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  1. Will it be possible to invite rebel leaders operating inside the target country as possible allies for the war? And after the war I suppose (depending on their demands) they would require some spoils in return. I do support backstabbing, but I would expect both sides to lose relations with you, as everyone should trust you less, so even if you win, you may find your self with no allies going into the future because you lack HONOR! P.S I think the flags on the event popups should have a little bit of texture to them. They look a bit too clean, as if they were straight from paint. Idunno what you think?
  2. It sounds like the trade deal a merchant sets up with a kingdom, is influenced by many factors; distance, skill of merchant, blood type, the length of the deal, and relation with that country. Could you elaborate on which of these factors have the larger or the most impact on the profits and which do not?
  3. Ya, where can we get our grubby little hands on them?
  4. This I tots agree with, voice actors for large regions would be awesome. It would likely only be for the english version though, since finding voice actors to do accents for each language is too much.
  5. The thing with coalitions is that they really didnt exist untill 1800s and onwards. Before then kingdoms really just tried to look out for themselves. If someone was getting big, it was more likely to join them then to fight against them,..... aka dont join the losing side. I think a more suitable and realistic solution is to make stability harder to manage as you get larger. Since in reality large kingdoms fell apart by mostly internal affairs with some outside pressure. Unless you can quote me a historically large country that had a coalition fight against it before the 1800s.
  6. I agree with you that they could add more mechanics into auto resolving, but you need to ask first, will this make the game overwhelming? Like if you need to pick a strategy for every autoresolve battle it might be kind of frustrating since the whole point of autoresolving is to reduce the micro of the game not retain it. I am exaggerating a bit here because obviously a battle fought yourself is 95% more micro intensive then clicking a strategy for an autoresolve fight. But the point I am trying to make is I dont want autoresolve battle to force me to look at them in anyway. In KOH 1 I constantly found my self looking at battles to see if I was loosing to retreat, and I found THAT!!! ANOYYING!!! (wish they had a alert for losing battles) . Imagine if I needed to pick a tactic before a fight too?!?!!!! I would get soooo annoyed. (SIDE NOTE) I dont agree with Lighthopes comment that this cannot be implemented "workable", I have no idea why he claims that. So what I propose, is something that is kind of focused on management BEFORE a battle/sending your armies out on the map. Having some sort of mechanic that gives some depth to the battles a Knight fights, but the mechanic happens before the battle even starts. A very simple one could be exactly what you suggest but you just set your army on that strategy before battles and they are just fixed on that. I suspect theres not interesting depth to that though cause every army composition will clearly have an ideal strategy that fits best, so the matter of choosing that strategy is not engaging. And if it was dependent on your Knights skill in cunning or tactics to see the enemy formation and thus counter it seems also like a shallow mechanic. Here is a crazy idea!!! You make an army, you click raid then the country you want to raid, and your Knight goes out on his own and raids that country. Or you click defeat in detail, and your Knight goes into the enemy territory and tries to kill weaker armies while avoiding stronger ones. Or you click siege + assault, and your Knight will first siege then assault when the defense are weak enough. Or you click siege, and your knight sieges to starvation. Or you click defense fighting, then your knight tries to take fights only in good positions which give him bonuses? I could even see you setting up some sort of scale or preference setting, going from like 1-3 for each tactic, that way your Knight does the first preference first then the next tactic after he completes or the current tactic is soo far away. For example, 1-Raiding, 3-defensive fighting, 3-defeat in detail, 1-siege + assault, 2-siege. Assuming 1 is most priority, your Knight would attempt to first Raid or Siege+Assault, (which ever is closer to him or some other sorter). Then he will siege if the other two fail or are not available. An defeat in detail if all others are finished or failed. Sorry for wall of text, but its kinda complicated and lots to say. But the summary is I dont want tiny mechanics on auto resolve battles that force me to look at my autoresovling battles. If you want more depth in autoresolving, it needs to occur somewhere else in the game I argue.
  7. My GOD!!!! Maybe, it is awfully close forsure!!!! Ill have to ask them.
  8. Thanks, I had to leave work to do this lmfao!!! These traditions sound nice! But the theme of my comment is that I am worried they will feel too close to simple skill buffs, and not feel like they relate to the country/culture in any meaningful way. Just because they stay with your country for a long time, doesnt mean they fit the history of your country/culture in a way that makes sense. For example would it make sense that a Viking country get some sort of heavy cavalry tradition? Dont get me wrong I am not opposed to that, but I think there should be some mechanic which guides but doesnt force a player to go in a particular direction? What you think Yavor?
  9. Also your tradition for the cavalry says "Chance and Kill" in the game screen shot.. Maybe you guys should fix that 😜
  10. Do traditions relate to a nations culture and religion at all? For example are some tradition types more expensive to purchase if your nation is Islamic or Catholic, French vs English? Or do all traditions have the same base cost and are simply large boosts to skills? If you did not choose to include this can you comment on why not?
  11. There are a few ways to make ships a thing, and they have pros and cons. Ill go over some just for thought. 1. Many different types of battle ships, and transports need to be made as well in order to transport units. 2. One type of battle ships and 1 type of transport. 3. One type of battle ship, no transports are needed, but units must transport over battle ships. 4. One type of battle ship, no transports needed, units make their own ships when going to sea. 5. No battle ships, units make their own ships when going to sea which can act as battle ships and transport. Personally I think 1 battle ship type and using them as transports makes sense (3.) . That way the navy allows movement of armies, but also sieging and raiding when not moving armies. As a side point I dont think it makes sense in games when you need to build a transport type ship to move units... Like come on, people would just used w.e ships they had (war, commerce, transport,) to move armies in the past.
  12. I think this is the worst strategy in modern game. Back in the old days a game was released and it was fully playable and an enjoyment to buy and play. Now in days alpha betas and even rushed games are riddled with bugs that leave a sour taste for the people whom play the games. Chill man. Let the devs take all the time in the world to make a good game which has depth, accessibility, and balance. I hate big company developers for this reason and many others that they pump out rushed/trash games, and I suspect that Black Sea Games agrees with me.
  13. Bro, I am the third son..... Spooky how you know so much.
  14. I am ok with that. And in the game, knights act as all of the above.
  15. OK, so I am just going to try and hope for the best. I am submitting current pictures of my face right now, in hope that my face will be used to make a knight portrait in the game. Feel free to throw a crown on my head.
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