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  1. I agree one battle is enough. However I wonder if strategies like "scorched earth" (abondonging the province and breaking it down and making the populace unruly) would be possible. Or maybe leaving a spy or something that would excite rebellion. There could be more possible strategies for when you know you will lose a province to make it slow the enemy way down.
  2. Look at cyberpunk, that is perfect example of a good game that was rushed and could have been way better if released later. you are right we hope they don't take too long, there is the sweet spot of delay to make it great, and taking too long. I think if they get it released even if beta this year by the end then it will be in the sweet spot. being released next year would make me sad and frustrated.....though i'd still get it obviously 😉
  3. Thank you Frujin for commenting! Multiplayer is the biggest draw for me to this game, and I am glad to hear that there will be tuning and also hope it will be a good level of custimizability.
  4. So after hearing the new developments in Dev Diary 14, I was wondering if creators could make an option to turn settings on or off and include a lot of options. That way people can customize their games, and could work well for multiplayer. I mean to the fact of turning on and off rebellions, on or off opinions, on or off religion, and so forth to really be able to customize the grand campaign in single and multiplayer modes.
  5. what they could do is have every country start off with one province, then the rest of the provinces just be like rebels, there own nations
  6. I agree with you mate, I started another thread of suggestions with one of them being making the pace go faster, yet still retaining some elements. I hope they too can find a way to make multiplayer games that last less than 12hrs or some way to make good multiplayer
  7. I understand it can be done a little bit quicker, and that you can even purchase the finish if your rich, but to me it just takes too longs even with full workers 😞 and especially early game when hiring a build is very pricy especially when they aren't much use later game. Thank you for comment, I just still think its too slow all things considered
  8. After playing some more I really do think they could speed up how long buildings take and other things. Early game I keep building a building and putting it on 10xs speed and it still takes literally like a minute, and that's 10x speed!! thats like 10 minutes regular pace, or going at 2.0 its like 5 minutes or more. that's just waiting for a building to build. I shouldn't have to keep speeding up the game to 10xs speed, it should be playable and not boring with lots of waiting around twiddleing your thumbs and regular speed
  9. Bro that is a great idea especially for the new game. Old game yes would be nice for a mod, but new game would be awesome...especially with multiplayer in mind. That way there would be maps available for short, medium. and long games, great thinking brudda
  10. thank you for the feedback zerg 🙂 I like a lot of what you said and will comment back on 2. I really like late game hardness that other similarish games have, so I wish they would work on that. Cause after the initial hard start, it feels like im just coasting and what is the point without some struggle. 4,5. I literally found out about speed options a few hours after post lol, now i know. i wonder for multiplayer if they will have an option for what game speed you play at or something, but i really would like ideas on how to do multiplayer game speed because too slow means lot of people wont play as it takes too long... 6. yes option for an AI to province manage would be win win 🙂 7. yes zero tax, maybe more tax options in new game like levels from 0-5? I also want to use that money to pay off rebel armies and make then defend my lands or attack! that would be cool. 8. Hmm I do see points on limiting the number of characters like merchants, spies ext. , but I also like the idea of being a large or rich country being about to have a few more armies...well i guess well see 🙂 10. Ya i saw that option, but i don't want the world map to pause while I battle, I want to somehow be able to do important things on world map and battle if it is possible...especially for the sake of multiplayer. Couldn't stop the world map while others battle, and while they battle they shouldn't have to cripple their defense of economy. Thanks again for your feedback mate, if we don't speak our voices as the players how will we ever come to a consensus, or how will the game makers ever hear our opinions 🙂 PS: 11. I forgot to mention that as much as i like the intro, I really want an option to skip all the opening credits and so forth. Everytime is like literal minute of stuff i can't skip lol
  11. 6. too much property management as i mentioned above, should be ways to focus more on military strategy if the player desires 7. quicker ways to make population happy, like giving money. I have tons of gold and nothing to spend it on...oh how I wish I could give it to the people so the populations would stop rebelling. when more than half the battles are just fighting uprisings it gets kinda annoying...id rather be fighting other countries more often then my revolting people, and the way to make people happy shouldn't take so long, or at least their should be quick options if you don't want it to take so long. 8. Unlimited armies, or maybe army number corresponds to territory? One you might need more armies if you are fighting multiple fronts or the tons of rebels...Two a super giant country should be able to have more armies than a tiny nation, hence military strategy on expanding. Suggestion is maybe have a separate category for military where it is limited to size of country/number of cities captured? 9. Military stratgies, I didn't delve into this much in my runs of KOH because simply didn't need too. I would like there to be more reward for military strategies both in battles, and mainly on the main map. There didn't seem much importance to this and I would like to see the varieties and rewards be better. 10. HUGE DEAL, when you are in battles there needs to be a way to somehow manage your empire on the world map as well, like delegate leadership to an official while you are in battle or something, especially if you are wanting to have multiplayer work. would be sad if you have to do an important battle but get super penalized because you can govern empire as well. Or also maybe have the option to fight battle, zoom out to map and govern, then zoom back in? PS: KOH is a good game, these are things i think could make KOH2 even better!!!!
  12. Just been playing as Wales, noticed a few things that I want to point out. 1. managing buildings. This one is big, once you get so many provinces it becomes tedious to go through and click each town and pick some random building, or even strategize a pick. It would be so nice if I could delegate my one of my knights or merchants to do the building for me and maybe tell them which way i want them to target building, like economical, or military, or so forth....or something. I want to spend my time with military and military strategy so maybe making options on having AI/knights do other things for you or something 2. To easy to get and stay powerful. The initial game is fun as you can be small and be at war with people and it's competitive, but then after a short while it seems super easy to make lots of money and other countries don't seem very powerful even if they are much larger than you. 3. Need to be able to zoom in and out on maps and main screen much more and easier, and on the battlefield so that you can see the whole battle and click on troops without having to move the camera every time. 4. Army movement should be much faster. It makes for times when you have nothing to do but wait for army to get somewhere....and this slows the game down very much. 5. Speed of game, it seems in my opinion that knights of honor does some timing really well, but other not well. I think the pace of the game could both speed up a lot, and also slow down. For example the army movement is very slow, which speeding up just a little bit would make the game go much faster. It is still better than total war which takes forever to win a campaign, but I guess what I am saying is that Knights of honor 2 needs to pick the speed of the game. Total war usually takes forever, so must be saved and is difficult for multiplayer as you can't play in one sitting realistically. On the other hand is Age of Conquest which is very rapid and games take about 2 hours. Knights of honor 1 seemed to have elements of both, but i think it could significantly be improved, so that a short game feels long, and so a long game would feel short. All in all the more I play the game the more I like it compared to other grand strategy, but i see some areas that could easily be improved and make the game go from a B+ to an A+. I will comment more when I encounter other things to improve on
  13. Well said William Blake. It is nice to discuss with someone else who seems to have looked into the same game genre and played some of them if not a lot. I never did the play by email, but don't think it would intrigue me. Total war series even if it was multiplayer multiple people I think is too slow after they went away from countries in medieval total war 1. I will hold on to hope as I love the idea of real time grand strategy, and I will hold onto hope even more that perhaps they will delve hard into multiplayer and make it work somehow, maybe with lots of options....who knows....but it will secretly be in my dreams at night 😉
  14. To be honest the multiplayer in KoH was at best like you said a nice bonus. The battles wouldn't be very hard to make multiplayer as games like Age of empires, total war series, and others have already laid great groundwork for multiplayer battles. But multiplayer campaign is a whole different animal. Correct me if I am wrong but there is no game that does grand strategy multiplayer. Total war series is only us to 2 player campaign, so not really multiplayer, Age of conquest IV and other risklike games lack depth and real battles, Age of empires lack the grand strategy concept, and crusader kings series and other dont make the game fun in my opion.
  15. Well you are probably right in your assertions. I understand it will take a lot of work and may be pretty difficult, but I still am hoping that they will make a great multiplayer campaign for easy fun and competition. I have played grand strategy and risk-like games enough to still dream of a good grand strategy with multiplayer. I am happy they look to be giving this a try, and I will happily offer my feedback whenever they ask 🙂 fingers crossed lol
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