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  1. Or I think a better option is you pick and choose which battles to fight as main map will not be paused but continue. You can zoom from battle to main map, back and forth. Or if you want to focus only on battle have an AI marshal, prince, or governor take charge in your absence
  2. I am sure you thought this through already, but just in case, player testing might help with a whole slew of things to see what works and what doesnt. (Even if it's a closed beta)
  3. Reason being is I almost never used the defence stance in Koh, why would anyone attack you direct head on seeing in this stance. Unless they did an ambush stance/unseen. But with this you would have one more "unit" to play with that would need little or no attention. Plus you wouldnt have to fight it to take over province.
  4. I think a fortification would be cool actually, one that the player can place anywhere. Limit one per province or one per Capitol. Just a fort that would deter attacks from a specific route or country. Not super strong but strong enough to deter the enemy from attack for a while. Different than castles, they would be positioned by the player, take time to build or destroy,only 1 per province, and have a maximum amount of soldiers, and require upkeep
  5. I want elephants!!!! We must have elephants!!! Lol
  6. I agree one battle is enough. However I wonder if strategies like "scorched earth" (abondonging the province and breaking it down and making the populace unruly) would be possible. Or maybe leaving a spy or something that would excite rebellion. There could be more possible strategies for when you know you will lose a province to make it slow the enemy way down.
  7. Look at cyberpunk, that is perfect example of a good game that was rushed and could have been way better if released later. you are right we hope they don't take too long, there is the sweet spot of delay to make it great, and taking too long. I think if they get it released even if beta this year by the end then it will be in the sweet spot. being released next year would make me sad and frustrated.....though i'd still get it obviously 😉
  8. Thank you Frujin for commenting! Multiplayer is the biggest draw for me to this game, and I am glad to hear that there will be tuning and also hope it will be a good level of custimizability.
  9. So after hearing the new developments in Dev Diary 14, I was wondering if creators could make an option to turn settings on or off and include a lot of options. That way people can customize their games, and could work well for multiplayer. I mean to the fact of turning on and off rebellions, on or off opinions, on or off religion, and so forth to really be able to customize the grand campaign in single and multiplayer modes.
  10. what they could do is have every country start off with one province, then the rest of the provinces just be like rebels, there own nations
  11. I agree with you mate, I started another thread of suggestions with one of them being making the pace go faster, yet still retaining some elements. I hope they too can find a way to make multiplayer games that last less than 12hrs or some way to make good multiplayer
  12. I understand it can be done a little bit quicker, and that you can even purchase the finish if your rich, but to me it just takes too longs even with full workers 😞 and especially early game when hiring a build is very pricy especially when they aren't much use later game. Thank you for comment, I just still think its too slow all things considered
  13. After playing some more I really do think they could speed up how long buildings take and other things. Early game I keep building a building and putting it on 10xs speed and it still takes literally like a minute, and that's 10x speed!! thats like 10 minutes regular pace, or going at 2.0 its like 5 minutes or more. that's just waiting for a building to build. I shouldn't have to keep speeding up the game to 10xs speed, it should be playable and not boring with lots of waiting around twiddleing your thumbs and regular speed
  14. Bro that is a great idea especially for the new game. Old game yes would be nice for a mod, but new game would be awesome...especially with multiplayer in mind. That way there would be maps available for short, medium. and long games, great thinking brudda
  15. thank you for the feedback zerg 🙂 I like a lot of what you said and will comment back on 2. I really like late game hardness that other similarish games have, so I wish they would work on that. Cause after the initial hard start, it feels like im just coasting and what is the point without some struggle. 4,5. I literally found out about speed options a few hours after post lol, now i know. i wonder for multiplayer if they will have an option for what game speed you play at or something, but i really would like ideas on how to do multiplayer game speed because too slow means lot of people wont play as it takes too long... 6. yes option for an AI to province manage would be win win 🙂 7. yes zero tax, maybe more tax options in new game like levels from 0-5? I also want to use that money to pay off rebel armies and make then defend my lands or attack! that would be cool. 8. Hmm I do see points on limiting the number of characters like merchants, spies ext. , but I also like the idea of being a large or rich country being about to have a few more armies...well i guess well see 🙂 10. Ya i saw that option, but i don't want the world map to pause while I battle, I want to somehow be able to do important things on world map and battle if it is possible...especially for the sake of multiplayer. Couldn't stop the world map while others battle, and while they battle they shouldn't have to cripple their defense of economy. Thanks again for your feedback mate, if we don't speak our voices as the players how will we ever come to a consensus, or how will the game makers ever hear our opinions 🙂 PS: 11. I forgot to mention that as much as i like the intro, I really want an option to skip all the opening credits and so forth. Everytime is like literal minute of stuff i can't skip lol
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