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  1. Can you explain more clearly how a leader for a crusade is selected? Does the leader come from your current Royal court Knight's? One of my biggest angers in KOH 1 was not having control of my marshals when the pope called them into a crusade, because more then often my 5 star marshal would just find a way to suicide. Have you considered this?
  2. Maybe instead of having a nobility relationship category which reflects how all your royal court knights feel about you, has personalized relationships with each individual royal court knight been considered? This would give a closer and more personal feeling with your royal court Knights. You can still have nobility modifiers affect your entire royal court of knights and their feelings to you, but also individual events could create more unique relationships with your Knights on a 1 to 1 basis. A closer model to crusader Kings , however since there are only ever 9 royal Knights at a time, thi
  3. P.S. P.S your not first again 😉
  4. So, is it to be understood that the dungeon is still attached to the royal court, such that imprisoned Knights take up royal court space? This was actually a function of KOH 1 which I did not enjoy. Also I fully agree with adding the functionality of inviting abandoned enemy knights into your kingdom. As I was reading this post this was my first thought, when you mentioned Knights could be abandoned.
  5. Hi guys, exciting to see the options for multiplayer. I see you ignored discussing in-depth on the multiplayer diplomacy and espionage, can you elaborate into these topics, what differences do they have compared to single player are they completely different or do they share very similar mechanics?
  6. What actions can you take as a player to prevent enemy spies from brideing your knights? Or in other words. What determines the likely hood of an enemy spy bribeing your knights?
  7. LOL Why are you quoting me in this?
  8. Would be really cool to see rain clouds, and snow clouds roll over areas and see tiny droplets of rain hit the ground, of course its unrealistic to see it from such high up, but it would add a sense of weather. And yes totally needs to be incorporated into giving armies bonuses or negatives.
  9. Points I like: Separate out peasants and recruits. This is a great idea, I love the feel if gives to the units too. When you disband your units go into mercenaries or rebel groups, sounds like an amazing and cool idea!!! Absolutely approve. Losing opinion points and or some economy with the peasantry when you call them up sounds great!!! I would also add an important point, that unlike recruits peasants shouldn't join mercenaries nor bandits. Completely agree with William that pathing the unit upgrades so narrowly locks us in too much, it should only be a matter of buildi
  10. If your manpower replenishes slowly then that province wont have much manpower to draw upon. Yes you may be able to squeeze out a unit more or two, but that doesnt equal huge army spam.
  11. I think ur absolutely correct. It may even be balanced by simply having larger consumptions on manpower. More then 1 way to skin a cat.
  12. Obviously there is a balance for how long a unit should take to build.. To not slow the pace of the game. But its clear that the unit build time should be w.e time it takes to prevent army spamming, in the circumstance when 1 huge army stack wipes you (battletime) and then goes straight for the town center (travel time) and seige time. So rough estimate ( battletime+traveltime to town+siege time = time to build units)
  13. Sorry if I didnt make my self clear or if I still dont understand you, what I was arguing for is an auto resolve system similar to EU4, where All of the battles outcome is determined by interesting effects prior to combat. In your first example, depending on how you take the engagement would change the outcome. See my comment above about, weather, surprise, hills, defense stance ect.... You can have very deep and dynamic engagements without having to micromanage the auto resolve EU4 and HOI have this. I believe KOH 2 should also follow suit, because as you mentioned above during multiplayer de
  14. You can make it so when you recruit they will travel to your army once they are ready. Also I dont see your exploitable problem as that big a problem. Yes players could do that, but then you as a player should know when it is safe to recruit and when not to. If anything it just adds strategic planning to the game of when you should recruit and not. Also I state again that the point is to prevent army spam.
  15. Of course I would never argue for multiplayer to have completely different battle mechanics then single player. I think everyone here agrees to that. "ALL battles would have no player input." I think you need to be more specific with that statement. Cause things that happen outside of the battle specifically can be very interesting and might give enough depth to satisfy players in multiplayer (consider battle engagements in EU4 where you tehcnically have no mechanic to do other then retreat once a battle starts, but before the battle you can do soooo many different things to increase your odds
  16. I have read through everything and wrote down the main points in my own words, I have organized them slightly and given my own opinion on each one. Good Luck. Economy Point 1: Settlements are fixed and their production is static. Improvements likely will be quickly decided based on the main settlement type. The generation of the settlements determines the appropriate action the player should take on improving their province. More freedom is desired then just maxing out starting fixed conditions. Opinion: I understand the concern, and I think the Point 2 offers a quick fix whic
  17. Dear god there is soo much to read.. I feel sorry for you.
  18. If time is the problem, with the cheezing, just make it so recruiting a general will take a minute or something, before he gets spawned in. Done problem solved. no more ability for someone to just spawn an army close by when a unfavorable engagement occurs. Also I you seem to indicate both that you dont want long battles because you hate the idea of reinforcement, but then offer having long battles as a solution to the intense micro management that will likely follow with the attack phase system you wish to introduce. Unfortunately you cant have it both ways. But as a solut
  19. Idunno that unit is fully healed so that still could be the fractional amount. But I am inclined then to believe you are correct, but it is still speculation.
  20. I dont know if dividing up the garrison into flanks makes much sense? But I do think your ideal for flanks and attack phases may be a nice thing to implement. Might take a decent amount of balancing before they can get it working in a good way. I dont know how I feel about different army speeds being dependent on food production. I see the problem your trying to solve, but I am worried about the large micro management which will be added by players constantly jumping back and forth for speed boost toggle. But then again since you will only ever have maybe 6 armies max, maybe it isnt too t
  21. Its more about the time to respond which can be larger then the siege time, (at least this was the case in KOH 1 when your empire gets big and being able to move onto other objectives and not getting setback by a quick capture. Basically a surprise attack on a larger Kingdom that doesn't expect it, or using the line of sight blockers to quicker sneak up to a castle or town and capture it before the enemy can shuttle their army to defend. It also makes for fun multiplayer hidden army shenanigan's. Of course if ur army is already in position to defend, then it makes almost no difference ha
  22. Interesting Comments - At (36min43s) We notice the garrisoned units can only be 5 instead of 6 as was the case in KOH 1. At anytime, we see a crown and two hands on the bottom left of the screen. What is that? At (37min48s) we see something called Kinship at the bottom right in the politics tab. What is that? Some sort of additional boost to relations if you have a dynasty member in another kingdom? At (39min4s) we see that battle engagements start with a timer, that I assume will resolve to auto resolve the battle if the player doesn't get to them in time. This is a nice fea
  23. Comments to William Blakes Comments. 1) Economy - Yes they modelled their economy similar to what has been done in KOH 1, if you liked KOH 1 then I dont see how you are so upset about the economy shown here. Unless you have never played KOH 1? Or you hate KOH 1? Then why are you following the development of KOH 2? lol ( just a side note) 2) Trade- Perhaps it is done like that because there will be other bonuses that come into the picture if you trade with Friends and Allies, gold isnt the only worth wild resource that is acured from trade. Perhaps one can trade with someone whom give
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