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  1. Why they're so many posts for war elephants. I don't think they would make a lot of sense if the map doesn't reach to India, would they?
  2. I would like to have it in Bulgarian and I would love to include it in the story that I am writing. So I am not disappointed but mostly delighted. :)
  3. It seems I was right. And by the way, would you like to create a medieval poem/song for khan Krum this time 😄 ? If yes, send me a message and I will give you more details about why I am asking
  4. I don't think this is the best approach as doing this may end up with some culture/religious groups having the feel that they are neglected or misrepresented. For me this sounds too broad and creates the the issue mentioned above. Even though the term "Pagan" might be correct from the eyes of a Christian medieval nation, from the perspective of the pagan is not, because the pagans are too different from each other in their beliefs, rituals, the gods they worship, etc. With that said, I can't agree with this: I would find this very repetitive and XP similar t
  5. That's because the religious dev diary is (finally/maybe) coming next week, eh?
  6. Dobrudzha or Karvuna, whichever exist in the late game. If these don't exist, or there isn't a late medieval period something like Naples or Tuscany, nah, I am kidding. - Bulgaria 😄
  7. well, there should be some trust in people that you play with, I wouldn't play with someone who is cheating lol
  8. It may be just me, but I don't like victory conditions. I would imagine to be more like relaxing play with another people together for fun, than a race to achieve something first, before the other players. This can be very easily solved with a mod, designed with multiplayer in mind, or just smaller map where players are closer to each other like England, Balkans etc. I think the smaller the map is the better experience will have for multi. I don't think it will be much fun to play with two people on the entire euro map - there will be no much difference than single player. On the othe
  9. I don't want to take a side in this, because I don't know if I am right or wrong but check this: (Old East Slavic: Киевское кънѧжьство, romanized: Kievskoe kniazhstvo, Russian: Киевское княжество, romanized: Kievskoe kniazhestvo, Ukrainian: Київське князівство, romanized: Kyivske kniazivstvo) So in my opinion if we refer to Old East Slavic as the oldest source - Киевское кънѧжьство probably should be called Kiev https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principality_of_Kiev
  10. I don't understand your point a lot, but I also asked this question a few months ago, probably the time has not come to reveal that. From my observations looks like is stretched from Morocco to Iran and goes as south as Ethiopia
  11. I don't like the idea the king, or the heir or prince to be appointed to do a job such as diplomat, trader, spy. On the other hand if the king has skill for spy, cleric, trader, this skill should be on a global management level and would be added as a global bonus on top of everything else. The only reasonable profession for me is the king to sit on his throne all day long or to lead armies in battle. For prince/heir - minor erands, diplomatic missions, battles could be possible. For second/third son - cleric is a good option. Also when the king is too old could retire to a monaster
  12. I can't agree with that. I would say it's the opposite. Players usually don't hire knight and rely only on family to avoid having spies. That's a huge improvement already. I want to send a spy to Rome to help me find the most corrupt candidate for a Pope. Then to use the spy for bribing other cardinals to support the chosen one on the election. And I would have a puppet Pope for as long as he or my king lives. Unless the pope finds an ally to help him get out of this scheme.
  13. Is it possible instead of saying castle near Leon these castles to have real names and to represent real castles? There are a few castles east of Lyon that may be good for these two on the map.
  14. Thanks for the idea. This will save a lot of time for image editing. Also cool images I like that you used game art for the buildings.
  15. 1-5 completed 6- yes but simple version 7- Canceled will do 8 instead I wouldn't expect anything else from Kjartan.....
  16. I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred and ... I am starting a small(ish) project to make an addon for the Britain mod from @GrafLaudan What you can expect from this project? 1. If you have played any of Laudan's mods you probably know that it's much harder to play and survive and there is much more fighting than usual. Especially if you start with a bigger kingdom is not much fun. I will keep the most of the difficulty tweaks from the mod with only one exception - you will be able to ally people if they like you - this is important for the setup. 2. I will update some of the names on
  17. This is a cool thing you did - you conquered everything but one province and at the end you became ireland just before you finished the game. Other than that this mod could use an update to Turn THIS into something like THIS Where you can have some sort of feudal order and coalitions (Saxons vs. Danes and the Others) to a certain level within the limits of KOH 1 There is always the question , of course, Would the end result and the UX would worth the time spend on doin that...
  18. Did you watch all dev streams? If not you can start watching them all from the beginning and you may find it, of course if yo know where are the videos... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY7YOSaI0JANgn1V_B6WhiU_4vyBNhsI- Videos are not visible for some reason. I found this playlist of 14 videos, but only the first is not private... weird. About that question, Brad said that seasons may be added as dlc in one of the first streams, nothing more or less..
  19. If I look close at this screenshot, it almost looks like there is a hierarchy order in these units. For example in the middle column I think we have the same type of unit - spearmen and the bottom one is a better version of the previous. So in my idea peasants would be LV0 and would upgrade to any type of LV1 units. After that, units from LV1 could be upgraded again to better versions of the same type of unit if you want.
  20. no i dont care about the release date as long it will release 😄, why you dont answer these questions yourself?
  21. Interesting questions: Do you care about multiplayer at all? - Maybe not a lot because I don't have a lot of time to commit but will see. How long do you think a multiplayer game should be? 15 minutes, 30, an hour, several hours? - With what I said above, I think multiple sessions - save reloads each session, sessions are 3-5 hours each - this is my expectation How many people players do you think a game should have to be interesting for you? 1 on 1, 2 on 2, many vs many? - depends on the people who live in the same time zone or close and have similar schedule like me.
  22. Zooming out with mouse scroll could eventually bring you above the clouds, but during game I don't see any possible reason why would you do this. Just to sit and enjoy the view.
  23. Indeed. Peasants will be happy to go home, recruits on the other hand would become unemployed soldiers Yes, after I posted and saw the first comments realized that combining XP and building requirements is very bad idea. Besides all said in the comments player will be very often in the annoying situation when have all required buildings to upgrade an unit but the unit doesn't have XP. So he will end up deleting the unit to recruit the better one. But I haven't thought about that earlier. I can't edit my first post anymore so if someone reads it in the future, pls ignore everythin
  24. I didn't say that you have to train always the lowest possible unit level and train it. That would be inefficient in mid and late game. And maybe XP doesn't fit well in KOH and creates more bugs than helps. Look at the same process but ignore everything that involves XP. You hire Recruit in the beginning of the game because you usually don't have the required buildings and when you build them you go to town and upgrade the unit. The cost would be the same as you would pay to recruit the unit but you save the manpower. If your unit has 50% health you may pay also 5
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