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  1. It is clear to me, that the described system is very one sided. It makes significantly easier to wage war and conquer kingdoms and provinces of the same religion while having a significant drawbacks for captured territory of another religions. In my mind, it should be a significant advantage to wage direct war on another religion, not the other way around. While a preferable way of dealing with same religion should be diplomacy and espionage. In the described system of religion it makes zero reason to deal with a single foreign religion province if you have same religion lands available.
  2. For the grace, for the might of our Lord For the home of the Holy For the Faith, for the way of the sword Gave their lives so boldly
  3. "Moscow" is the official spelling used by Russia, Moscow Mayor official website says "Moscow" everywhere: https://www.mos.ru/en/ Official website of Kyiv city council, it takes a minute to find out: https://kmr.gov.ua/en It says Kyiv everywhere, this is official spelling of their name. This is their airport, it takes a minute to google Ukrainians would like to spell the the name of capital of Ukraine as Kyiv. What the hell is your problem, bud?
  4. It would be much better for everyone if you don't bring up modern conflict into a historical game. But in case you insist I'd like to remind you that Kyiv is Ukraine, Ukraine is an independent nation. Ukrainian is an independent language. If they want to spell the city name as Kyiv, it is up to them. Misspelling their name and denying their existence because you challenge their sovereignty and independence is an hostile act which has nothing to do with the game.
  5. If mods are allowed in multiplayer it would be a huge problem. Imagine host player with a mod which changes stats and all other people without. So far we heard nothing about any other maps, but full Europe. The blog never mentioned a map selection of variable map sizes to be an option.
  6. 1) So the game takes one player as a host and the others are clients. No dedicated servers to host games? If a player is a host, what prevents host cheating with the game state? 2) 6 human players on a full map? So absolute majority of the kingdoms are AI. In fact it is potentially very hard to even get to another player for a long time depending on starting locations. Or do you have smaller size maps for multiplayer? 3) Way too many options and game modes, way to many. People most of the time will setup a game in way most other people won't like, this option that option. It would be
  7. No, we don't know. Expect next year.
  8. Half of Europe monarch were practically family. Envoys and other nobility were visiting courts of other nations all the time, you would have dozens and dozens of people seeing a monarch from child years growing up. From teen years you would have multiple countries trying to arrange marriage with you. If anyone in a kingdom would have a portrait that would be the monarch and his family, especially his sons. If you were a monarch you would be present at gazillion ceremonies for public to see, even if you are not heir to the throne, but some 5th daughter people would see you as a part of the roya
  9. No, they said that you can make your own king into a spy and send your own king to do spy actions in another country. Minute 54 of the stream, in fact Alex said "king is the best spy with extra bonuses".
  10. With the reference to the Dev Stream: 1) King as a spy is a stupid mechanic. There is no plastic surgery, how can you infiltrate another kingdom as a king, come on. At least make a penalty on kingdom power if you make your king into a spy, "the rumors are spreading that the king left us and nowhere to be found, the kingdom power has decreased". 2) You probably want to have dynamic balancing of cost of spy actions based on distance to a target kingdom. It appears to me that in a multiplayer setting it would be very easy to suddenly focus spy power on a single target kingdom anywhere
  11. You are insane. I don't even want to ask "how is this possible in medieval setting", magic radar, fine. But how can you kill all aspect of stealth in a multiplayer with instant effect of just hiring a spy? Why don't you make all the map all the unit visible all the time? It is essentially the same. Human opponent -> hire spy -> instant see all. You basically creating same end game as original KoH - gold solves everything. I'm not sure how you don't see it, but this is quite obvious. What you consider "expensive" in early mid game, is total peanuts end game, and you will
  12. Well, true, I'm not a target audience for KoH, this is why you have "practically worthless sieges". What was your question again?
  13. Potentially, you could make a huge difference with adjusting mechanics of food/supply/logistics. But it probably won't happen because it would look as too complex for a target audience.
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