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  1. Less channels for spamming the better, and like the previous member pointed few channels its okay
  2. Weather can be very cool mechanic which can bring much more realism and bonuses or debuffs around it!
  3. I like the idea for enemies to switch sides, so nice for if you want to make your games more entertaining. So for people who don't like it you can put a option pre game to remove it and like that both sides will be good with it. People who don't like it can switch it off and people who do like it can switch on pre game and both sides okay with it. :)))))
  4. Map Objects I really like you put the Pyramids on the map they look awsome on the pictures, I want to ask if you are going to put more natural objects on the map, and historic monuments like Stonehenge and more stuff like that they will be nice thing on the map, but they need to be sized well. Imagine fighting close to Stonehenge/Pyramids and yelling to your buddy "I'm fighting close to Pyramids, come help please", this kind of stuff will bring more entertaining to the player/s. There is a lot of Historic monuments and landmarks who can be put on the map. Love you guys for doing thi
  5. The music is nice keep the good work.
  6. There is chain command with shift if I remember correctly but if you played games like starcraft and stuff you just make them control groups and in this game you have the control groups like real time strategy. I hope the same mechanics will be used again and plus/minus extra once.
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