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  1. That's why we have Crusader Kings 3 for and KOH 1 or 2 is just for fun
  2. That's a big minus in my opinion but I also hope that it could be added in a DLC- P.S - Can you share a link where they said that or a video?
  3. After all the "DevDiary" Images and now Gameplay video one thing bother me and that is I see no sign of weather seasons, which means no weather effects in the game but I hope I'm wrong and so maybe next "DevDiary" it will be dedicated to "weather conditions"
  4. It would be great and North units should not be affected by winter and should have bonus when fighting in winter and snow so if anyone attacks Russia, Scandinavia, Baltic... during winter they would have a hard time even if they have number superiority and the same goes for the North units they should really struggle in the heat and the Southerners should have same bonus for fighting in extreme warm/dry conditions.
  5. I would love to see weather effects. Attrition is a must. Snow, Rain, Mud, Extreme heat everything should have an effect on armies, terrain and climate you just have to put that in a game as this.
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