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I don't want to take a side in this, because I don't know if I am right or wrong but check this:

 (Old East Slavic: Киевское кънѧжьство, romanized: Kievskoe kniazhstvo, Russian: Киевское княжество, romanized: Kievskoe kniazhestvo, Ukrainian: Київське князівство, romanized: Kyivske kniazivstvo)

So in my opinion if we refer to Old East Slavic as the oldest source - Киевское кънѧжьство probably should be called Kiev



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Don't listen to the Bandera Nazis. They'll tell you more than that. What else was Kievan Rus Ukraine and then the Ukrainians lived... They're idiots.  Kiev is the mother of Russian cities and it has always been a Russian city. And it was all Rus.


And there were no Ukrainians then, as well as their language. Ukraine appeared in 1991.

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6 hours ago, MadWolf said:

Don't listen to the Bandera Nazis.

It would be much better for everyone if you don't bring up modern conflict into a historical game. But in case you insist I'd like to remind you that Kyiv is Ukraine, Ukraine is  an independent nation. Ukrainian is an independent language.  If they want to spell the city name as Kyiv, it is up to them. Misspelling their name and denying their existence because you challenge their sovereignty and independence is an hostile act which has nothing to do with the game. 


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1 hour ago, William Blake said:

Было бы намного лучше для всех, если бы вы не переносили современный конфликт в историческую игру. Но если вы настаиваете, я хочу напомнить вам, что Киев - это Украина, Украина - независимое государство. Украинский - самостоятельный язык. Если они хотят записать название города как Киев, это их дело. Ошибочное написание их имени и отрицание их существования из-за того, что вы бросаете вызов их суверенитету и независимости, - это враждебный акт, не имеющий ничего общего с игрой. 


Well, if you follow your logic, then call all Russian cities by their names. Not Moscow, but Москва. And if we rename the city now, will you also rename it in the game? A game is a game and people impose their own ideas on history, and in history Kiev is a Russian city and has always been so called. А со своими хотелками пусть в суд идут. 

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1 hour ago, MadWolf said:

Well, if you follow your logic, then call all Russian cities by their names.

"Moscow" is the official spelling used by Russia, Moscow Mayor official website says "Moscow" everywhere:



Official website of Kyiv city council, it takes a minute to find out:


It says Kyiv everywhere, this is official spelling of their name.

This is their airport, it takes a minute to google



Ukrainians would like to spell the the name of capital of Ukraine as Kyiv. What the hell is your problem, bud? 

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