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  1. We see all topics on steam, no worries. But yea keep it to one post and avoid spam/flooding either forums thank you!
  2. Great questions, keep them coming!
  3. Hey guys. With the first DevStream is going to be on Thursday 12/12, 10:00 Am EST, 3:00 PM GMT here So bring them on all your questions and concerns, can´t promise we will answer everything as certain things are still NDA and such but we will try our best! //Zyddie
  4. As title says, what did you enjoy most in the original KoH? I`m a curious person! Personally I loved the uniqueness of mix between combat and the grand map choices.
  5. We wish our forums to be a place for everyone to be able to have an open discussion about our game and to make sure of this we added a few guidelines. Respect for fellow community members. Any and all feedback is welcome just be civil about it. Do not beg devs for favors. While our game contains quite a lot about religion as well as politics we ask that you keep these subjects game or game-era related. Make sure to keep your posts on topic. No spam/flooding. No advertising. No adult content. Always listen to admins/mods. All rules can b
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