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  1. Lol I doubt they will answer that just due to name calling non-sense, and this question has already kinda of been answered. KOH2 is going to be a kind of blend between something like Total War and something like Europa Universalis. So depending on how well KOH 2 is, it will likely draw players from those two games/genres since many people find Europa to be too complex, and like the instant action battles of Totalwar series, but Total war is not complex enough and is often poorly designed ect... So KOH2 will likely fill a nice niche hole between these two giants. Will it be better then those games? Well man your on KOH 2 forum soo hell ya!!!! KOH 2 will be better !!! 😜
  2. So if I understand you correctly, the borders are static, but the components within the borders are quite dynamic? So settlements, populations and resources all move around to some degree?
  3. You mentioned that provinces do not have defined sizes nor strengths, being this is the case are provincial borders going to be dynamic or static in the game? Will the player be given the ability to expand or shrink the provincial boundary of a certain province, or are provincial borders locked for the entirety of the game? If you say dynamic please explain further.
  4. Really? Like the discussion is about numbers here. There were virtually no women as generals and as leaders, thats just history. Its silly to cite the few rare exceptions such as Joan of Arc or Queen Elizabeth or cleopatra when the vast majority of high leading positions was men. Just because women are starting to occupy high positions in 2020, doesnt mean they occupied high positions in the medieval period. And to be honest, I find it kinda insulting. Like why do you think the women's suffrage movement even took place? If women had opportunity in the medieval times to occupy high positions why bother with womens suffrage?? It just seems like a no brainer to me to say women didnt occupy any high positions in history until about the +1900. Like all the history and science I have learnt has made that clear to me, and im fairly confident that most historians would agree. Anyways I am not going to argue this more. I have confidence that if KOH2 developers say that they are trying to be close to history, then I dont expect to see any women in the game. Its like what happened in Kingdom Come Deliverance when someone asked the developer why there are no black people in his game. He reply was something along the line of ; " Because there are no black people in Hungary in the medieval period, if you want to make a game like that you can go right ahead. But I am making a historically accurate game. "
  5. @Waly If KOH1 is any true to history, women wont play much of any role in a medieval Europe. Thats just how things were. Be glad you live in 21st century with womens liberation. But dont try to re-write history and pretend like women played important parts in medieval history. There might be some marriage and management with dynasties. But I would be very unhappy if they try to make women generals, and leaders.
  6. One mechanic from KOH1 that I think was well designed and seemed to be at the core of the game was the city population resource. In KOH1 it was relatively simple, building army units would consume it, and having low pops would lead to a lower economic output of that city creating an interesting balance between spamming units and having a strong economy. In KOH2 I have noticed there seems to be new pop types. Could you comment on the function of the new pops and what strategic mechanic you hope to achieve with pop types? P.S Really excited
  7. I actually just checked my account and for w.e reason all my playthroughs are gone, I guess I didnt save them or something. But I had a few so im really confused about it.
  8. Stephane, dedicated fan to KOH. From Canada, but currently living in Norway. Mostly strategy, but I have played all sorts of games. And yes I have put my hours into KOH. Did some recent run throughs and they are posted on my twitch, as I noticed there were no archived KOH plays on twitch, that I could find.
  9. KOH also had an amazing sound track. I think game designers really underestimate the importance of a good soundtrack. Too often the sound tracks are just plainly bad.. Then there are soundtracks that are good but too short, so they end up being annoying after hours of gameplay. Then there are soundtracks which are long enough and good, and those are the ones I always love and get nostalgic when I hear them again by accident. ( I never encountered a too long soundtrack that I didnt like). I have also experienced games which connect the soundtrack to game actions, this I find very engaging, but can be done poorly where the sound track is just cut off and the next song is played. Anyways, graphically KOH was also beautiful for the time it came out. I was playing it recently and the graphics are still very nice to look at. I think here the importance is to have graphics which are roughly speaking, flushed out with the whole game and other graphics in the game. So there is no mismatch between graphical features of the game. This makes it so the player gets sucked in to the games graphical world. When there is mismatch it kinda breaks the acceptance of those graphics. KOH was nearly perfect with this. The combat and grand strategy mix was indeed probably the best game play selling point. So I agree with Zyddie on that. There could be more polishing with sub units within each, but as a collective the battles and grand strategy worked together really well in general. Finally the voice acting of KOH must be mentioned as it was amazing. Some of the most memorable comments and just great sounding voices. Can always use more voice statements. Could be interesting to use a voice generator with scripted lines. That way you could get the voice you want and have a shit ton of statements..
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