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  1. With new marshal skills I wonder if it is available to exceed squad limit. Does the system work like in previous game where marshal gains stars and just level certain skills or gains experience through certain battles ? I'd be fun to experiment with armies and gain experience for using certain armies. Like playing with archers gives you more experience with archers, faster training, more squad size and stuff. I'm really curious how the leveling system for units will turn out and what will be the caps for unit sizes. Logically with more marshal experience, ability to manage bigger armies should be a thing. With no game release atm I'm not sure how the system works already but I'd like to know how much focus is put into leveling system. Feature like that is great addition to the game and I just wonder if it's gonna just be a spin to original gameplay or whole new experience that can get you hooked in for hours. Customising army and marshals is really sandboxy thing that could add a lot of depth into KoH2 gamplay.
  2. Leveling sounds fun. I hope that finally there will be some chance that my Feudal Knights might live more than one battle.
  3. It's been coming for 15 years. No way I'm not coming 🙂
  4. I love defending 1 city against a whole world. Plunder, build a city with ballistas, cauldrons, towers and watch all my battles. There were many issues with the game that made the method way less satysfying like weird AI movement, not attacking with 2 armies and the wars were just too easy. I have few questions regarding the game: Is the AI smarter ? When enemies have war only with you do they focus their whole resources ? Does relationship with countries affects frequency of attacks ? Does the countries attack with bigger armies ? The AI with lots of land and a lot of resources just seemed too easy to beat and take their major cities. There weren't any huge defenses or anything. Have you tried or implemented something like this ? And the last questions, will there be an ability to play as a rebel army, or nationalists after the last province was taken, or just start as them and create your own country ?
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