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  1. I also found it annoying how you were not able to choose which marshal of yours will go to crusade unless you had pope in your court. So many times I would have all of troops have 3 stars and then pope calls for crushade. If I say no sooner or later I will be excommunicated. So I have to accept and then click x to return my marshal but his original troops now have no stars.
  2. In the first game crusade states did exist and they were able to be created. Although crusader states created during gameplay were not playable unless one uses cheat "bsswitch" (This also applies to Papacy which is unplayable). However the biggest problem with KoH I new crusader states is if they were founded on a province of different religion than Catholicism they will be that religion. So for example if Crusade conquered some Pagan province the new state will be Pagan both by population AND government. I hope in KOH II they will fix this and make government of the newly created stat
  3. I too have to agree I would rather see gunpowder than elephants.
  4. Neat. I am really forward to this! On the other hand I too wonder how is crusader selected. Please don't make it random like in KoH1 but rather something like electing ecumenical patriarch like shown on the image. And I too wonder what happens if Papacy loses Rome but is still extant somewhere on the map?
  5. I would also suggest that restoration of Byzantium by one of the Byzantine successor states should only require taking Constantinople and what remains of the Latin Empire. This is better than having to take out both latins and the remaining Byzantine successor states which I believe was the case in KoH1. It would be also more historicly correct as both of the states still existed when Byzantium was restored by Nicea.
  6. Oh neat. I think I saw somewhere a mod for more formable states but that was a long time ago.
  7. Yes. I think KoH1 had that option if your general was crusader. The other option was to create a vassal. This was the closest thing to creating a loyal state by yourself or liberating kingdom. I remember once Hungary was conquered by Bulgaria and pope called for a crusade. It was successful and it restored Hungary back on the map.
  8. Also too add something about Greenland, the south western coast is habitable. This will make most of the game map Atlantic ocean and will make western edges of the map very close to Newfoundland. But I think even without Iceland Faroe Islands should definitely be a province. In KoH1 it was big enough for a castle. This will also make Norway not so isolated by only having relations with Denmark and Sweden.
  9. Oh I hope they didn't take it personally! The reason is understandable, no sane person wants to march over a wast desolate areas. But I feel that cutting off Scandinavia and Iceland is a bit too much of a sacrifice. Maybe not even all of Scandinavia can be included but also they can shrink it too, but not too much. Although this will open up north Russia... Maybe shrink it too along with northen Scandinavia? But all in all the map seems exciting! Especially now that there is Malta and Rhodes.
  10. I wonder will there be Gothic culture on Crimea. It would be really cool to see a successful revolt there and Gothic Kingdom appears on the map or create it as someone else.
  11. Yes it really is a bit too much. I would honestly shrink it a bit but also expand the map too. On the topic of maps I wonder how will culture map look like. This is definitely the best thing about KoHII map, besides more provinces. I also hope that in KoHII we will be able to restore Rome as Byzantium. It would be cool to play as Nicea and then Byzantium and then Roman Empire.
  12. This is excellent! I am really looking forward to it! May I ask, do you plan to make a map for Adriatic sea? I would love to see it!
  13. Understandable. Well I hope there will be map editor so one can just add them as provinces. I totally agree that devs should take that into consideration. It should be very damaging to cities and maybe a martial can specialise in destruction. Lets say that the city may even lose some buildings and have population drop. The surviving buildings should be damaged and would need money to repair. Along with making puppet states or vassals out of conquered lands or maybe even restoring lands that were conquered by the enemy. For example Lithuania conquers Poland and I as Germa
  14. Interesting idea but I doubt they will be in the game
  15. I see. Well I really hope we will be able to edit some borders and add provinces! While I support enlarging or shrinking parts of the world to fit on the map, Arabia is just shrinked too much! Although I like that Sahara is not just 2 provinces! I think they should have included Iceland and a bit more of Scandinavia. They can just move it a bit south and Faroe islands should definitely be a province and islands just north of Britain. Although not sure of Isle of Man but it sounds neat for the complete Kingdom of the Isles. Greenland tho is very unlikely and even if included would be an
  16. I love these, especially 4! This could prevent weird map situations and also without that it would feel way too much like KoH1. It would be a cool way to carve large enemy empire without over extending your own borders. In KoH1 I have always had a problem with large enemies that just don't want to give up even tho I took all their strongest cities and only way is to conquer them entirely! I also hope they add some provinces like those! Even Aegean Islands could be their own province (for the Duchy of Naxos) and fix some provinces borders like Papal States that what I saw don't look like w
  17. I agree. There should be like an option "convert this building", could cost piety or money.
  18. I think even the latest start date a bit too early for gunpowder
  19. Just to add I think Coptic Christianity should be in the game, right now it feels very much like KoH1
  20. This is very interesting! Although I have to agree with BC Knight when it comes to paganism. It would be cool to return to old religion but I understand that this would mean adding a lot of religions (and different types of temples) which would feel a bit out of place for a game that is simple. So perhaps in future DLC (perhaps even Judasim and Zoroastrianism)
  21. I too wonder that! It would be neat if one is be able to accept another culture. This should definitely lower the revolt risk of that culture but maybe there should be some disadvantages.
  22. This is great! I think the Columns (the symbol on the shields on the image) symbol should be used for pagan Lithuania and the Knight for Christian Lithuania
  23. That is an interesting question... I think in KoH I there was a way to switch to other faiths (you needed to have province with the faith you want to conver to) but there was no option to switch to paganism. I think it should be an option. Also there should be more pockets of paganism in eastern Europe, not just Lithuania, especially in earlier start dates. At first I thought it would be cool to see different forms of paganism but on the other hand I think it would be maybe too much for a game like KoH II as the only types of paganism are Slavic and Baltic at the time. For Norse I think even a
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