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  1. Total war game System is best strategy system ..i think Total War is good example for every strategy games...this system can be sample avaliable
  2. Admiral class is important class..Land war and Sea wars are different things ..these classes are different ...
  3. Anybody couldnt see real problem on this topic...i think NEW CLASS should add on this game..This class is ADMIRAL..we should see ADMiRALS ..ADMiRAL shouldnt be skill...this class should be in real rank ...and ofcourse we should see warships...because This will be so good ..i hope THQ and Blacksea games see this comment.
  4. Hey..i think we should see infos about new class...example:Governors
  5. Dostum... THQ, bizim isteklerimizi düşünüyor ve gerçekten bizimle ilgileniyorlar .sanırım büyük ihtimalle Türkçe dil seçeneğini göreceğiz...ben teşekkür ediyorum Blacksea games e ve THQ ...bu kadar Türkçe dil başlığı açmamıza gerek yok ...onlara mesaj gitti zaten.
  6. Not okay??? Ok..you can report this to blacksea or THQ.
  7. What is your problem?..if you dont like this topic you shouldnt read this topic..ok??
  9. I shared this because this topic is really important for all strategy lovers...vizier and grand viziers are so important for islamic and Turkic kingdoms..we really want see these ranks..i showed Total war scheme becuse this can be good example..and same scheme is in empire total war...i want really share my things and infos..please write me if you support my things ..i really want support with my ideas..thank you
  10. This topic is important ?..really?
  11. İ agree..so man strategy games players are in Turkey and they need Turkish language
  12. Hello ..i want tell about Turkish language option..you know some pc games creater add Turkish language in game...we really need Turkish language in Knights Of Honor Sovereign..Total war did do this..and i believe Koh can do this...please add Turkish language in Knights Of Honor Sovereign game.
  13. İ wanted explain somethings..i hope i did..but if you have more questions you can ask
  14. This is good..you are interesting about this topic..i am so glad... Now i want tell Viziers system on Ottoman...when Ottoman was born in 1299 only had one Vizier...but when Ottoman starting to be empire they need more Viziers....Viziers can be good diplomats and good commander...Ottoman political system is interesting and very confused...and i must tell one thing...viziers have leader in this system. GRAND VİZİER ( Sadrazam)...this person bearing the power of the monarch..Grand Vizier is doing all goverment affairs...and Janisarry commanders (Yeniçeri Ağası) were so important for OttomanEmpire and i shared one picture about my think...this ia Offices system in Total war...this is really important...this example can be taken
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