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  1. I dont think your right, but if that is what they do I hope they do it well and fun 🙂
  2. Good question, I am also curious as to how long multiplayer will be. Age of Conquest IV is roughly 1.5-2 hours a game, have much longer than that makes it a bit difficult to do multiplayer. Also in multiplayer each faction should be somewhat even however they balance it so that it isn't just pick a certain country determines who wins
  3. Nooo dont do it, its a trap!
  4. One thing that was annoying was you could not zoom in and out on the main map, only the mini map could you zoom. Always had to scroll way over to where I wanted to go instead of just zooming out moving and zooming in. Same with battles, only one fixed position with no zoom so I couldn't see all troops.
  5. I tend to think that taking away focus from war and war strategy is not ththe best idea. I think if those other areas of economy, espionage and so forth are in the background and compliment war strategy it would make for a more fun multiplayer play. I dont think it would be much fun if you literally never fight a battle and win with money or espionage
  6. So I would not want the mechanics of conquering new lands to be to difficult or tedious. Always worrying about rebellions might not be fun. I think the more the game emphasize strategy with military like attacking and defending the better. To much time on city building and territory management makes more of s city developing game and less or a war game. Though some of that is fun. Medieval total war, the first one, had a good balance I believe and should be looked at for what they did. Last thing is it would be nice to see deeper levels of attacking and defending so that their are many different strategies and combinations of how to both, or just one or the other. Like be super good at defending so a small country might be able to hold off a large country, or at least hold them off for s good while. Would make for awesome multiplayer....excited 🙂
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