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[THQ] Turkish Language


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We realize THQ didn't care about us until today. You said you do not buy our games, we said there is no Turkish language support. Please consider us for this game! This game has a huge audience in Turkey. Please check the competitors of this game and you will find that they all have Turkish language support. If you care a little about us, provide Turkish language support for this game. We're trying to get our voices heard here and on Discord. Now open your ears and listen to us. Provide Turkish language support for this game, and we'll show you what sales success is as a thank you. It is not possible for us to purchase a game that does not support the Turkish language. We love this game and expect you to hear from us!

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9 hours ago, Marchisio said:

Dostum... THQ, bizim isteklerimizi düşünüyor ve gerçekten bizimle ilgileniyorlar .sanırım büyük ihtimalle Türkçe dil seçeneğini göreceğiz...ben teşekkür ediyorum Blacksea games e ve THQ ...bu kadar Türkçe dil başlığı açmamıza gerek yok ...onlara mesaj gitti zaten.

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