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  1. In an age of instant gratification and unwarranted entitlement, seeing all this "when will it release" question over and over again, is not surprising. It's not like this is is the only game on planet Earth soon to release or released. More, I would advise you to wait at least 6 months since the release of this game. Because nowadays, the industry standard is to release buggy games at launch and fix them along the way with the help of the community. But if you want to be an unpaid beta-tester and accumulate frustrations, go for it! 🙂
  2. I think that the faces/portraits in Knights of Honor II are 3D and are randomly generated. I would also want to be zoomed in like in KoH1 but maybe that would reveal imperfections in the 3D models and this is the reason they're zoomed out. The portraits in KoH1 were all hand drawn, every one of them has a unique flair with identifiable features/grimaces/mimics. The 3D portraits will never rival that. I don't know why they opted for the 3D route. I see they have capable and talented 2D artists. A low fidelity 2D portrait (for higher number in portraits) but with per
  3. Where are the past dev diaries? I tried to view some of the past dev diaries on youtube and now they're labeled as private. What is the motivation behind this?
  4. The silent majority is code for people who don't throw a fit because KoH2 is too similar to Knights of Honor 1 and don't go sperging about it after seeing just a short clip and emphatically declare the game is atrocious and it will fail commercially because it's not tailored along their tastes, hopes and dreams. Something valuable is always to be had but not as valuable as the beta feedback from players that will actually play the game and will experience it AS A WHOLE.
  5. ^ hey devs! If you do that, I am not buying this game. Even from the bargain bin, several years down the road. 🙂 😛 It seems we're in that phase where some people are very upset the game is not exactly the one they dreamed up in this pandemic, after watching just short clip. And by invoking their wishes the game to do well, they think that throwing near tantrums and acting entitled, is the way to go. To devs: the best way to hurt your game is designing it by "forum commission". My advice to you is not about gameplay mechanics, but to stay true to your vision
  6. But it isn't supposed to receive a benefit by maintaining a siege. 🙂 And isn't this the purpose of a castle? To buy time, call reinforcements, etc?
  7. Hello! The first game had clouds that casted shadows onto the land which gave the game a nice depth effect. Will KoH2 feature clouds or at least cloud shadows? From all the screenshots I've seen, the land always is bright, locked in an eternal perfect cloudless green summer which is too uniform and boring to look at. Will the game feature some weather effects like rain or wind, local storms with all those trees swaying in the wind a little? I think all these would make the game more visually appealing and increase immersion. If anyone else has
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