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  1. I hope they fix the issue as well. I hope the crusader states and playable or at least can be created and play as them.
  2. we could say the same thing about gunpowder. it was rarley used after intorduced in mid 14th century had little effect on battle. its not like men had rifles standing shoulder to shoulder mowing each other down in the middle ages.
  3. Could you provide more info on gunpoder? i was under the understanding it was mid 1300's first used and not a staple or impactfull force. But my ideal is fudlaism from around 950-1250. That would be a great time period to cover.
  4. Can we play as the crusader states or form them during the game after a successful crusade?
  5. elephants are real just to let you know. I would hate gunpodwer it ruins the medieval immersion.
  6. Elephant's, me wants them . I am sure we could find some historical justification for them.
  7. That would be great. The more each player and customize the better. Make us all happy. I hope they have this in KOH2
  8. One thing I always hated about Total war is there were way to many battles. After about 30 turns it became a choir and I would just auto resolve 95% of them. Further because armies could be created so fast battles really did not matter so long as your economy/industry was strong. You could lose multiple battles with no real impact on your realm. I hope KOH2 does not make the same mistake. Make battles fewer but more important.
  9. good point. I just hope they dont have the standard RTS battles where you must build troops and "upgrades" on the actual battle map. But if we can auto resolve we can avoid that.
  10. Name- I will stick with bilbo baggins USA Grand strategy and Tolkien games dog and chickens. I love all things medieval and Tolkien related.
  11. In medieval 2 total war you could elect the pope if you had a bishop. So the Popes were elected by the nations bishops, if you had multiple bishops, you had multiple votes. It encouraged you to "level" up your priest to have more votes because if one of your bishops was elected pope, it gave you great standing with the church and other benefits such as calling a crusade where you wanted to. Could something of this sort be implemented into KOH2? Perhaps it could replace the non historical "ruler of the world" or whatever that is.
  12. If a LOTR mod were made would they be able to have units like ents and trolls? what about flying units? If not on the battlefield could they be included as units in an auto resolve battle?
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