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  1. I hate to say it, but this is quite old machine. The GPU is even weaker than the onboard Intel UHD 630 GPUs. The game would probably run on it, but it will be "a slideshow" - not big fun to play like that. GTX 550 is slightly better, but I wouldn't recommend you spending hard earned cash on something that old.
  2. Yes, of course. Join us for the stream. I guess we will share more info about that...
  3. Aging and dying of old age for court members is an option.
  4. Current idea is pretty similar. Units have XP in context of the leader (and depend on his skills like "Training"). The metaphor is that some leaders are better in training and maintaining troops skills. When outside of an army, they lose slowly what they had as XP. But, I am not perfectly happy with it ... 😞
  5. You are looking at game that is still under development. 🙂
  6. It's quite more .. hmm ... complicated (in a good way!!) than that 🙂 ...
  7. Hi AntiStar, thanks for the good words. That "Nino" thing is funny, ... and it definitely is a good idea for the community to share any infos on topics like that. Where you are from?
  8. Hopefully, you will have some more heat this time (if you choose to)
  9. They do. And you can do a lot more with them.
  10. There are some 🙂 ... Angryminer for example! 🙂
  11. @Ivory Knight What the author meant is that there are not PRE-defined sizes and strengths in terms of settlements, town size, populations etc. With some ("secret") exceptions the world is quite dynamic in regards of resources, settlements and more. However, the province borders are static. With that said, you can occupy, and hold parts of enemy provinces (more on this in a later diary).
  12. Hi @zooid (and others), thank you a lot! You are already supporting us a lot by being such a great community. You can't imagine how people in the office are smiling each time we post something on Facebook (for example), and they see the 'love' of KoH fans ... this is extremely motivating feeling! Of course, at some point we will start involving more and more people from the community in tests, etc,, to help us finish the game and give it the needed "punch" 🙂 ...
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