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  1. I am totally your opinion here since I am generally not too fond of chances and luck. An idea however would be to make it a decission in the game set up before you start a new map. Anno does this vastly. So you can try different experiences and I think these options come out pretty different in the gameplay and how a session goes. But if I have to choose between one of the two options, I say: go for the full arsenal and less chance.
  2. Hi Dev-Team, does maintaining a trade route mean a better relationship with the corresponding kingdom - maybe even a slightly but constantly improving one as long a the trading runs smoothly? And in addition to this: If so, what improves a relationship more: making gold or exchanging goods, since goods make the people happy and flourish? (are kingdom advantages as in KoH 1 actually still a thing, or do traditions replace them?) Wow, that turnded out to be a lot of questions. I thought I only had one. 😄 I thank thee in advance, go forth and develop a great game (=
  3. Dear Devs, as a Day1 Knights of Honor fan (and inpatiently waiting for KoH2) I'd love be to be a part of the Knights of Honor Legacy, too. So here's my portrait, thank you in advance and keep up the good work! best, 9ers_Sh0ppo
  4. For the prestige: Will you tell us a little more about that in the DevStream? No details but just the basic idea of how prestige is being acquired, reduced and calculated? Or maybe what your general ideas are that you discuss and try out? Are there any other effects on the gameplay, for example on diplomacy? I am very intrigued about that feature and was a little worried that it may get too complex and complicated but it sounds really smooth and relaxed. So great idea there!
  5. Yeah, I think there should maybe also be some improvements with the look of the royal court. Since it is part of the UI, tough, I guess they will fix it later.
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