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  1. It might also be interesting to be able to follow their royal lineage and maybe incorporate that into the game some how? Like trading lineages for money and land? Idunno.
  2. LOL Its all good Yavor. What is the general age of death for "court members" (We calling them knights now? or Court members?). It can be annoying for an experienced court member to quickly die after recently maxing off his leveling. What was the goal with regards to this game play experience? Do you want it so that after maxing a character by natural experience they die off due to age, or can you max a character in quicker time such that the court member will stick around for a reasonable number of years?
  3. Idunno, things that change the game I feel should be kept as updates. DLCs should really be things that dont change the mechanics of the game. (W.e) that is. I see DLCs as a money grab by companies who see how to improve on their game but dont want to roll it out as an update for free, and instead charge a fee for it.. Basically this is the model for EU4. I get that the company wants to make money, but I suggest there are better was then DLCs (that change mechanics). DLCs ruin games for many people.
  4. Darn beaten again...... I am liking what I am hearing from this post, that the music changes with game action and setting. One thing not really mentioned is how the transitions are made? I have always wanted a game to explore the idea of making the sound track feel as if it was one long piece to give the illusion that the song never changes. Are the tranitions simply fade in and fade out transitions? Or do you musically connect the transitions to make the music feel more fluid and connected giving the illusion that no transition has taken place? Also how many hours of songs are we looking at the present moment? For sure the more the better, as long gaming hours really make any soundtrack boring after enough time.
  5. Additionally this could work even without forcing autoresolve on every battle. Manual battles could be shared by the co-op players, or even made such that the co-op player takes control of the enemy units. There are multiple ways to skin a cat.
  6. Sorry I was a bit late to the posting. My question is: Is it possible for the rebels to not only form new kingdoms and join existing ones but to maybe start some sort of political, social or cultural revolution? I am of course making an homage to the French and English Revolutions. But it could be very fun to see huge rebellious armies taking control of the kingdom and radically changing a bunch of laws or the equivalent. P.S I am very impressed with the development aim on making rebellions more engaging and interesting compared to the first game. This sounds like it will make a great improvement over the first. EXCITED !!!!
  7. When you assimilate a province does the culture of that province change or is there a mechanic which is separate for culture changing? Also, if that culture does change or there is a way to change a culture of a province, does the building style of the province change accordingly to fit the cultural change? Thanks again for always answering my questions Brad and Veso.
  8. With regards to the upgrading of units and whether or not to keep this feature, I think this is something which I enjoy having knowing that my units are slightly more better then another because of the battle experience. However I completely agree with the concern that players might play specifically to keep those units alive and lead down a play style that isnt fun. I am currently playing banerlord and this is exactly what is happening to me. So the concern is real. One solution to keep the feature but prevent players from playing weirdly/unenjoyably may be to keep the leveling very rapid say for example units level up one rank right after a battle, up to max of 3 or 4 rank levels. So that after 3/4 battles the units are completely capped and no more level advantages can be gain. I think what makes me "hoard play" leveled units is when I think the leveling takes a long time and I hate losing all the time and effort i sink into leveling those units up. So I think making rapid and short leveling will help solve this issue. Its just a suggestion and in the end I think play testing this feature will give the best answer, after all the leveling rate should also be tied to the battle frequency etc.. which is tied to other game features. Also apologize for not making the stream I totally forgot!!!
  9. What was the balancing target with regards to the replenishment rate of troop resources of horses, food and population? For example when I defeat a nations army, how quickly can they rebuild another. Are you trying to make battles feel very impactfull? (Meaning long time to rebuild another army) or less impactfull? (Meaning a quicker time to rebuild an army) and why?
  10. I also kinda care more about the mechanics to deal with catholic European nations more, since KOH 2 is a game about European history. Islam of course played a role, but more on the side line. Also just to point out KOH Knights of Honor, has the word Knights... There are no Knights in islam. It would be strange to put a ton of emphasis on islamic mechanics and polishing of islamic nations in a game about Knights.....
  11. I really like the idea of having soo many different factors factoring into the siege of a town. One factor which I didnt see mentioned was port access. Will coastal towns be significantly harder to capture? As a side note this puts added importance on building and utilizing a navy which in many strategy games is over looked, so I would suggest this to be a key feature if it isnt already. If you dont plan this, can you explain why not? P.S Appreciating the shout outs on the streams!!! And now my gf is even looking forward to the streams!! LOL
  12. Also thanks allot for all the shoutouts and question answering in each dev diary Twitch stream!!! Soo far Ive been mentioned in everyone so far!!!! Super exciting listening in on them!
  13. Clearly there is allot more to be said about the abilities these royal court knights will have so I wont ask any question about that. But in the first game one could spend books to increase the court members level, is their a similar boosting that can be done in KOH2? Or do the court members have personal leveling over time?
  14. Lol I doubt they will answer that just due to name calling non-sense, and this question has already kinda of been answered. KOH2 is going to be a kind of blend between something like Total War and something like Europa Universalis. So depending on how well KOH 2 is, it will likely draw players from those two games/genres since many people find Europa to be too complex, and like the instant action battles of Totalwar series, but Total war is not complex enough and is often poorly designed ect... So KOH2 will likely fill a nice niche hole between these two giants. Will it be better then those games? Well man your on KOH 2 forum soo hell ya!!!! KOH 2 will be better !!! 😜
  15. So if I understand you correctly, the borders are static, but the components within the borders are quite dynamic? So settlements, populations and resources all move around to some degree?
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