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Found 2 results

  1. This thread is about what players and devs think about the Real Time Battles and what suggestions they might make. Many would agree that it's still work in progress but the devs decided to release now since so many people have been waiting for so long. Is the game fully ready yet? Maybe not, but then again, which game is at day one? Haven't yet played myself but I'd still like to mention the issues being talked about on twitch streams or reviews. AI seems to be sending Generals on solitary death rides into the enemy lines. This unit being essential makes this bug even nastier. See German magazine Gamestar's youtube channel. Balance: Archers may be OP in general Heavy Cavalry may be underpowered in close combat against archers. Terrain: According to Gamestar has virtually no effect on the battles. This is what other people said. From the gameplay I've watched I personally would have hoped for archers to behave more historically accurate. (Archers didn't used to send volley after volley of precious arrows into the skies, but rather waited until they could actually see who and where they were shooting at, exactly. Arrows are VERY hard to make and weren't thrown around like it's been going on in strategy games all the time of course, endless ammunition.) Maybe the devs could nerf the archers like that: Let them have less "rounds" which would still be very effective, the damage depending on the distance significantly, as well as on training and experience, of course.. This might open up a range of wagers and strategies: The closer to the enemy I have my archers loose the more damage they will make, felling them, while maybe saving arrows, too. But if if goes wrong the whole unit can get hammered by a shield charge and flee the battlefield in panic. Opinions, quotes, and ideas, please!
  2. In my opinion KoH 1 was not playable because is to easy, enemies do not try to conqueror us, at least not successfully enough( political zone as battleground). I used to use mod "Hard Invasion" but was unbalanced anyway. Generally when game is easy it destroys gameplay. What is ur opinion about that? Will KoH 2 make it?
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