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  1. If castles sieges were different than city sieges, it wouldn't be boring and tedious.
  2. It could be implemented in a similar way as we have seen in Crusader Kings 2, where the player must conquer other settlements such as Towns, Castles, Reinforced Monasteries to complete the conquest of the provence in question.
  3. I am lost for words. This is simply amazing. I would love to buy it if it was a real product!
  4. Interesting idea, it would be very fun to hop into a multiplayer game with a dozen people trying to conquer each other out via something simple such as only using x kind of unit or mechanic y and in that case it would be handy to have rebellions and other debuffs disabled. However that would probably be extra work for developers and it would probably be released as a DLC alongside other content.
  5. As we've read within the 14th DevDiary, they are currently experimenting with clergy and it will have different effects and mechanics depending on the kingdom's religion alongside common effects. We will most likely have an entirely different and new mechanic when it comes to crusades/jihads/holy wars.
  6. Arquiebusiers could have an accuracy debuff if they exist as a unit.
  7. If it exists in the game, It would be nice to buy technologies, some trade goods or maybe even units. I think It might be too overpowered but an option to buy a clearance to have your army stay in another city might be nice as well for a long campaign.
  8. Perhaps gunpowder artillery could be very strong but expensive siege units.
  9. It would be nice to have it on GoG and Steam at the same time.
  10. Oh I'm sorry I thought you were the creator of this thread.
  11. Why don't you just look up a guide on Youtube ?
  12. It's a dream come true for all of us certainly.
  13. I remember reading about modding tools so we'll surely have some mods to have a very detailed and complex game with certain mods if the community is active and big enough when the game comes out.
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