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  1. Hey there, 1. In the gameplay-teaser we could see that the world map is a lot more detailed than it was in the first game. We also could see that rivers are now shown more explicit. Will there be any special interaction with rivers regarding army-movement? 2. We also could see the pyramids of gizeh in the gameplay-teaser. Are there any other such buildings visible in the world? Do they have an effect or are the just visual? 3. Will the city-building mechanics return? In the teaser we only saw cities which looked pretty similar to each other (and exclusivly had walls already). How would you compare the depth of developing your province/city to the first game? 4. Will the dynasty/family have more impact on the gameplay? The first game basically ignored relations and such? 5. Will members of the royal court be able to die of old age?
  2. Thanks for the answer, that's great news! I'm looking forward to any information you will share with us.
  3. Hey there, I just wanted to ask if you (the developers) could reveal if you are planning to support modding? If so, it would also be very interesting if modding will be possible right from the release and what parts can be modded? I'm interested in the answers because I'm planning to create a mod for the game and would like to know if we can, for example, use custom 3d models. Thanks, Zerg
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