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  1. I would like the team to consider more openly the chance of razing a settlement to the ground leaving it in ruins. It would be a good option to weaken the enemy's Kingdom without putting all of your efforts in taking a city, re-building over it, converting people and all the "chain-steps" you are forced to follow
  2. There is no Far Oer I guess. Iceland and Greenland are off the map... maybe a modder in the future could add some provinces.
  3. Let's say that more than Iceland I would miss the half of Scandinavia, being "cut" like we see in the map is weired but in the end it wouldn't fit that much in the game logic. I don't think we will see the Isle of Man or the Far Oer at this point. By the way, the idea of sacking and raze a settlement leaving it abandoned should be taken in consideration by the Devs.
  4. Yes, that would be great to have the chance to sack and raze a settlement without occupying it. Let's hope they read it 🙂
  5. This is the final map i guess, from the last dev diary
  6. "It appears that we are looking for first half next year for release." So sorry to hear that this game will take almost 3 years, let's hope it will be worthy waiting 🙂 1) ok got it 2) so there is no way to attack a settlement, raze it and leave only ruins behind us ? A settlement must always be Owned by a faction then? 3) ok 4) Damn. Especially creating puppet state or buffer state would be awsome. 5) ok 6) ok thanks 7) This is a sad news... Hope some modder can fix it. Leaving norther Europe out of the game will make it appear ... incomplete. Thanks
  7. Hi Guys Since it seems the game is going to be release next year I hope there is still time to consider few different things that might be of interest. I am a huge fan of KoH1, when I first played it was able to move myself away from Med2 Total war due to it interesting mechanich (Real Time > Turn based game) and its different possibilities providing your kingdom many options over warfare. Here few questions: 1) Confederation: would it be possible for a superpower to “confederate” a smaller nation? I give you an example: i play as France and I am becoming the stronges
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