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  1. This question may have been addressed in an earlier dev diary, but if you’re at war with another kingdom and you or your ally captures one or more of the enemy’s marshals, and if one or more of your marshals is also captured by that enemy or his allies, can your diplomat attempt to negotiate a prisoner swap?
  2. I really enjoyed reading this dev diary. I like intricate details and I think espionage in KoH2:S is going to be a lot of fun and much better than what it was in KoH1. Can an infiltrated spy bribe or otherwise convince a prince or disgruntled marshal to attempt to usurp the kingdom's throne from the king?
  3. Will it be possible to occupy enemy settlements and take over their control without needing to conquer the entire enemy province? I'm also very intrigued about castles in the provinces. Can you elaborate more on that?
  4. I like the idea of your kingdom receiving more realistic and punishing effects for not honoring pacts and agreements that you've entered into. As for what should effect prestige, I definitely think your prestige should increase with the number of battles that you win. And the amount of prestige you earn should receive a bonus increase for battles won against a major historical adversary of your kingdom. For example, if my English army defeats a French army, my prestige should increase a higher amount than if my English army defeats an Italian army, etc. Similarly, if my army defeats an
  5. This may have been discussed in an earlier dev diary or forum, but would it be possible for your kingdom to form sort-of “diplomatic relations” with rebels (or at least, famous rebels)? For example, if your spy or diplomat could make contact with a famous rebel and, in exchange for gold, food, espionage activities, or some other support, you could tell that famous rebel: (1) not to attack your own kingdom, or (2) to attack a particular province, army, or kingdom in general. It could result in negative relations with the kingdom where that famous rebel originated, but it could be useful to
  6. Hi devs — I imagine as a rebel army grows and gets stronger through pillaging and raiding towns and conquering provinces and gaining sympathy from the rest of the population that not only will its manpower increase, but its resources, and particularly gold, will also increase. So would it be possible for rebel leaders to pay for and recruit mercenary units to join their cause? After all, mercenaries go to the highest bidder, regardless of who the buyer is and what their ideological motives are for fighting a war.
  7. I really like everything in this Dev Diary and the role of the Diplomat in KoH2. Do the defensive pacts and invasion plans cost money and resources to keep them active? Or do they remain active until someone chooses to dissolve them? Also, if you're invaded and under attack by the "target" kingdom, can you call for immediate military aid and reinforcement from your defensive pact allies? Such as clicking a "Defend Me" of "Send Aid" button or feature. Thanks for all of your great work on this.
  8. I really like the new changes being done to the alliances in the new game. When you are at war, are you able to coordinate attacks on your enemy with your allies? For example, can you directly instruct your ally to attack a particular province or town or enemy army? Also, during RTS battles with an allied army involved, if your Marshal has a higher experience level than the allied Marshal, or if he possesses a particular skill, can you take over control of the allied army and lead their forces into battle as you do your own troops? One of the issues I had with allied armies in the RTS batt
  9. Speaking as someone who loves playing the tactical battles (nine times out of 10 I will go in and fight the battles rather than auto resolve them), I would rather wait for the release of the full game (including the RTS battles) instead of purchasing a version of the game that’s only playable on the strategic map. That’s just me, though.
  10. I was playing KoH1 today and was thinking the same thing. I would be all for regional accents in the new game, as it would definitely add to the realism of it.
  11. That’s awesome, hopefully they keep that in KoH2 and maybe even expand it a little more.
  12. On the topic of rebels, it would be pretty interesting if the first born prince of a kingdom automatically becomes a famous rebel with a full army upon the king’s death, if either the second born or third born prince was selected to become king over the first born, rightful heir. I’ve often wondered why the first born prince in KoH1 is so peaceful when I select the second born prince to become king upon their “father’s” death. Possibly even one or two of the Court’s marshals could also turn rebel in support of the first born prince’s rebellion for being stepped over in succession. Basical
  13. I’m curious if we might see any banks or merchant centers in KoH2. It would be interesting to see some type of Royal Bank structure positioned in the capital province of each kingdom (only 1 bank per kingdom). Pillaging the bank could earn you 1,000 gold or more, depending on the economic size of the kingdom that owns the bank. It could also be defended by that kingdom’s special unit armies that automatically generate whenever an enemy or rebel army is nearby, like what happens when an Islamic nation calls for a Jihad in KoH1.
  14. I know that the devs have indicated that there will be more unit types in the new game (which I love and completely advocate for), but I would love to see more military orders represented in the game as well. I really enjoyed the Knights Templar and the Teutonic Knights in KoH 1, and I found myself often sending full armies of Templar Knights and/or Teutonic Knights to capture southern Spain or Jerusalem and the surrounding towns and kingdoms. It would be cool to have additional military orders, like the Hospitallers, etc., in KoH 2. Maybe even if you capture Jerusalem or a similarly impo
  15. I really enjoy this concept. If you entirely conquer a kingdom, are you able to absorb any of the traditions that they had acquired during their reign? Also, can the tradition advantages of one nation be shared with vassal kingdoms? Or does each kingdom have to earn their own traditions and skills. On the topic of vassalage, will vassalage be different at all from the first KoH?
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