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  1. That's exactly the point (or the punchline) of my joke. >; )
  2. I think that the real problem is not cavalry dismounting, but them mounting up again. >; )
  3. Yeah, that could be a possibility. Something like a bonus and after that a double-bonus. Could work. In real history, in 1859 Moldova was united with Valahia and that was called "The Small Union" here. The "Big Union" took place at 1st of December 1918 (which is România's National Day) when Transylvania was united with the motherland.
  4. Yuppers, considering the (temporary) unification of the three romanian medieval countries in 1600 by Michael the Brave. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_the_Brave#/media/File:Mihai_1600.png
  5. Actually, it's not gonna be a country, but an order. The Teutonic Order, obviously.
  6. Don't want to take sides either, but (puttin' historical proof aside) Kiev sounds more melodious. Just sayin'.
  7. I'm curious if Suceava is placed in the right place now, unlike in the first KoH in which was wrongfully located in the south of Moldova as a port to Black Sea. The town (which still exists today) is actually quite far north of Moldova, nowhere near any sea.
  8. Name/Handle: Vlad Dracul, the Teutonic Paladin of Transylvania Country: România, ofc Games I like to play: In the last serious years I didn't have enough time to play as much as I used to do when I was young, but I'm lookin' forward for the release of the new Knights of Honor, I hope it'll be a good game. The games I used to love (and still do) are Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, World of Warcraft, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Medieval II Total War, Caesar III and obviously the original Knights of Honor. Pets: Unfortunatelly none, but I love Golden Retrievers and Yellow
  9. I was after a long sleepless night when I wrote that, so I made the mistake of not writin' clear (although it was obvious after reading my text) that I was referring to this new game, not the original one. So, the idea was to kindly ask them not to repeat those certain mistakes. If that was true, how come you NEVER have one of your own spies infiltrated elsewhere...?! It's obviously a bug. I confess I have no idea how to multiquote correctly, so I'll just use " " to reply to the rest. "Forces you to make a choice. " In HoMM III there were 8 skills a hero coul
  10. I played the first Knights of Honor quite a lot (I think I did around 50 campaigns) and I really liked it, it quickly became one of my favorite games ever, so you can only imagine my joy when I heard that my southern neighbors (I live in România) will finally make a sequel I dreamed about for years and years in a row. But I want to bring to developers attention some of the bad parts of the original game and I really hope they'll be so kind to create the new Knights of Honor without those annoying flaws. First, I never want to see that "Original Marshal is a spy" bug. Yes, there is a bu
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