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  1. I was playing KoH1 today and was thinking the same thing. I would be all for regional accents in the new game, as it would definitely add to the realism of it.
  2. That’s awesome, hopefully they keep that in KoH2 and maybe even expand it a little more.
  3. On the topic of rebels, it would be pretty interesting if the first born prince of a kingdom automatically becomes a famous rebel with a full army upon the king’s death, if either the second born or third born prince was selected to become king over the first born, rightful heir. I’ve often wondered why the first born prince in KoH1 is so peaceful when I select the second born prince to become king upon their “father’s” death. Possibly even one or two of the Court’s marshals could also turn rebel in support of the first born prince’s rebellion for being stepped over in succession. Basically, it would be a mini civil war to deal with.
  4. I’m curious if we might see any banks or merchant centers in KoH2. It would be interesting to see some type of Royal Bank structure positioned in the capital province of each kingdom (only 1 bank per kingdom). Pillaging the bank could earn you 1,000 gold or more, depending on the economic size of the kingdom that owns the bank. It could also be defended by that kingdom’s special unit armies that automatically generate whenever an enemy or rebel army is nearby, like what happens when an Islamic nation calls for a Jihad in KoH1.
  5. I know that the devs have indicated that there will be more unit types in the new game (which I love and completely advocate for), but I would love to see more military orders represented in the game as well. I really enjoyed the Knights Templar and the Teutonic Knights in KoH 1, and I found myself often sending full armies of Templar Knights and/or Teutonic Knights to capture southern Spain or Jerusalem and the surrounding towns and kingdoms. It would be cool to have additional military orders, like the Hospitallers, etc., in KoH 2. Maybe even if you capture Jerusalem or a similarly important town, these units then become unlocked for recruitment in the town or through mercenary posts.
  6. I really enjoy this concept. If you entirely conquer a kingdom, are you able to absorb any of the traditions that they had acquired during their reign? Also, can the tradition advantages of one nation be shared with vassal kingdoms? Or does each kingdom have to earn their own traditions and skills. On the topic of vassalage, will vassalage be different at all from the first KoH?
  7. That would be a pretty awesome idea.
  8. Yeah to attack the ports or coastal villages and even some towns positioned closer to the sea. Port blockades probably wouldn’t cripple someone’s economy cause I agree with you that there’s inland trade, etc., but any weakening is better than no weakening. I just really like the concept of ships playing a larger role in the game. Even if it was a pirate or raider ship that can generate like a famous rebel and attack ports and steal the income it produces. Just something to give the naval aspect of the game more intrigue.
  9. Exactly, sea battles were so underutilized in the original game because there just wasn’t a real reason for them. They were lackluster, unfortunately. Although I did find myself in the original game sending out my stronger marshals in ships sometimes to intercept and (auto) battle an enemy ship en route to my territory. I do feel though if war ships were given more prominence in the new game to blockade or shore bombard, etc., I’d definitely use that pretty regularly, in tandem with my land forces.
  10. Agreed, it would be very cool and intriguing if there was some naval combat in the game. If anything, it would be cool to blockade ports or waterways with a fleet of ships to cut off trade routes or block enemy ships from passing by.
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