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  1. Of course. It always boils down to maxing what you CAN max at a given time. My comment was about what "full army" means. Sometimes army with 5 slots filled can have more manpower than another with all 8 slots filled in. The entire topic can quickly go very "philosophical". Overall, battles are only ONE element of a war. There are many more. Wars are multidimensional. The game is about winning wars, not about battles. Of course, you can't win a war without any army (although there are mercenaries in the equation too), but you can defend quite well even with less armies and make the invader
  2. I don't see any evidence for that. And I don't see that analytically too, given what you show in-game. With a few marshals you have and a cost of a marshal plus upgrades bigger that cost of a full army. (500 gold per marshal, + books + experience vs full tech 1 army = 8 by 70 gold), it would be stupid to even leave your lands without a full army OK, so the thing is that the man power of an army depends on many things. Yes, there are 8 "slots" for unit types. But these are not simply "units". Think of these as 1/8th of the army composition. So, if you have for example archers i
  3. This is wrong, and everything that follows is wrong too ....
  4. When I click on the hour, it goes to the last post.
  5. Top right. Next to Facebook and Twitter icons.
  6. Indeed, there is FFA in Grand Campaign mode. Means, no other conditions than those built in the campaign.
  7. Attacker has no benefit. They just need to prepare the attack and breach defenses enough ...
  8. Balance of unit types is by far not complete!! May be we should explain in more detail how exactly auto-resolve works and what the stats of units mean. Peasants are not very reliable (notice their negative resilience, the only unit type with such) in the long run. Hmm ... We keep following this topic ...
  9. It actually does this. And more than this.
  10. Multiplayer features are affecting deeply the single player design as well. They are very intertwined ..
  11. While perfect balance is not possible, we still have many, many options for "tuning" multiplayer games to make them more even for everyone.
  12. Don't you think that if we do this - instead of more difficult, the conquest will become more "boring/tedious"? Because it is just "more of the same" ...?
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