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  1. İ prefer more realistic and punishing effects to make you play more carefully and respectfully to your agreements and common manners...ofcourse this..who will prefer fantastic things in KNİGHTS OF HONOR ...this game is historical game!!!
  2. And yes i wanted mean my ide...but i wrote us..this is wrong word..sorry
  3. I didnt ask your ideas ..i wanted tell my wishes to the Blacksea studio ...already Knights of Honor game used some ranks last game..and they can use again more details for ranks in second game...i wanted only tell .
  4. Yeah new things are really important ..believe me...and i couldnt see anything pictures and i fos about Ottoman Empire and anotolian Turkics..i want say again example we should see special diplomatic ranks and political ranks for some Empires..Example :Magister militium and Magister officorium for Eastern Roman Empire and Grand vizier and Janisarry commander ranks for Ottoman empire...and if you want make really good game these are really importants...i think i will tell this again)))i hope you hear us Blacksea studio.
  5. I said before time but i want tell again..Military clasess are too important and this class is ADMİRAL...i know every countries were not major power but Eastern Roman and Castilla and venice and Ottoman and England were big powerfull countries...ad They had good and big navy...ADMİRAL class should be seen for some big Countries...
  6. I hope we will see important Governors
  7. Hello ..We are waiting this game during 1 year...and i think we deserve somethings about this game..i mean release date or videos..🙂 am i right with my this idea??..BlackSea games
  8. Sorun değil...zaten aktif olarak kullaniyorsun burayı..Türkler olarak dayanışmaya devam
  9. Dostum merhaba biz bu Türkçe dil desteğini önceden konuşmuştuk birçok kez ..birçok defa konu başlığı açtı bizimkiler.Blacksea games bu isteğimizi biliyor ve önemsiyor ...inan bana🙂
  10. Governor and General system was so good in Total War..maybe we can see this system in KOH 2
  11. Already Corona virus makes so sad all world(..we need morale and good mood ..already i waited 15 years for KOH 2 ..please hear us Blacksea games..
  12. Gerçekten videolara çok ihtiyacımız var
  13. Diplomacy is important ...and diplomats ranks are too important...example:magister officiorum was so important for Eastern Roman empire..and Grand Vizier was so important for Ottoman Empire...we can see these ranks for some Empires ?
  14. İ think if we continue asking questions this game will be not release soon...me too i asked so many questions..i think BlackSea games listening our desires and they are thinking what can do more.
  15. Yes these Merchants are looking confuse...very details...i think political and war systems is more important than this topic because Political and war systems are most important things for strategy game.
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