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Cloud shadows/weather effects in the game


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The first game had clouds that casted shadows onto the land which gave the game a nice depth effect.


Will KoH2 feature clouds or at least cloud shadows?

From all the screenshots I've seen, the land always is bright, locked in an eternal perfect cloudless green summer which is too uniform and boring to look at.

Will the game feature some weather effects like rain or wind, local storms with all those trees swaying in the wind a little?

I think all these would make the game more visually appealing and increase immersion.



If anyone else has any other examples of games with the same  bird's eye perspective that implemented clouds/weather effects, please do tell.





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I would love to see weather effects. Attrition is a must. Snow, Rain, Mud, Extreme heat everything should have an effect on armies, terrain and climate you just have to put that in a game as this.

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56 minutes ago, Lighthope said:

I agree wholeheartedly.  There needs to be weather that affects combat.  Summer, winter, local showers.

Would be really cool to see rain clouds, and snow clouds roll over areas and see tiny droplets of rain hit the ground, of course its unrealistic to see it from such high up, but it would add a sense of weather. And yes totally needs to be incorporated into giving armies bonuses or negatives. 

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If the devs can (and moreover want to add such deep into their game),

I would suggest some climate adaptation depending on the unit,

Light regiments would be really appropriate for arid areas,

an example among others, because I don't find it fun to use the exact same units to conquer absolutely everything, from cold lands to sand deserts, from mountains to marshes.

On one hand we have terrain, which we don't know the current effects ingame (if they have some), and on the other hand we have climate... which we know about even less. :classic_laugh:

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It would be great and North units should not be affected by winter and should have bonus when fighting in winter and snow so if anyone attacks Russia, Scandinavia, Baltic... during winter they would have a hard time even if they have number superiority and the same goes for the North units they should really struggle in the heat  and the Southerners should have same bonus for fighting in extreme warm/dry conditions.


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