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Dev stream!


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Hey guys.

With the first DevStream is going to be on Thursday 12/12, 10:00 Am EST, 3:00 PM GMT here 

So bring them on all your questions and concerns, can´t promise we will answer everything as certain things are still NDA and such but we will try our best!


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One mechanic from KOH1 that I think was well designed and seemed to be at the core of the game was the city population resource. In KOH1 it was relatively simple, building army units would consume it, and having low pops would lead to a lower economic output of that city creating an interesting balance between spamming units and having a strong economy. In KOH2 I have noticed there seems to be new pop types. Could you comment on the function of the new pops and what strategic mechanic you hope to achieve with pop types?

P.S Really excited 

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1) How much will the game cost?
 2) will there be DLC?
3) What is the launch date or at what time of 2020 can we expect it?
4) How big will the map be?
5) Is there a possibility that there will be expansions that enlarge the map and in turn bring a new campaign? for example an expansion on the unification of india that comes with a cemented campaign in india and that in turn adds india to the game map
6) Are three kingdoms or Stronghold: Warlords going to bring Asian kingdoms?
7) Medieval Total War brought a very interesting expansion focused on various medieval stage sets. Could you do something similar?
😎 How large are the units in Knights of Honor 2? are there options to enlarge them more?
9) How different are the factions?
10) Will we have to wait for the translations of the game?
11) Will there be events such as the invasion of the Mongol Empire, discovery of America or the Black Death?
12) Will the river crossing battles or attack on camps of knights of honor 1?
13) What role will women play in this game?
14) Do you plan to visit another era like ancient Rome?

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15) How many people can play in multiplayer?
16) How do intrigues work?
17) How does diplomacy work?
18) Is it possible to deliver fiefdoms to AI-controlled nobles and have them administer them?
19) will there be a beta before launch?
20) will there be geophraphic problems such as drought floods, storms, volcano eruption, etc?

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  1. What will be the map size?
  2. What is max size of royal court?
  3. Are there any additional types of 'knights' - knights, merchants..
  4. Do you plan any DLC's for the game?
  5. How does game difficulty works? Is it based on AI intellect or some kind of game bonuses for AI?
    For example, in Total War game series the higher difficulty is, the bigger income and other stats bonuses AI gets.
  6. What game modes do you plan to make for multiplayer? Custom battles or full support of Europe conquest as it was in single player?
  7. What will be the amount of players in multiplayer sessions?
  8. Any new major mechanics will be implemented?
  9. Do you plan to implement the interaction between the characters at least at the minimum level, for example, as it is implemented in the Paradox Interactive series of Crusader Kings games.
  10. Any global or local country events?
  11. Are there any global region upgrades? For example, roads - better roads so armies in this region could move a bit faster?
  12. Do you plan to add a system of the seasons that would affect the movement and general parameters of the armies, and possibly entire regions, for example, the receipt of food?
  13. We will be able to build our own cities or upgrade-develop already existing?
7 hours ago, THQN Brad said:

build prosperous cities



  • There should be an option to chat, pause the game and rejoin if you get disconnected for any reason in multiplayer;
  • If there will be full Europe conquest in multiplayer, there should be an option when AI takes control of abandoned player's slot (country);
  • For the DLC you could make some regions, for example, Asia as new map to play on so you don't have to rewrite whole game.
  • Global rating system for the multiplayer battles.




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Hey there,

1. In the gameplay-teaser we could see that the world map is a lot more detailed than it was in the first game. We also could see that rivers are now shown more explicit. Will there be any special interaction with rivers regarding army-movement?

2. We also could see the pyramids of gizeh in the gameplay-teaser. Are there any other such buildings visible in the world? Do they have an effect or are the just visual?

3. Will the city-building mechanics return? In the teaser we only saw cities which looked pretty similar to each other (and exclusivly had walls already). How would you compare the depth of developing your province/city to the first game?

4. Will the dynasty/family have more impact on the gameplay? The first game basically ignored relations and such?

5. Will members of the royal court be able to die of old age?

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@Waly If KOH1 is any true to history, women wont play much of any role in a medieval Europe. Thats just how things were. Be glad you live in 21st century with womens liberation. But dont try to re-write history and pretend like women played important parts in medieval history. There might be some marriage and management with dynasties. But I would be very unhappy if they try to make women generals, and leaders. 

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Hi guys, just saw the video, thank you for this.
I am really happy that i live this game on its birth. Feels like i'm waiting my favourite's band new album or new book from favourite author. I am so excited. Its not just another game for me.
Nice to meet all the Lads. Its good to know that there are people behind all this, not just some kind of "robots".
I like to listen about historical accuracy. This rocks. And as i saw on the KoH1 these guys read a lot of history.
I want to ask if you guys can give us the ability to use some portraits of the new game, here, to make them our profile pictures??? PLZ?
Also we need some posters in high resolution so we can print them for our kids wall? Or... eehhhh... my wall?? xD No blood... I really liked that town with the wooden wall that you used as backround in the talking? We really need that kind of stuff and specially including Roman infantry somewhere there patroling xD xD xD 
Thats all for today. Thanks again!

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On 12/11/2019 at 4:23 PM, Ivory Knight said:

@Waly If KOH1 is any true to history, women wont play much of any role in a medieval Europe. Thats just how things were. Be glad you live in 21st century with womens liberation. But dont try to re-write history and pretend like women played important parts in medieval history. There might be some marriage and management with dynasties. But I would be very unhappy if they try to make women generals, and leaders. 

Joan of Arc

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Really? Like the discussion is about numbers here. There were virtually no women as generals and as leaders, thats just history. Its silly to cite the few rare exceptions such as Joan of Arc or Queen Elizabeth or cleopatra when the vast majority of high leading positions was men. Just because women are starting to occupy high positions in 2020, doesnt mean they occupied high positions in the medieval period. And to be honest, I find it kinda insulting. Like why do you think the women's suffrage movement even took place? If women had opportunity in the medieval times to occupy high positions why bother with womens suffrage??

It just seems like a no brainer to me to say women didnt occupy any high positions in history until about the +1900. Like all the history and science I have learnt has made that clear to me, and im fairly confident that most historians would agree.  

Anyways I am not going to argue this more. I have confidence that if KOH2 developers say that they are trying to be close to history, then I dont expect to see any women in the game. Its like what happened in Kingdom Come Deliverance when someone asked the developer why there are no black people in his game. He reply was something along the line of ; " Because there are no black people in Hungary in the medieval period, if you want to make a game like that you can go right ahead. But I am making a historically accurate game. "  



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Peace brothers, we are here for the love of common things. I 've read from devs that there will be a little bit of "fantasy"(if not historical un-accuracy) in this game (no dragons over Europe btw :P).
In Byzantine Empire women played some roles in many cases. Not fighting, but political. These cases were 0,5 maybe of all in all History of medieval times. Dont forget that in depth, woman is the reason for everything that happens and happened.  So no need to argue.  :) :) :)

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