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  1. How is communication handled in the multiplayer? Will there be a built in voice chat system or just text base? I would greatly like to be able to chat with all the human players, and also to have a separate chat for my own allied human players.
  2. Do pagans treat each other as different religions? Or just have those negative relations with islam and Christianity. ??
  3. Also I didnt get the impression that poland was broken, by the dev diary, it was just 1 question that someone asked because they thought poland was broken in another game. I think you really misinterpreted that. ;P, Happens to the best of us.
  4. " competitive multiplayer there will be strong exploitable metagame." Sure, but just like sc2, once the appropriate tweaks and balances are made (updates), the meta tends to spread out, opening up other possible strategies. "I'm looking at you soulless "twitch streamer"" Uhmm ouch. But again thats what updates are for, to help balance out broken shit, and strong metas. SC2 wasnt built in a day. You cant expect a new strategy genre to be balanced on release. LOSE THAT EXPECTATION. However, if they do release the game and then loose interest in updating it, then I would be worried, and
  5. You mentioned that the Islamic religions of Sunni and Shia have different holy cities which they consider holy, and defend aggressively. Could you explain more specifically how the AI Sunni and Shia treats these cities, with regards to diplomacy and war?
  6. Can you explain more clearly how a leader for a crusade is selected? Does the leader come from your current Royal court Knight's? One of my biggest angers in KOH 1 was not having control of my marshals when the pope called them into a crusade, because more then often my 5 star marshal would just find a way to suicide. Have you considered this?
  7. Maybe instead of having a nobility relationship category which reflects how all your royal court knights feel about you, has personalized relationships with each individual royal court knight been considered? This would give a closer and more personal feeling with your royal court Knights. You can still have nobility modifiers affect your entire royal court of knights and their feelings to you, but also individual events could create more unique relationships with your Knights on a 1 to 1 basis. A closer model to crusader Kings , however since there are only ever 9 royal Knights at a time, thi
  8. P.S. P.S your not first again 😉
  9. So, is it to be understood that the dungeon is still attached to the royal court, such that imprisoned Knights take up royal court space? This was actually a function of KOH 1 which I did not enjoy. Also I fully agree with adding the functionality of inviting abandoned enemy knights into your kingdom. As I was reading this post this was my first thought, when you mentioned Knights could be abandoned.
  10. Hi guys, exciting to see the options for multiplayer. I see you ignored discussing in-depth on the multiplayer diplomacy and espionage, can you elaborate into these topics, what differences do they have compared to single player are they completely different or do they share very similar mechanics?
  11. What actions can you take as a player to prevent enemy spies from brideing your knights? Or in other words. What determines the likely hood of an enemy spy bribeing your knights?
  12. Would be really cool to see rain clouds, and snow clouds roll over areas and see tiny droplets of rain hit the ground, of course its unrealistic to see it from such high up, but it would add a sense of weather. And yes totally needs to be incorporated into giving armies bonuses or negatives.
  13. Points I like: Separate out peasants and recruits. This is a great idea, I love the feel if gives to the units too. When you disband your units go into mercenaries or rebel groups, sounds like an amazing and cool idea!!! Absolutely approve. Losing opinion points and or some economy with the peasantry when you call them up sounds great!!! I would also add an important point, that unlike recruits peasants shouldn't join mercenaries nor bandits. Completely agree with William that pathing the unit upgrades so narrowly locks us in too much, it should only be a matter of buildi
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