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  1. @THQN Brad ok, thank you… hope burns eternal in man‘s chest, but it’s a wee candle… @Field Marshal i don’t want to make a partition on my mac hd… Regarding the consoles: true what you say, but it’s possible to connect a keyboard and mouse, isn’t it… I certainly would. And so might many others. The console market is huge…
  2. Dear Devs, from what I've seen you are building something beautiful and great. I am willing to wait as long as it takes to create a worthy successor of KOH 1. But! It'd be very dear to know whether we will be able to play on the ps4 or on mac os… So can you please at least hint at whether you are planning to release it on other platforms than windows, and which those might be? Thank you!
  3. You are right. But I will suggest refraining from walls of text if you want more people to actually read your posts. In this case, a summary would have been: "Development of a good, complex game takes a lot of time. If you mess it up and release a bad game, you will get bad reviews and hence bad sales which means you might not be able to develop any more games, at all. So please, be patient." Thank you.
  4. It all sounds amazing for sure! Could you pretty please hint at whether Mac and/or PS4 users will be able to enjoy this wonderful gaming experience??
  5. Hello Slawek, Isn’t raccoon wild animal? Unless you actually live in the wild the animal would suffer... Cats are really great! And pretty wild (for a domestic animal...) Cheers! Edit: I just read about the issue on the net. While a raccoon pet can be an option, I’d still strongly suggest to go for a cat, (if you allow me, if the forum allows) unless there is a raccoon baby who lost its mommy...
  6. Hi everyone! Glad to be a part of this happy community! Name, Countries: Stefan from both Germany and España. / @ps4: stephan4477 / @twitch and omlet: electronicpuppets (I create 2D animations) Games: All kinds of. FGOAT: Monkey Island Jeanne d’Arc (yes on Amiga!!! 🙂 anyone here also played it?) PES (now eFootball) — come and try to beat me I’m “stephan4477” in the ps4! Civilization Action Games like For Honor but also shooters (sadly i’m not good enough for pvp...YET; I loved Generation Zero) Pets: My super cat passed away many years ago and i still miss him much and more :’-) - please enjoy every moment with your beloved, beast or human! Despite being interested in gaming ever since I never played - or even heard of ! - Knights of Honor! Probably it came out during an “off phase”. But I am super excited and can’t wait!!! I wildly and passionately hope that there will be a MAC OS version or at least a PS4 one! Any thoughts on this from the devs would be highly welcome!
  7. The only twitch video of KoH that i could find was this: It’s in German though... Edit: can a moderator please move this to a more adequate thread, once there is one? Thank you!
  8. Al_Wombat


    “Tutorial” Battles: Re-enactments of real historical battles on the game’s maps and with the available units, I would enjoy massively. Pros: 1. Immersion, credibility. 2. Study strategies and tactics to get better at the battles. 3. Learn a bit more about history and its conflicts. 4. Good for marketing. It’s gonna impress reviewers if done decently. Cons: 1. It’s extra work to do that. 2. Some (wannabe) historians will criticize lack of accuracy, partly because... 3. Not all historical units can be included in the game. What do you guys think?
  9. In civilization units are able to cripple food supply by destroying irrigation, but the units themselves cost production only. Food and water supply is crucial for campaigns and will hopefully be accounted for in a game of such scope!
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