sport games), but of course also RTS. The Medieval is one of my favourit settings, so of course Knights of Honor and Knights of Honor 2 get my attention. Pets: I don't have any, but I like cats and dogs a
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