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  1. Name/Handle: Vlad Dracul, the Teutonic Paladin of Transylvania Country: România, ofc Games I like to play: In the last serious years I didn't have enough time to play as much as I used to do when I was young, but I'm lookin' forward for the release of the new Knights of Honor, I hope it'll be a good game. The games I used to love (and still do) are Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, World of Warcraft, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Medieval II Total War, Caesar III and obviously the original Knights of Honor. Pets: Unfortunatelly none, but I love Golden Retrievers and Yellow Labs
  2. I was after a long sleepless night when I wrote that, so I made the mistake of not writin' clear (although it was obvious after reading my text) that I was referring to this new game, not the original one. So, the idea was to kindly ask them not to repeat those certain mistakes. If that was true, how come you NEVER have one of your own spies infiltrated elsewhere...?! It's obviously a bug. I confess I have no idea how to multiquote correctly, so I'll just use " " to reply to the rest. "Forces you to make a choice. " In HoMM III there were 8 skills a hero could have and that was a great game, an inspirational game for both Knights of Honor and M2TW. I think that only 6 is kinda limited, really. Not the end of the world, I can win the game just fine as it is, but I must confess I could really use the Dread skill on my "Siege Experts" Marshals (Strategist-Manoeuvre-Healer-Engineering-Ballistics-Archery Mastery). Just imagine havin' Dread combined with Ballistics plus Endurance on that particular guy... "Oh gad no. Having to decide where to place your limited resources is part of the strategy. " Again, waaay too limited, especially for the late game stages, particularly if you decide to conquer the whole world, all 168 provinces I play with 6 Marshals (or 7 if I'm pagan) and they're simply not enough. Not enough, I'm tellin' ya, they're not enough, it cripples your strategy for no logical reason. Definitely need more slots in the Royal Court. Or the Marshals not to use any of those slots, so you can recruit up to 10, if you can afford. I dig your point of view though and I'm not implying it should be an unlimited number of Marshal-skills or Royal Court slots, but if you're a capable player and manage to create a large empire, those limitations become frustrating after a while. L.E.: Or they should just do it like in M2TW where armies could roam the map without the lead of a General. Ofc, if your Faction Leader had low authority, those armies led only by a captain were likely to become rebel, so... wasn't exactly a walk in the park, you needed to work on a viable strategy for such things to be effective and not to turn against you.
  3. I played the first Knights of Honor quite a lot (I think I did around 50 campaigns) and I really liked it, it quickly became one of my favorite games ever, so you can only imagine my joy when I heard that my southern neighbors (I live in România) will finally make a sequel I dreamed about for years and years in a row. But I want to bring to developers attention some of the bad parts of the original game and I really hope they'll be so kind to create the new Knights of Honor without those annoying flaws. First, I never want to see that "Original Marshal is a spy" bug. Yes, there is a bug like this and a very dangerous one, a deadly one that can ruin your whole campaign. My spies discovered that the Marshal that is given to you at the very beginning of the game is actually a foreign spy. Puttin' aside the sheer lack of logic (when did he infiltrated, when I was loading the game? How can I infiltrate my own spies in other Royal Courts before the game even start? 😄 ) of this bug, can't tell you enough how destructive this could be. Happened to me 3 times, so it wasn't just one isolated accident. Second, be so kind and use the correct flags and symbols for factions (I don't want to see a golden lion as the crest for Wales, but their well-known red dragon) and location of the settlements (Suceava is actually far north in Moldova, not near the Black Sea). Also, the Teutonic Knights should have german names, not polish ones. Third, the second (or third) son/daughter coming of age before the first born. Or the third coming of age before the second. It's hilarious, but please fix it, that joke was enough. Another thing, different prices for replenishing a military unit. It's not logical that if you miss one men or 20 from a unit, the cost of replenishing that unit to be the same. If you lack less men the cost should be lower, if you lack more men the cost should be higher. In the end, I'd allow myself to give some suggestions: It could also be very useful to have the option to tell your vassals to stop fighting each other, it's extremely annoying when those idiots do it and you can't do anything about it. A "Make peace with Kingdom X!"-option would work wonders in those situations. If you continue this system with a certain number of skills for Marshals, it would be great to increase it from 6 to 8. There are some very useful skills that you have to give up on because you can pick only 6 of them. Also, the slots in the Royal Court to be increased from 9 to 15 or something. The need for more Knights is voracious in the late stages of the game. One last thing, I'd be forever grateful to you if you'd include my native Transylvania as a playable kingdom (like the other medieval romanian provinces that were available, Wallachia and Moldova), the feeling of playin' "at home" is... indescribable...
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