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  1. Ok, after this topic.... I can't wait... 😔 😔 😔
  2. Hello guys, happy new year!! I'm mostly an Age of Empires and Company of Heroes player. I have spent so many hours is these 2 games, for many years, because of their multiplayer game. Anihilation through action, siege, killing and violence, is what I have learnt from pvp and also what I expect. 40 to 60 mins a game, ranks and statistics. In skirmish-pvp, if you dont have special maps, I think that you should let us lock large areas of far provinces, so opponents can start us neighbours...? Anyway, just saying. I haven't read all the topics, so i might missing a lot... I like
  3. Hello guys, its been a while i am not that close to the game presentation. Just read a few things now. I also feel that i wanted some more depth in relegion. I think i have in my mind my experiences in Ck2 and expect something like this. But i know that this is a unique game, as it always was. I may need something more like this, or more like that, but at the end, I know i can trust the experts. They amazed me once, i believe they can do it again. If gamers gonna love this game, some dlcs will satisfy the most demanding ones. Keep on the good work guys!
  4. Thank you Sir!! I didn't expect something less from you all! So, give us a clue now! :P Just kidding!! :)
  5. Very good example and a good idea. Thanks Georgi for responding. Now, about losing the game in 5 mins i believe it would be no problem, coz all you lose is 5 mins from your game. You can start again. I really like to play in hard mode with hard starting, and thats why i used to start with kingdoms of one and weak castle. I have to say that i dont remember how the Famous Rebels were working in the first game. I mean they were made after a succesfull attempt of a spy? Something else.... Once in a game i lost a castle and when i went there to retake it, rebels that were holding my flag
  6. Hello guys, one of things in KOH that made a big impression to me, was the Famous Rebels that were pillaging around the countries. I always wanted to start the game as a Famous Rebel. You know, start a revolution to make the country better and stuff... I believe this was a part of the history, maybe not many many of them made it through, but i believe that would awesome to exist as an option. Also, i think, since they will excist in the game, that would be a good option, not just to kill them, but try to bribe them somehow, so they can help you in a foreign land, or even pay them s
  7. My liege, if you want to make bigger the island of Rhodes, so we can build a castle, for us Hospitaliers, all you have to do, is to order it! Our ships will carry some land from the mainland!!! Yes yes yes, Rhodes should be in the game, you are absolutelly right! Keep on the good work and be sure to have also our beloved Despots of independent Orthodox church xD!!
  8. Peace brothers, we are here for the love of common things. I 've read from devs that there will be a little bit of "fantasy"(if not historical un-accuracy) in this game (no dragons over Europe btw :P). In Byzantine Empire women played some roles in many cases. Not fighting, but political. These cases were 0,5 maybe of all in all History of medieval times. Dont forget that in depth, woman is the reason for everything that happens and happened. So no need to argue. :) :) :)
  9. Hi guys, just saw the video, thank you for this. I am really happy that i live this game on its birth. Feels like i'm waiting my favourite's band new album or new book from favourite author. I am so excited. Its not just another game for me. Nice to meet all the Lads. Its good to know that there are people behind all this, not just some kind of "robots". I like to listen about historical accuracy. This rocks. And as i saw on the KoH1 these guys read a lot of history. I want to ask if you guys can give us the ability to use some portraits of the new game, here, to make them our profile
  10. Dont ask me questions, just take my money!! I just dont want to see Dragons over Europe! And sadly i will not join you at that time on Thursday, i work... Will i be able to watch this in some kind of video?
  11. The only suggestion a man could do for this game, is a multiplayer in the big map, with autobattles and score for the winner, after specific time that would be chosen before the game starts, and of course Global ranking so we play everyday to get better results in rankings!! These guys here know how to make a game. I believe they can surprise us again. This is their job, their hobby, their talent! Keep on guys!!
  12. Believe me man, in all my games, i almost never hired anyone, except if my king was good in espionage. I was waiting for my family to grow up... :) Btw didn\t know about thats thing in Paganism. but i think i wanted to change my nations' relegion to Pagan and couldnt do it.
  13. My favourite nation to play... Of course Epirus. Coz of the flag colour(Todays Greek colours) and the orthodox relegion. I conquered all map in mod hard invasion economic, with over 1000 battles. Converted all map in indepented orthodox and with all those victories in my areas i gained happiness. It took me some time for sure... But it was like a huge puzzle!! I played as Cyprus and Scotland as well, once or two and as Byzantines. I wanted to start as a Rebel. This was my dream. Or to have Pagan priests to convert all Europe to Paganism!! xD xD
  14. I still remember the first day I played KoH. I was fascinated by the music and the graphs, the voices and even the little birds. It was a love with the first sight. And then the castles and their look depending on what you build... this was amazing. The unique battles in the big map, the way you could reinforce.... Damn... Great ideas.... I could write every litttle thing but... The game was great. Oh, even the intro music, you know, the hard rocks quitars with the cyclop before the "black sea studios"??? Looks like an eternity ago...
  15. Name/Handle: Alexis Country: Greece Games I like to play: Historical Strategy - building ( i believe i have played everything in Rts, including some turn based). My beloved ones are KoH, that i enjoyed mostly in Laudans' Mod Hard In. Ec./ CoH2 still there on Steam/ ANNOs/ Port Royals/ AoE II/ Rome T. War/ Cilizations.... and more.... Pets: none Nice to meet you guys! :)
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