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  1. from DD 14 On the image the title starts with Rep - Republic of Venice
  2. On my question on the dev stream Can a princess become the heir? , Brad didn't say straight No, so there is still hope πŸ˜„
  3. I see that one way to play is to follow the path of greatness, get prestige, dominate over the map, become GP and EoW. Will be there some other ways to enjoy the game like Steam achievements that would create different scenarios with different levels of difficulty, based on the starting kingdom and the achievement objective? Achievements could be based on historical events and conquest Example - Start as Byzantium, conquer all of Bulgaria and get "Bulgaroktonos" achievement, or to be out-of the box like Start as Mamluks/Abbassids and be elected as the Pope I know that players could create their own conditions and be creative, but having the reward of the achievement feels more motivating. I guess by increasing the difficulty level to become more realistic and punishing would make sense.
  4. I imagine it more like: If the king has only daughter(s), the player (or maybe the AI as well) to have in game options to request support from Nobles, Clergy to appoint a female as the heir to the throne. Request support could include: Favours, diplomatic talk, Bribing, threatening and murdering if you want πŸ˜„, and if the king has enough support will have the right to appoint a female as the Heir. And then those who opposed that decision might decide to rebel, even join a neighboring kingdom. I think both options - to stay Heir-less and to appoint a female as the heir should be bad in terms of stability of the kingdom. Just one of the options may be less worse than the other. And I don't say the devs should include this in the base game or add it as DLC option. It's up to them to decide if it's worth the time spend
  5. Sorry, I don't think These two example would fit in the medieval timeframe. On the other hand I believe the player could have the tools and mechanics to do this if they want .. just for roleplaying and fun. However if you do this there should be some serious consequences. You cannot except for example all your nobles to be happy with this decision and stay loyal if you choose a princess to be the next ruler. What I think is if that would be possible, it should be done only for fun and to experience different scenarios but not happen all the time by default if there isn't a male heir.
  6. not true. I am ok waiting and feel relatively saneπŸ˜„
  7. So now there is a digitalized playable early version of the game for Tabletop Simulator
  8. Here I can see that there is a pact against France, so in theory Naples and England may join the war on the Aragon's side if France attacks Aragon. From what I understand Defensive pact is made for protection against the kingdom for which is created and is not an universal defense solution. So in case, let's say Tunis attacks Aragon, none of these pact members will join to help them. Is that correct?
  9. Thanks for the dev diary. I just have a question because I don't fully understand this. Does this mean that if you have a defensive pact and you start a war with someone you will lose the defensive pact that you have, just because you started a war, or because you start a war against a specific kingdom - the target?
  10. Wow, is there an early release in Turkey, lol?
  11. Thanks for the new dev diary. I see that like KOH1 trading is a full time job that require sending a royal court member to a foreign kingdom, but also noticed that if a governor is assigned Does this mean that there is a passive trade income on top of the income from the merchant? My second question is would it be possible to use trade as an excuse to start a war for example to force another kingdom to allow your merchants to trade in their kingdom or after winning the war to force the losing side to transfer part of their trade income for a certain period of time? And speaking of trade and merchants do you plan to add Merchant republics to the game?
  12. Brad, Alex, thanks for the comments about my questions, I appreciate that
  13. I want to have a spy with Sir Yavor's portrait. Sir Ivory on the other hand looks much more honorable. You guys should update your profile pictures.
  14. That's different. It's not necessary countries to be friends or allies. They can be rivals or enemies to each other but still to form a coalition against you or other too aggressive nation. This is EU4 feature to battle against the aggressive expansion.
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