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  1. Greetings, dear Brad, dear devs, and dear fellow fans! First I want to say I wish everyone's great and has had good holidays! I'm so happy with what is published there, about the many different ways to configurate a game... I love especially kingdoms descriptions, it can truly help a player when choosing a kingdom! By the way, is a kingdom's description the same for the three starting dates, or not? And if not, can it be modded so there may be three different descriptions? 😄 The minimap, and all the visuals, even if they might be on works, they all look gorgeous, it's still so pleas
  2. I agree with your post, and especially with these lines, except for the last one. But only a personal preference (to rule is to choose what you can, and compose with what you can't choose).
  3. Considering the map, maybe paganism could be split into two branches: a "Nordic" or "Eurasian" one, and an "African" one. The first could mix Norse, Romuva (I think that was Lithuania's religion before they converted to catholicism) and Tengri (Mongolian) faiths, the second one could represent the fetishist realms of Africa. I think that would be cool and add even more depth, while keeping things simple. Actually, current paganism reflects the "Eurasian" non christian or muslim faiths. If the devs like this idea, and if they have time and resources to spare, things may evolve this way... or an
  4. It's great to see this new part in the game, fantastic! It feels like playing all three major religion groups will feel exciting though with different gameplays, I love it! By the way a small question about modding: for instance, if I wanted to add another faith (in one of these religion groups), how easy would it be? Because I may have an idea for the time period... 👀 Thanks again for this dev diary, indeed the content is very promising!
  5. As William said, the game implies a lot of work. And as many said, one of the problems usually is the lack of communication. But when we ask questions, sometimes we get answers, and we got them recently, about what was going on. Given the discussions on the Discord server, especially the precisions Veso/Frujin brought us, KoH2 is not abandoned at all. And that's good news! Though I wouldn't be against another devblog. :-) Same as William, from what we know, and from what we see, there are chances the game will be released next summer (mast spring, I expected it to happen in spring 2022
  6. Interesting! Both gameplays look cool and a bit more diverse than in KoH1. Can't wait to hear from the team in next devstream, and to dive more into that topic! Several questions: - Will Papal States be playable? - If the Pope owns Rome and another province, but eventually lose Rome, does the Papacy still disappear? Does the Papal States remain? - Will it be easy to add and modify Religious Centers, so that catholic clerics do not only go to Rome, but also for example to Santiago de Compostella, or to Canterbury? Same for Orthodox, with Antioch or Mount Athos for ins
  7. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign - Judicates Dev Diary #3 : Teambuilding Hello there, and welcome to the third development diary of Judicates. We hope you are fine during these first days of Autumn, or Fall, as the 'mericans say. In the previous diary, I was expecting to write a topic on a new region of the map, but instead, the mod made a nice progression, and its map, though necessary, is not the only thing that matters. Today, we're going to dive into a sort of subreality, on which rest great hopes. Without further delay, let's talk ab
  8. The devs explained they didn't want too much sort of empty land (or very large provinces which weren't that much populated). So yes, map expansion would be great, but only if essential I think. By the way, the map link does not work for me, it seems the picture has been removed... I hope I didn't provoke any feeling of shame or blame to the team, because of my post. It wasn't the purpose. It just amused me to see how tiny Arabia was! I hope the devs laughed with us... To be frank, they probably did. 🤗
  9. Wow! I never noticed how much developpers meant they distorded Arabia's peninsula...
  10. Thanks! Glad it pleases you! Map progress is still on work, and there aren't many regions that have been explored, apart from Sardinia and Sicily. Though I could say which will be maps' edges (it has been uncertain for several months), I'll keep it secret for now, because we're still on early stage of mod development. Yet, it is possible that this region may appear in the future...
  11. Interesting dev diary ! Indeed, that would be very cool to add this feature about inviting knights that have been abandonned by their kingdoms. I don't know for the western part of Europe, but in the East, the Greeks used it a lot (that's part of espionnage war in which they excelled). Also, I have a question... what are the conditions for a knight to betray you ? Is it only when he's a foreign spy, or is it also if the relation between him and you doesn't shine ? What do you think about adding a character opinion / loyalty modifier ? Would you find it's a good idea ?
  12. That's pretty true, I find the original portraits are reflecting unique faces, easy to differentiate from one another, while it's more blurry (blurred ?) in KoH2. I also prefer the original colors encircling portraits, same argument.
  13. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign - Judicates Dev Diary #2 : The Mediterranean keystone Hello everyone, and welcome to the second development diary of Judicates. I hope you're doing well ! Please, take a seat : today, we're going to focus on a specific region that always had a great importance. First of all, this very diary is coming several months after the previous one, and I apologize for that, because that was not my initial plan. Reflexions, other map making works and IRL issues slowed down this proje
  14. If the devs can (and moreover want to add such deep into their game), I would suggest some climate adaptation depending on the unit, Light regiments would be really appropriate for arid areas, an example among others, because I don't find it fun to use the exact same units to conquer absolutely everything, from cold lands to sand deserts, from mountains to marshes. On one hand we have terrain, which we don't know the current effects ingame (if they have some), and on the other hand we have climate... which we know about even less.
  15. True, these are reactions, but the game is still on works (and in its state, I may have been wrong about a possible release in autumn). Dev team has already been very nice by showing us this teaser, I think we're midway to release date, but from what we saw, and from all the current published diaries, it's improving. I... suppose naval gameplay and everything related to it will be set in one dev diary ? Let's hope so. At least, we're expecting the next one to be about espionage ! Yes, we're going far with this vision range idea. I won't be bothered if it stays like in KoH 1. It's onl
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