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  1. Dear developers, there is a detail that the Total war saga went unnoticed, and I think you can use it to your advantage. You see, when an ally has a territory, which is conquered by the enemy and then we reconquer it, nothing happens. What I mean is: we should not lower our relationship with our ally the fact of not giving them back the territory recovered. Our ally should wait for a return and in case of not doing it, we should lose relationship. That option would make the game more fun. However, I recommend that this option can be activated or discouraged, since there are many people who do
  2. Waly


    How will sieges be? Will we only have towers, battering rails and stones or will we have wooden structures to protect the soldiers as they go? in case of defense there will be catapults or ballistic in the walls? Can we throw stones (so that the soldiers grab the stones with their hands and throw them)? Can we throw boiling oil?
  3. 1) Can we play with great warriors of the Middle Ages such as Ricardo Corazon de Leon or Saladino?2) Can firearms be used? before anyone complains, in the middle ages the first firearms developed.3) the development blog will be created once a month?
  4. Will you have the possibility of capturing nobles and asking for rescues for them and the same with your men? Will there be repercussions unless a ransom is paid?
  5. I know they can't, they don't want to talk about it, but could they say something like that the game will come out at the end of 2020 or not after May?
  6. Thank you very much, Bart. I also read that the Emperor of Constantinople asked the Pope for help, he summoned the crusade and then the emperor had to provide food and gold in return for the return of the conquered territories. Perhaps something like this can be done in the jeugo when one is the Pope or the emperor of Byzantium. That could be implemented with the ideas I said before.
  7. dear developers: I am currently reading the book The Wars of God, where some of the problems caused by the Crusaders on their way to the Holy Land are told, such as: ordering food in the territories where they were transiting, attacking Jewish communities and provoking all kinds of looting.It occurred to me that the following things could be added:1) The crossed armies will ask for food or food when they cross the lands of other Christian territories. Granting these supplies or not will have its causes and consequences.2) Some groups of soldiers can separate themselves from the main bulk of th
  8. One of the many things that I liked as knights of honor I was the various battles such as: attacking an enemy camp and letting the enemies slowly leave the tents. Another very important thing was the river crossing battles. Will we see something ais in the second part?
  9. Dear developers: there is a topic I would like to know by simple curiosity. A lot of the fans (including me) have been waiting for a game that can compete with the Total War saga which, from my point of view, became more corrupt and lazy (reimburse your last game for three kingdoms and I doubt you buy it) I do not want to generate any conflict or anything, but I would like to know how they feel at the wish of some fans that their game can rival those of Total War?
  10. Dear developers1) I imagine that the Pope will play an important role in summoning crusades or excommunicating factions?2) Is it possible to commit to be the Pope? As for the church: During the middle ages there were many conflicts between the kings and the church such as: appointing bishops, collecting taxes, administering justice Could you reproduce these conflicts? Greetings.
  11. I do not want to fight. I just want to know the role of women in this game. I do not intend to handle armies or anything outside of history.
  12. 15) How many people can play in multiplayer?16) How do intrigues work?17) How does diplomacy work?18) Is it possible to deliver fiefdoms to AI-controlled nobles and have them administer them?19) will there be a beta before launch?20) will there be geophraphic problems such as drought floods, storms, volcano eruption, etc?
  13. 1) How much will the game cost? 2) will there be DLC?3) What is the launch date or at what time of 2020 can we expect it?4) How big will the map be?5) Is there a possibility that there will be expansions that enlarge the map and in turn bring a new campaign? for example an expansion on the unification of india that comes with a cemented campaign in india and that in turn adds india to the game map6) Are three kingdoms or Stronghold: Warlords going to bring Asian kingdoms?7) Medieval Total War brought a very interesting expansion focused on various medieval stage sets. Could you do something si
  14. It would be fun for each faction to have some objectives that make it unique, for example: Vikings may have the pirates of the sea trait that provides them with greater speed and resources during looting, but if a Viking spends a lot of time without looting, an order penelization occurs. public (warriors want riches) another example is the Byzantine empire could have a trait as an imperial dream that consists of a bonus of happiness if they recover ancient Roman territories such as Italy but in turn gain diplomatic penalties with other factions for being expansionist
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