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  1. 15) How many people can play in multiplayer?16) How do intrigues work?17) How does diplomacy work?18) Is it possible to deliver fiefdoms to AI-controlled nobles and have them administer them?19) will there be a beta before launch?20) will there be geophraphic problems such as drought floods, storms, volcano eruption, etc?
  2. 1) How much will the game cost? 2) will there be DLC?3) What is the launch date or at what time of 2020 can we expect it?4) How big will the map be?5) Is there a possibility that there will be expansions that enlarge the map and in turn bring a new campaign? for example an expansion on the unification of india that comes with a cemented campaign in india and that in turn adds india to the game map6) Are three kingdoms or Stronghold: Warlords going to bring Asian kingdoms?7) Medieval Total War brought a very interesting expansion focused on various medieval stage sets. Could you do something similar?😎 How large are the units in Knights of Honor 2? are there options to enlarge them more?9) How different are the factions?10) Will we have to wait for the translations of the game?11) Will there be events such as the invasion of the Mongol Empire, discovery of America or the Black Death?12) Will the river crossing battles or attack on camps of knights of honor 1?13) What role will women play in this game?14) Do you plan to visit another era like ancient Rome?
  3. It would be fun for each faction to have some objectives that make it unique, for example: Vikings may have the pirates of the sea trait that provides them with greater speed and resources during looting, but if a Viking spends a lot of time without looting, an order penelization occurs. public (warriors want riches) another example is the Byzantine empire could have a trait as an imperial dream that consists of a bonus of happiness if they recover ancient Roman territories such as Italy but in turn gain diplomatic penalties with other factions for being expansionist
  4. Name / Handle: WalterCountry: ArgentinaGames I like to play: I love strategy games like Knights of Honor, Age Of Empires and Total War although the latter is getting a little tired for their abusive DLC policy and lack of innovation.Pets: I don't have
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