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  1. Interesting! Both gameplays look cool and a bit more diverse than in KoH1. Can't wait to hear from the team in next devstream, and to dive more into that topic! Several questions: - Will Papal States be playable? - If the Pope owns Rome and another province, but eventually lose Rome, does the Papacy still disappear? Does the Papal States remain? - Will it be easy to add and modify Religious Centers, so that catholic clerics do not only go to Rome, but also for example to Santiago de Compostella, or to Canterbury? Same for Orthodox, with Antioch or Mount Athos for ins
  2. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign - Judicates Dev Diary #3 : Teambuilding Hello there, and welcome to the third development diary of Judicates. We hope you are fine during these first days of Autumn, or Fall, as the 'mericans say. In the previous diary, I was expecting to write a topic on a new region of the map, but instead, the mod made a nice progression, and its map, though necessary, is not the only thing that matters. Today, we're going to dive into a sort of subreality, on which rest great hopes. Without further delay, let's talk ab
  3. The devs explained they didn't want too much sort of empty land (or very large provinces which weren't that much populated). So yes, map expansion would be great, but only if essential I think. By the way, the map link does not work for me, it seems the picture has been removed... I hope I didn't provoke any feeling of shame or blame to the team, because of my post. It wasn't the purpose. It just amused me to see how tiny Arabia was! I hope the devs laughed with us... To be frank, they probably did. 🤗
  4. Wow! I never noticed how much developpers meant they distorded Arabia's peninsula...
  5. Thanks! Glad it pleases you! Map progress is still on work, and there aren't many regions that have been explored, apart from Sardinia and Sicily. Though I could say which will be maps' edges (it has been uncertain for several months), I'll keep it secret for now, because we're still on early stage of mod development. Yet, it is possible that this region may appear in the future...
  6. Interesting dev diary ! Indeed, that would be very cool to add this feature about inviting knights that have been abandonned by their kingdoms. I don't know for the western part of Europe, but in the East, the Greeks used it a lot (that's part of espionnage war in which they excelled). Also, I have a question... what are the conditions for a knight to betray you ? Is it only when he's a foreign spy, or is it also if the relation between him and you doesn't shine ? What do you think about adding a character opinion / loyalty modifier ? Would you find it's a good idea ?
  7. That's pretty true, I find the original portraits are reflecting unique faces, easy to differentiate from one another, while it's more blurry (blurred ?) in KoH2. I also prefer the original colors encircling portraits, same argument.
  8. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign - Judicates Dev Diary #2 : The Mediterranean keystone Hello everyone, and welcome to the second development diary of Judicates. I hope you're doing well ! Please, take a seat : today, we're going to focus on a specific region that always had a great importance. First of all, this very diary is coming several months after the previous one, and I apologize for that, because that was not my initial plan. Reflexions, other map making works and IRL issues slowed down this proje
  9. If the devs can (and moreover want to add such deep into their game), I would suggest some climate adaptation depending on the unit, Light regiments would be really appropriate for arid areas, an example among others, because I don't find it fun to use the exact same units to conquer absolutely everything, from cold lands to sand deserts, from mountains to marshes. On one hand we have terrain, which we don't know the current effects ingame (if they have some), and on the other hand we have climate... which we know about even less.
  10. True, these are reactions, but the game is still on works (and in its state, I may have been wrong about a possible release in autumn). Dev team has already been very nice by showing us this teaser, I think we're midway to release date, but from what we saw, and from all the current published diaries, it's improving. I... suppose naval gameplay and everything related to it will be set in one dev diary ? Let's hope so. At least, we're expecting the next one to be about espionage ! Yes, we're going far with this vision range idea. I won't be bothered if it stays like in KoH 1. It's onl
  11. Hello there, Like many people, I watched the Dev Talking number 17 and liked it a lot, indeed, because of the gameplay footage (which led to a long, passioning discussion initiated by William Blake), but also because of the game's mechanics explained in the first half of the Live. I will present some reactions about both of those elements. Part 1 The different types of settlements have been presented and it does make sense to have villages, crop farms, temples and forts (with their variations, like mines, cattle farms, etc). I cherished another settlement type, coa
  12. Couldn't explain better than that ! 🤗 The point was to give player flexibility, freedom of choice, since he's meant to reign.
  13. Since I cannot react anymore with buttons on display for each comment for the rest of the day, I just want to share quick thoughts and impressions. First, thank you Frujin, for the time you invest reading this topic, that means a lot. Totally agree with you, the game (to my mind) seems like a scientific experience on course because the team seems to explore everything it can do (and it's great !). I wished there was not that much "image proof" and talking over it done by everyone (I promise I won't do that in my reactions topic), because the excess of doing it reveals ignorance, as
  14. Thanks William for sharing us a full explanation of your thoughts, I really appreciate this (though I represent only myself), and thanks everyone for this (long) conversation. I better see your POV and your suggestions, and in truth I wanted to propose you to give them when I wrote my first message. That's how we can make this game progress and question the devs team about each mechanic's pertinence. I won't quote everyone's speech because there's much to read (a bit too much sometimes, so please everyone, try to keep this simple !). So : I find the army stance a good thing to a
  15. Dear William, I read your point of view and came to the same conclusion than Ivory Knight. Really, I appreciate your thoughts because you always go deep into matters and show the devs, and show us, key elements we didn't see, and though I do not always agree, I estimate what you share with great value. I have to admit on the very beginning of the demonstration, I was like a bit deceived, because it was not like car's explosions and all. But the video caught my interest, and I was quite calm and quite curious at the same time. I didn't notice every single thing, I paid attentio
  16. They'll be there from the start of the game. But IF the game was a bit different, with the ability to build and destroy settlements, and to place them strategically (as for castles), then yes, the building of castles would be nice, if you had'nt to wait decades ! I have to admit I'm really curious about castles' behaviours and how to improve them via town buildings. Yup, and it'll be the same for other places on the map. Still the shape of the island is far better than in the first game ! I wonder if the devs intend to make copper a locked natural province good for it... I would apprec
  17. Well, there are certain mechanics which were useful in the early game, and sacking settlements was part of that, otherwise they did not fit well for middle and late game. I would very like indeed to play with such possibilities, and I even thought of making that available, but let's be honest, this is not Age of Empires, or Crusader Kings. The number of settlements in each provinces and their random specificity is core to Knights of Honor. This game steps in the middle between high realism, like in Paradox games, known for that, and casuality, like RTS games. Still, a mechanic like des
  18. That is the kind of diary I personnally waited for, and I didn't expect that it would be released this very month. So thanks a lot ! It lightens the game mechanics, and their evolutions from the first opus, that's quite interesting. I've noticed the number of buildings seems to have been reduced, so I guess that matches with the will of improving certain buildings, following certain "trees", possibilities, and making each building and settlement more strategic than it was in the first Knight of Honor ? If it's the case, it's promising. By the way, this island of Cyprus is kinda
  19. Thank you too ! Absolutely, there will be more provinces to come, as I even said it in the end of this very diary ! :-) Actually, at first, I hesitated at publishing all of this, because I thought it would be just a small map mod. It's by working on it I felt it could be enhanced, and since, I recalculated several times the total area. It's a matter of fixing the most appropriate map borders, while offering the player an immersive experience, and it can only be done by exploring the possibilities !
  20. Obviously, the game isn't released yet, and we're already projecting our thoughts on something we barely know... Let's not forget whatever the thoughts we have, they are to be helpful for the game developpers. Any critique has its place, as long as it stays cordial. There have been discussions in diaries, if I remember well, about the ability for the player to customize its own game, with many options available. We haven't seen them properly, but all we can do is trust the team. And if there is to signal bugs, errors, mistakes, the developpers are all ears ! They have no interes
  21. Thank you ! I hope the more I'll publish these diaries and express the vision of the mod, the more the audience will grow, because the map above is only a small portion of the total area (30 times larger) ! Stay tuned. :-)
  22. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign - Judicates Dev Diary #1 : Presentation Greetings, and welcome to the presentation and first development diary of Judicates, a module in preparation by Calliope for Knights of Honor II: Sovereign. Judicates was born some years ago as an inspiration of custom maps made for the original Knights of Honor game. It dates back to a time when I drafted highly detailed modern day maps centered on several regions of Western Europe, that I know better than the rest of the world, sin
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