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  1. Well, true, I'm not a target audience for KoH, this is why you have "practically worthless sieges". What was your question again?
  2. Potentially, you could make a huge difference with adjusting mechanics of food/supply/logistics. But it probably won't happen because it would look as too complex for a target audience.
  3. is a medieval dating simulator from hell. No game should ever go that way.
  4. August, with release November / December
  5. Well that could be a problem. If you want a lot of people playing a long game the chances that people would leave in a middle are very high. It would be very beneficial to allow other people to join an existing game in a middle so you could balance people leaving with new players. Although I have to admit I don't really know a good solution to that problem. Just a thought.
  6. Would you be ok with mostly AI kingdoms on a map, but an ability for a human player to join a running game and take over an existing AI kingdom to play for, or human players leave in a middle of a game and their kingdoms going under AI control?
  7. Well, I do care about multiplayer, a lot But I don't think it should be the same game I don't think there is a good way to make KoH2 as I see it to have ANY decent multiplayer with shared mechanics I'm trying to validate my feeling that most of the people here or anyone who is looking for original KoH do not care about multiplayer Because of that I'm trying to build up a case to drop multiplayer concerns and make good single player KoH2 first At best some later time you can make almost another separate game with same assets to make multiplayer, maybe B
  8. Would you drop multiplayer all together if it made single player release date one week sooner?
  9. As we know, the game is supposed to have a multiplayer component. Steam page says "Online PVP". We also had dev statements saying roughly "multiplayer is a significant part of the game and many game mechanics are designed with that in mind". We also know that multiplayer is going to grand strategy and not tactical battles as in original KoH. But I want to talk about your expectations about it: Do you care about multiplayer at all? How long do you think a multiplayer game should be? 15 minutes, 30, an hour, several hours? How many people players do you think a game should
  10. It appears that Capital mechanics is done through a buildings probably unique, one pre kingdom. Currently we are not aware what these buildings do.
  11. Veteran (gold star) units in orignal KoH were significantly stronger than regular units. Elite (3 star) units were amazingly strong.
  12. So you want me to slain my units instead of disband so they won't create a rebel army in my provinces? Yeah, it should not be required, but it probably would be better if you spend XP while converting unit type, such that if you have 3 start unit it will lose a star or a level. Just to avoid training 5 star peasants and converting them to a 5 star feudal knights out of a blue.
  13. Yes, it would be very beneficial to keep existing units who survived battles because you can later upgrade them. I totally agree.
  14. In terms of upgrade path for units in general - yes, I agree. The implementation itself... I don't know. It appears that the main barrier to better units are buildings which are very expensive compared to a unit cost. As a result it could be a very long time before next unit tier gets available. Most of your peasants won't live long enough probably. Second, if the current approach of "peasants are cheap but triple population cost" stays. It would be counter productive to train peasants up instead of 3 new units. Third, I'm not sure I want to lock into a specific unit type, it co
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