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  1. What is your opinion on portraits? I know the game is in development but honestly i don't like them so far. I would like to hear your opinion, what do you think? I think Koh1 portraits were amazing, i really loved them, well i do understand it's a different style they are going for in Koh2, but i feel even if they polished the current ones, im not sure i'll like them any better.
  2. This is what i would like to be part of the game not a mod, free for all no time limit or victory conditions on a smaller map, like England. Balkans, Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavia, Italy, Germany and so on.
  3. Lucky man. I guess the country you're most excited about? Im excited about Balkan area, Koh 1 units lacked terribly in Balkans, also Muslim countries also lacked units, im hoping for a lot of diversity, if KoH 2 doesn't pull a lot more units compared to KoH1 then im praying for an epic mode 😁
  4. My first country in Koh 1 was Serbia, still remember the first time I opened the game back in 2009, the nostalgia is too damn high! Why I picked Serbia, probably because I am from Serbia and that was probably the first time in my life I ever saw Serbia in a game, and that just made me feel awesome. What was your first country in KoH and why? Have you ever thought about what will be your first pick in KoH2 and why?
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