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Found 4 results

  1. Dear Dev's & Community, I noticed that Images posted by the community have their exif data overwriten (which I am really happy about great work) so I recommend a randomized name for images as well. I for example made an terrible mistake and I am not able to delete that post anymore which has private information within the files name. tell me what you think about this. best regards, volkayno
  2. Dear Forum Members, Moderators and Admins, I herby recommend the use of forum badges that function like achievements this would for one rise the activity and show what people have achieved examples: 1. peasant = Community reputation 10 ..... ........ ................ Knight = Community reputation 1000 2. Early Acess/beta/pre order bages 3. Moderators/..... 4. Hidden achievements that dont show how u got them or are available once only thanks for reading have a nice time within the co
  3. First of all, I wish to say that I have been a core player for all of my life. I love games and I enjoy all sorts of games. I absolutely love challenge too and I believe that the recent trend towards experimenting with the difficulty settings is a very good thing. That’s why I write this piece to you, as I am witnessing another trend that is growing rapidly and gains a lot of, if not all of the attention of the players. Namely I’m talking about the Let’s play walkthroughs and of course Twitch. All of us have been enjoying the content of the many talented folk, who put their work, eit
  4. I have a suggestion regarding re-deploying marshals to a diffrent front. Let's say you are fighting in the east vs someone quite easy and you get attacked in the west, you want your best marshal to fight for you in the west. I would suggest a re-deploying mechanic where you don't teleport your army but let it move 3x faster (whatever amount but 3x sounds good to me) on the map. And this would be your marshal group only. So you would need to drop off or disband your regular soldiers first. And to add a little protection to just disbanding add a 15-30 second prepare to move phase. (this is
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