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  1. İ wanted explain somethings..i hope i did..but if you have more questions you can ask
  2. This is good..you are interesting about this topic..i am so glad... Now i want tell Viziers system on Ottoman...when Ottoman was born in 1299 only had one Vizier...but when Ottoman starting to be empire they need more Viziers....Viziers can be good diplomats and good commander...Ottoman political system is interesting and very confused...and i must tell one thing...viziers have leader in this system. GRAND VİZİER ( Sadrazam)...this person bearing the power of the monarch..Grand Vizier is doing all goverment affairs...and Janisarry commanders (Yeniçeri Ağası) were so important for OttomanEmpire and i shared one picture about my think...this ia Offices system in Total war...this is really important...this example can be taken
  3. This game will be so big....catholic and ortodox and islamic kingdoms...i am Turkic and i am honest person...i want see Ottoman Empire again...because i was so glad when in 2004 year...and i really want so detailed catholic kingdoms because i want see big game.
  4. Merchants and landlors and builders are not governor....and i saw this news on devdiary03..new feature knight can be governor...or i see you wrong???
  5. Governor system were not in KOH 1...and this system will be in KOH 2...and if you play with Cordoba Emirates in Total War Attila Age of charlamagne you will understand what i mean....and Janisarries were in first game this is true but..Janisaries details can be more good in KOH 2.....Viziers are so important for Ottomans and others İslamic or Turkic empires....now everything is clear???
  6. Hello ..i wrote my things in facebook and now i want write there...political situatons are so important for islamic kingdoms.....especially OTTOMANS...we want new political ranks. Example viziers...and janisarry commander....and ..i saw new events.in this game now our Generals cnbe governor and this is so good news...but i say we want see this ranks vizier and others....like a Total war system.
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