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  1. Multiplayer features are affecting deeply the single player design as well. They are very intertwined ..
  2. While perfect balance is not possible, we still have many, many options for "tuning" multiplayer games to make them more even for everyone.
  3. Don't you think that if we do this - instead of more difficult, the conquest will become more "boring/tedious"? Because it is just "more of the same" ...?
  4. Nope. Actually, you were ready to pay some tribute and get out of this war that you never wanted at the first place. And you also didn't want *any* agreements with this rich neighbor - since you planned to invade there at first opportunity. It's not always that simple William 🙂
  5. And even deeper than that - it's time and moment in time. In one of my recent games it really hurt when some rebel managed to sack one of my biggest towns and the news about it ruined the peasantry opinion in the middle of a war that was anyway going difficult. Indirect outcome was that I lost a lot of food supplies and armies morale went quite low. Suddenly a war that I believed I could win turned into a disaster and I was forced to surrender my souverenity. No, you can affect the outcome. You know very well that losing this war will ruin nobility opinion of you. Or you know very well, that refusing these trade arrangements with your rich neighbor will make all merchants angry. There are many factors and you learn to take these into consideration. Sometimes you feel like "ah, okay, they will be pissed off, but I don't care", but sometimes you do stuff only to please certain groups. Effects are significant! 🙂 Also, opinions are not directly "tied" with the crown authority. They can make it very hard for CA to be increased, bad opinions can even undermine a lot of CA's benefits, but at the end - these are separate features. Actually, what we meant is not that there is no choice, but that there is no "magic button - Improve Opinion of X". Sort of ... 🙂 And finally, ... there are other games where every-now and then a pop-up appears that asks you (de-facto) "+2 nobility opinion or -1 peasantry but 2000 gold". You don't even read the "flavor text" - it is so "obvious". Feels like some "robot created this". So we try to stay away from these as much as we can. Sometimes, the challenge IMHO better be a bit more "emerging" rather than "artificially planted", even a bit "perfidious" if you wish, ... and the beauty is when you learn how to recognize it actually exists 🙂 Oh no 🙂 ... I am totally ignoring this for now) 🙂 🙂 cheers!
  6. This happens only to certain extent currently. It might bring you to some neutral situation, but won't let you have everything maxed out. This on a side note. We are still playing and testing the feature in-house and changes might happen. (Actually, some of the earlier diaries are already quite obsolete, and needs update may be ... hmmm :)) Meaningful choices - yes. Too much "micro" - no, this won't be KoH anymore if we slide in that direction. About "army" - we are following the discussion carefully - and as always - we might change things based on feedback (as we already did several times in the past). So, thanks for sharing your opinion (no pun intended :)) ----- P.S. Let us share our reasoning for the "army" thing. Maybe naming is wrong, but by "Army" we mean people that are actually mobilized and on the field. It doesn't matter if their roots are into nobility, or peasantry - they equally won't like starving (yes, nobles are less likely to "starve", but when their people starve - nobles will inevitably become worried as well), fighting hopeless wars, being on a march "forever", losing allies, being sent to "the edge of the world", etc. This is very "top-level point of view" on what "army" is. Otherwise, most of your comments are right - the "army" was mainly nobles + peasantry + mercenaries. With some exceptions (early Byzantine, some clans systems, etc.).
  7. With "Army" or without "Army" opinion - interesting discussion ...
  8. Right now a diplomat can maintain only one pact and it increases the gold cost for the diplomat.
  9. I hate to say it, but this is quite old machine. The GPU is even weaker than the onboard Intel UHD 630 GPUs. The game would probably run on it, but it will be "a slideshow" - not big fun to play like that. GTX 550 is slightly better, but I wouldn't recommend you spending hard earned cash on something that old.
  10. Yes, of course. Join us for the stream. I guess we will share more info about that...
  11. Aging and dying of old age for court members is an option.
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